Covid has shaken the entire world. It has affected every section of society, especially the weaker sections. Many people have lost their lives due to the Pandemic.

This includes front-line workers, patients and other officials. Moreover, the officers responsible for election duties also have lost their lives.

This has resulted in an increase in the number of children who have lost one parent or both. And are in need of care and protection. There is an urgency to protect the rights of such children.

These children are opened to human trafficking, terrorist or criminal activities, prostitution or any activities which violated their rights.

Children are the future of any country and therefore they have to be protected and set in the right directions.

The Government recognizes this need and launched Balraj Swaraj covid care portal to get details of such children.

Let us find out more about Balraj Swaraj Portal.


NCPR stands for National Commission for Protection of Children’s rights.

It was set up in March 2007 under the Commission for protection of children under the Right Act 2005. It is under the control of the Ministry of Women and Child Development.

The Commission aims to ensure laws, policies, programmes and administrative measures to protect child rights.

They aim to protect child rights under the policies enshrined in the Constitution of India and as directed by the UN convention on the rights of the child.


The Commission consists of a chairperson and six other members. Two seats are reserved for women.

They are appointed by the Central government for the tenure of three years. The maximum age for Chairman is 65 and for other members 60 years.


# For Chairperson

Person of high Reputations and have a record of working for child welfare.

The current chairperson of NCPCR is Priyank Kanoongo.

# Six Members

Properly educated, have contributed to Child Welfare and development. Understand child psychology and laws related to child rights.


# It strives to ensure that children’s rights are protected in society. IT is not violated by any laws or policies.

Moreover, they are according to terms enshrined under the Indian Constitution as well as the UN convention of the rights of the child.

# By child it means 0-18 years.

# It focuses on the protection of children and ensures food, medical and educational assistance to them.

# Set up inquiring of cases relating to violations of child rights.

# Resolve any factor that prevents or violates Child rights. For instance, terrorism, riots, calamities, trafficking, child labour, prostitution or any such.

# Promote child rights and grow awareness among children related to it.

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Balraj Swaraj Portal UPSC

A Bench of Justices L. Naeswara Rao and Aniruddha Bose in  SMWP No. 4 of 2020 “In Re. Contagion of Covid-19 virus in Children Homes examines ways to protect children who suffered personal losses caused by Covid-19 pandemic.

On May 28 the district authorities were asked to provide basic needs of food shelter clothes to these children. The Court directed to upload information of children by May 29.

The Bal Swaraj recorded 9,346 children on May 29. 7,464 who lost either of their parents, 1,742 were orphaned and 140 were abandoned by their family or guardians.

Children of 8-13 were 3,711 and were in dire need of help.

Later on, it also recorded data of children who lost their parents or either of the parents since March 2020.

Data given by the Different States

Delhi – 5

West Bengal  – 1

Uttar Pradesh- 2,110

Tamil Nadu- 159

Bihar- 1,327

Karnataka- 36

Andhra Pradesh- 116

Haryana- 776

Jammu & Kashmir- 375

Gujarat- 34

Kerala- 952

Maharashtra- 796

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What is Balraj Swaraj Portal?

National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) launched an online tracking portal for the support of children in need of immediate care and protection. Therefore it started the online portal: Bal Swaraj Portal.

Balraj Swaraj Portal is launched by National Commission for the protection of children’s rights and CPI. It shows details about nearly 10,000 children in the need of immediate care and protection.


Several children have been affected by COVID. they are either they have either lost their parents, either of the parents or being abandoned during Covid. The NCP recognizes that these children can be at a higher risk of trafficking, fish trade or getting and looking forward to activities or terrorist activities.

The Commission has already received several complaints of government authorities illegally transferring the details or children’s to private entities or NGOs.

Therefore there is an immediate need to provide and identify these children. These children need an immediate need of food shelter close to orphans.

District authorities are directed to upload the information of these children who have become orphaned after March 2020 due to COVID-19.

They aim to track such children online and real-time monitoring before the Child Welfare Committee. To restore their children to their parent, guardian, relative or any follow-up.


District offices and state offices are directed to upload data of such children on the portal.

The commission will be able to get the information about those children and decide about their entitlement, benefit and monetary gains those children are required to.

Implementing Body 

NCPCR is a statutory body and works under the administration of the Ministry of Women and Child Development.

District offices and state offices also responsible for the implementation of this


COVID pandemic has devastated vulnerable sections of society. Numerous children have become orphaned or who have lost the breadwinner of the family.

They are now being dislocated in society. These children are vulnerable to getting into terrorist activities and criminal activities and are subject to trafficking and flesh trade.

The children who have lost their families are required to get help immediately. These children are suffering very badly.

And the government recognizes the need for this problem. Under Section 109 of the Juvenile Justice Act,2015 was launched for protecting children to ensure their well being and interest.


Balraj Swaraj Portal is an effective measure started by NCPCR. It aims to track children who are affected in covid and provide remedies to them.

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