All the information and updates related to APEDA for the  UPSC are present in this article. You need to go through it thoroughly to make precise UPSC notes for your UPSC exam preparation. Let’s achieve the goals by diligently preparing for the exam.

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What is APEDA?

Let’s go through this paragraph to understand the facts of this authority along with its functions. This APEDA authority was made by the government of India. This authority has been established and named Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export.

It came under the Development Authority Act. It was passed by the Parliament in December 1985. It has its headquarters in New Delhi and has 5 Regional Offices in the city, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Kolkata, and Guwahati together with thirteen virtual offices. It has replaced existing authority.

Now, talking about its functions, APEDA provides comprehensive export services and links Indian businesspeople to the world market. In addition, it provides referral services and suggests appropriate partners for a venture. It has been successful in marking its presence in the majority of Agro potential states in India. This step is taken to produce services for the Agri export community.

The major importers of this authority are the USA, UAE, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, and Nepal. Overall, the APEDA authority has undertaken a variety of initiatives to reinforce the present e-Governance system and has also introduced new online facilities for the advantage of stakeholders.

A Farmer Connect Portal has additionally been originated by APEDA on its website for providing a platform for Farmer Producer Organizations and Farmer Producer firms to act with exporters. Over 800 FPOs are registered on the portal.

The functions are given in detail in this article. You can go ahead and get the important information. It is a significant authority in India, so you must be aware of it perfectly.

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Agricultural & Processed Food Products Export Development Authority

The functions of APEDA are given below. Let’s acknowledge all of them to prepare UPSC notes and perform well in the exams. To begin, The primary function of the authority is the promotion and enhancement of export-oriented production and development of the scheduled product.

Furthermore, APEDA has been entrusted with the responsibility to observe the import of sugar. You must be equipped with the knowledge that this authority works for the development of industries with reference to the scheduled product for export. This is done by the manner of providing money help or otherwise for endeavour surveys and feasibility studies, collaborating through grant schemes.

The other important function of it is to check and improve the packaging along with promoting the scheduled product outside India. Training in numerous aspects of the industries connected with the scheduled product is also done by the professionals of the APEDA. These are the major functions but the registration of the workers is also one of the functions of this authority. You should answer the questions related to it in the examination. So, read all the functions carefully.

APEDA for the Upcoming UPSC

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