Every candidate wants to put their maximum efforts to crack this extremely honourable examination due to its unreal results. The positions achieved through this examination are magnificent and praise-worthy. The question that comes to everyone’s mind is, is it possible to crack such a difficult and esteemed exam while working? Are you also confused and worried about any similar query? If yes, you don’t need to stress anymore.

This article will give you the perfect answer to your questions along with the preparation tips. Can a bank employee be eligible for 24 months of leave for UPSC preparation? Yes, a bank employee can also prepare for this exam but not with 24 months of leave. Let’s get the full details.

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Is a Bank Employee Eligible for 24 Months of Leave for UPSC Preparation?

A bank employee can give the UPSC exam but he/she is not eligible to take the leave for 24 months. The casual leave for the bank employee is 12 days with a few other procedures and leaves. However, the bank employees are privileged because of their job timing.

They can work till 5:00 pm in the bank and after coming back home, they can study for their examination. They should make a timetable according to their routine and must follow it religiously to be successful in this esteemed exam. Furthermore, you should also know the age limit of the UPSC candidates. Let’s get the information about the age limit.

Age Limit for the CSE

First of all, the important fact is that the upper age limit is calculated on the date Aug 1. Don’t worry, we will explain it to you. The age calculation means if you are appearing for the prelims, you must be below the mentioned maximum limit by Aug 1.

The limit of upper age is fixed differently for different categories. It is as given here. The general category upper age limit is 32 years and for OBC is 35 years. Whereas the age limit for SC/ST is 37 years. 35 years is the upper age limit for Defense Services personnel disabled in operations during hostilities with any foreign country or in a disturbed area and released as a consequence thereof.

Also, the ex-servicemen including Commissioned Officers along with the  ECOs/SSCOs who have rendered at least five years of Military Service can apply for the exam till 37 years of age. If you have crossed this age limit, you are not eligible for this exam.

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UPSC Preparation

The UPSC preparation gives you the willingness, strength, and confidence to solve the question paper excellently. If you are preparing for the exam, you must be aware of the number of attempts at the examination.

The number of attempts for the General category is 6 till the age of 32 and the number of attempts for OBC is 9 till 35 years of age. Moreover, the SC/ST number of attempts is unlimited till 37 years of age. You must know that the physically handicapped /disabled candidates belonging to the General category will get the benefit of 9 attempts. They can apply for the exam till the age prescribed by UPSC which is 42 years.

The number of attempts is essential to know to apply for the CSE. Whenever you appear for the exam, your attempts are counted according to the category. Based on your previous attempts, you are allowed to give the paper. If you have applied for the exam but have not taken the Prelims then your attempt is not counted.

CSE Tips for Working Aspirants

#. If you are a working professional, you need not quit your job. You are required to make a proper timetable according to your job routine and strike a balance between pragmatism and idealism. Leaving your job at the beginning is not a good decision because it will affect your life progression. The job can also help you in the UPSC interview and exam concepts.

#. Your weekends should have a different and concrete schedule as you can give your maximum time on the weekend days. You should revise the whole weeks’ study material. The preparation during the early hours of the day must be practiced during the weekend. Remember, you should practice answer writing during the forenoon and IAS mock tests during the afternoon.

#. Give at least 2 hours to GS paper every day. You should focus on giving 45 minutes to both current affairs and newspaper analysis. Also, you should devote at least 2 hours regularly to the optional subject to ace it.

Some More Tips!

#. You should revise the material after dinner for 20 minutes. You should shift your emphasis to the GS papers before the prelims test. You must perform well move ahead towards the Mains.

#. After the prelims exam, you can take leave from your work to extend the hours of preparation for the mains exam. You can resume working after the Mains.

#. Keep the updates for the UPSC interview. You will be asked questions related to current affairs and your optional subject.

#. For the working candidates, the ideal time to start the preparation is 9-10 months before the preliminary test. You should focus on building the preparation with the core foundation of the concrete subjects and areas. You should give time to prepare perfectly as a hurry can leave you in trouble and confusion.

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Bank Employees Leave

The bank employees are not eligible to take official leave for 24 months. What else can they do? Well, they can give time after 5:00 pm for the preliminary test and can take leave before the Mains exam. This will allow them to be available at their job along with being perfect at their preparation.

The greatest thing about this test is that you should be determined and devoted to your aim. If you excuse yourself from working hard, it won’t work out for you. You will never succeed in cracking this challenging exam if you don’t have the zeal and attraction towards it. So, start preparing for the exam once you find the perseverance and passion for the designation.

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Hopefully, this article has helped all the candidates preparing for the UPSC exam, especially the working professionals. Well, it’s tough to crack such an incredibly prestigious examination with a working routine. But, if you have the diligence and determination, nothing is impossible in life. You should move on in the right direction by applying the perfect timetable for your preparation.

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The experts also take personalized lectures with the aspirants. You can join the sessions to grab not only the required knowledge but also the guidance for the paper. So, let’s make an effort to achieve milestones in life.

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