The UPSC examination can’t be cleared by only being a studious one. The final phase in the UPSC examination procedure is the personality exam round, in which the UPSC council would interview the aspirant for examining his/ her attitude and its appropriateness for an occupation in the duties.

This expects an all-around growth of the person other than from educational understanding. And, even in education, the priority must barely be on completing the study material of the UPSC topics, but on continually obtaining knowledge and awareness of the latest events or affairs that are happening in and around the nation or the world.

Read on to learn more about the ultimate UPSC preparation strategy for beginners.

UPSC Preparation Strategy for Beginners

When you begin with the UPSC preparation strategy for beginners, you should perform a few aspects, and they are as follows:

# Check the syllabus of the Union Public Commission Service. The syllabus is deemed as the bible of the examination, it becomes easier for the aspirants to prepare what to study.

# Always be updated about the examination dates.

# Make yourself aware of the structure and format of the Union Public Commission Service exam.

Make yourself ready mentally for a lot of ups and downs that will make you a different individual. Be ready for a lot of reading, hard work, hard work, etc. You should furthermore be prepared to decrease the duration of your socialisation and T.V.

Beginners Study Plan

A huge number of people commence their practice with the Union Public Service Commission preliminary and avoid the mains examination. This may help you crack the preliminary, but this strategy would bounce back since there isn’t much duration between the preliminary and the mains to begin afresh after the preliminary.

Further, the syllabus for both is somewhat similar, and it is just the exam preparation that is distinct. Since the preliminary examination comprises MCQs, you are required to prepare for those. So, it is adequate to have a combined strategy for the Union Public Service Commission in which you begin to practice for both the preliminary and mains exam at the same time.

As beginners, you are instructed to begin practice with the essential books. The NCERTs are the best option when it comes to the Union Public Service Commission examination.

The Extensively Crucial Advice for Beginners

Beginners have 2 innate demerits: no experience and the real anxiety and tension that arrives with it along with the propensity to think lightly as you have more time to go for the exam.

UPSC Prelims Strategy

The UPSC Prelims strategy is very important because it is the initial level of the CSE. The Union Public Service Commission Preliminary is the screening exam for the Mains phase of the CSE.

The type of questions in Preliminary is of the objective category (MCQ). There are 2 papers in Preliminary, i.e., General Studies 1 & (CSAT) General Studies 2. It is crucial to have a good strategy for preliminary mains selection. As there are lakhs of aspirants who are appearing for this examination. The usual cut-off for prelims is around 110-120 marks for General Section. The chances of clearing the exam on the first try is possible.

Basic Books
Indian Polity by Laxmikanth
Indian Economy by Ramesh Singh

2 months before the preliminary examination, you must commit your studies only for the preliminary examination. Concentrate on how to organize duration with a hundred questions. As well as, understand how to ignore negative scoring by intelligent guesswork.

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UPSC Mains Strategy

We are all aware that the Union Public Service Commission is the hardest exam in India. It is held in 3 levels,i.e. Preliminary, Mains and Interview and if one wishes to clear this examination, it’s crucial to begin preparing ahead of a year. Mains Exam, if they are beginning their practice a year ahead and have scheduled to take the Union Public Service Commission 2021-22 then it is instructed for the UPSC Mains Strategy:

General Preparation

Normally, the preliminary examination is conducted between the months of June and August, therefore aspirants must get ready for both preliminary and mains examination till the month of January. It is instructed to concentrate just on the preliminary from February to May.

Answer Writing Practice

You should be familiar with the fact that the Union Public Service Commission Mains examination is an illustrative category. You should remember to write 150to300 word explanation for every question. Therefore, answer writing strategy is a must for Mains and this can be accomplished by:

Make notes nicely and take daily tests along. Mind Maps


The Essay Paper within the Union Public Service Commission Mains examination comprises of 2 sections A and B with four topics in every of one hundred twenty-five marks and a complete of 250 (125×2) scores, generally, 1 category has topics supported ‘general quotes’ whereas the topics in the different category would be of ‘administration related’.

Few Strategy about Essay Writing

# Select the subject sagely.

# Think about the subject for half-hour.

# Jot down all the points at the tip of a sheet.

# Create a pattern for your essay.

# Do not be inflammatory.

# Given recommendations for reforms

Preparation of Current Affairs

If you think about current affairs, maximum queries asked would get on current events throughout the amount of June-July-August however most of the aspirants try to prevent reading the newspaper throughout now that is important from the perspective of Mains.

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Questions of Current Affairs in UPSC Mains Exam

In the year 2014, June, the Israel-Palestine issue was important. And, several expected Union Public Service Commission could raise a matter supporting this issue in mediation however as was common, the unpredictable Union Public Service Commission asked the question on this issue in an associate degree uncommon and sudden approach linking it to the globe History.

Strategy for Current Affairs

Important Union Public Service Commission Mains examination practice technique to cover Union Public Service Commission course of study (Mains) and Answer Writing Preparation:

Revise the preliminary course of study then proceed with the Mains course of study.

With the Union Public Service Commission examination structure modified, every query within the paper itself is of fifty words, If an aspirant repeats the question in his/ her answer then there won’t be an adequate house left to finish the solution, therefore it’s prompt to prevent this or take vital keywords from the query.

Prepare notes on every topic and begin answer writing and apply on every subtopics and topic given within the course of study.

A normal individual will write a hundred words per five mins and it usually takes 2 to 3 mins to suppose and gather points on what to put in writing, thus utilizing it slowly, showing wisdom.

Tips and Tricks for Current Affairs

Current affairs are maybe the complicated portion of the Union Public Service Commission examination. This as a result the invigilator can raise something beneath this banner. However, don’t fret. The Union Public Service Commission can be uncertain, however, there’s a technique during this madness.

Once you scan your daily newspapers (which is your number 1 supply for current affairs), you ought to relate what you scan to the UPSC course of study. you ought to compile current affairs notes as and once you scan the papers.

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UPSC Strategy by 2019 IAS Topper Kanishak Kataria

Mentioned below are a few UPSC strategies by topper:

Motivation from Inside

As per the topper, it is a long procedure of over 1 year, so it expects a sustained enthusiasm to make yourself ready consistently for the Union Public Service Commission examination. To maintain enthusiasm, one must ask herself or himself, “Why do you want to appear for the Union Public Service Commission Examination?” The enthusiasm must be from inside, not from outside. Be positive always. Self-motivation is the best motivation.

Concentrate on Preparation and Don’t Get Distracted

IAS Kanishak Kataria additionally emphasized that the aspirants shouldn’t divert from the commotion going around and target the technique convention created for themselves. Custom created as a result of the technique is formed by keeping in sense the stability and also the weaknesses of the aspirant.

Do not distract with the news discovering that the amount of vacancies is low, the UPSC is doing away with the ex gratia subjects and also the likes. IAS Kanishak Kataria gave tips for IAS preparation solely suggesting “Control the management of time” and don’t hassle for the factors that you can’t control.

Choosing the Elective Subject

He instructed the aspirants concerning choosing the elective subject. He was assured to settle on arithmetic as the subject of optional. He implies that the aspirants be thorough with the topic they’re choosing for the Union Public Service Commission examination. The elective subject ought to be specified; it shouldn’t be felt sort of a burden.

The aspirants ought to try and scan and perceive the simple topics of the elective subject and provide it for a moment of a minimum of 10 days. If they perceive and revel in the subject or topics solely then opt for that elective subject alternatively select another one.

Study with Full Focus

The topper said that he studied for around 10 hrs each day with full focus, thus he will keep and propagate no matter what he is reading and learning. He additionally advised the aspirants to get ready for the Union Public Service Commission examination. He advised the candidates not to study with less focus. He advised learning effectively and it’s the standard that matters not the amount. He instructed that half-hearted efforts don’t seem to be fruitful and can provide no desired outcome.

Key of Preparation

He said that whether or not the aspirants have joined any coaching centre or not, studying by oneself is the main way to success within the Union Public Service Commission examination. No one will do work and make you select. The aspirant ought to attempt and enhance day by day. He ought to distribute the duration and study into 2 slots. One for the subject of optional and different for the final Studies.

Management of Time

Management of time is the key to this examination. The coaching can provide you just away, but no one can bring everything to you. He said if the aspirant is good at managing time, half of the issues are gone. He said the Union Public Service Commission examination is all about managing duration. The aspirants must equally deal with GS and the subjects of optional. If he is satisfied with the GS topics and the subject of optional, he can improve the ratio of action respectively.

Writing Answers

He said that the writing answer preparation is essentially crucial and the aspirants must begin doing writing preparation after the preliminary examination. The aspirants can only enhance when they begin early after the preliminary examination. He advised that the aspirants must concentrate on writing answers after the preliminary examination. He said that the writing answer preparation can attain better scores in the optionals.

Creating Notes

He said that the aspirants ought to assemble the study notes themselves. Be it online or offline, it doesn’t build a distinction. He said that whereas making ready notes; he tends to do effective learning and it can not be done by reading the notes of others. There aren’t any good notes, the notes will be improved over time. don’t wait to provide the right notes, instead begin making ready the notes from day one.

Prepare the Subject Strongly

He steered the aspirants ought to prepare the subject in its completeness and powerfully. Powerfully suggests that the aspirant ought to be ready to provide maximum answers right if the Union Public Service Commission asks queries from that subject. It mustn’t be the case that the aspirants prepare the subject well and are still incapable of answering the queries. Last year’s Union Public Service Commission question papers helped considerably during this space.

Combined Approach

The aspirants ought to prepare for the main examination and place the least important effort within the preliminary exam. He instructed the aspirants that they mustn’t prepare for the preliminary first. They shouldn’t be stuck within the preliminary entice. Once the elective subject is ready, the aspirants can solely write answers and practice for GS after the preliminary exam.

First, after finishing the elective subject, the associate elective subject will offer the sting to the aspirants. The elective subject can facilitate in obtaining smart rank and wished services. However, the elective preparation ought to be such that you’ll be able to score over 350 marks in it.


Revise the elective subject, once every 2 months. He indicated making ready the elective initial and so began the overall GS facet by facet. Once the elective subject is ready, revise it totally once every 2 months. Revision is the main way to maintain the topic subjects and might be simulated within the desired structure. He affirmed that revision can keep the topics contemporary in mind and can facilitate associating with others.

Harmonious Approach to the Union Public Service Commission Syllabus. He also described that the Union Public Service Commission can surprise the aspirants by changing the examination structure. So the aspirants should take a proportional approach to the syllabus so that if the structure varies, they don’t get hit harshly.

Test Series

When you take the test series you will be able to understand the pattern and what are your weaknesses and work on it and enhance your strengths. You get a better understanding of the exam.

Assistance Required or Not

There are some topics that are hard to study by yourself. So it’s better to take assistance and get a better understanding of the topic.

Keep Some Time to Fresh Yourself

He said that he always watches entertainment-related things so he can be cooled and get back to his preparation with full focus. He said the breaks are extremely crucial for the mind to work nicely. The aspirants can take a timeout from their studies once they feel tired or obstructed. Such timeouts will improve their efficiency.

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Current Affairs Strategy for UPSC

The current affairs strategy for UPSC is very important. Current events are a very central element in the CSE as a lot of queries are asked from this category at each level of the examination. It is a vibrant and vague portion that puts most of the candidates into difficulty about how to handle it.

You are required to have a technique to prepare for this category. But before that, you are required to go through and examine last year’s query papers to obtain a basic knowledge of the category of queries that are normally being asked from this category. Current Affairs are all the circumstances of the country and international significance, so you are required to be consistent with the action to achieve success.

Recognising the Sources

There are several studying materials both online and offline on the latest events which makes it impossible for the candidates to comprehend what to study.

# You must select quality over quantity.

# Some of the promising references:

Newspapers The Hindu, The Indian Express, etc.
Monthly Current Affairs Magazine Pratiyogita Darpan, Civil Services Times, Yojana, Niti Aayog reports, Economic and Political Weekly (for some topics only), World Focus year-end issue only, etc.
Internet There are a lot of available resources on the internet which you may follow.
AIR All India Radio

Prepare for UPSC Preliminary Study for Current Affairs

# Prepare 50 MCQs on the latest events every day. When the examination is nearer practice 100 MCQs every day.

# Newspaper reading for 30 to 45 minutes daily.

Search for important problems and create notes about them

Last 30 Days Strategy for UPSC Prelims

The ways to prepare for the last 30days strategy for UPSC prelims:

First Step

Try last year’s Union Public Service Commission questions in a measured setting with negative scoring. Above panicking before the prelims exam and during the exam in the hall. It will make you nervous and you might write the wrong answers instead of the right ones. And the promising source of real examination practice is the last year’s question papers of the Union Public Service Commission. Mock tests are the best to practise before examination.

Step Second

Try mock tests for the Union Public Service Commission Preliminary. There is no other technique than trying UPSC Preliminary model examinations to completely cover all the topics in a short duration. This technique will provide you with the best results.

Step Third

Complete the UPSC Current Affairs. Try to cover the important latest events and affairs happening in and around the globe and nation.

Step Four

Try to do more and more MCQs for different sections to understand the topics deeply and briefly.

Step Five

Revise daily the topics that you studied and make notes of them. When you revise the topic you clear the topic’s understanding more and more which helps you give the exam with confidence.

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CSAT Strategy for UPSC

Keep each Sunday for CSAT preparation and try a few questions from the different mock question papers which you will find in the books. Aspirants who are striving with the CSAT paper must practice for a minimum of one hour everyday.

This can be lessened to weekly three to four hrs or one hr mock test every week based on your need. This is the CAST strategy for UPSC one should follow to obtain better results.

Ethics Strategy for UPSC

Mentioned below are some ethics strategies for UPSC for the aspirants to obtain their desired scores:

Go through the Ethics syllabus thoroughly
Concentrate more on writing answers than reading
Discuss latest affairs or issues to obtain different perspectives
Your answers should be understandable and like a future bureaucrat
Prepare various answer patterns for case studies & General topics
Prepare diagrams and flowcharts
Keep a track of time while writing your answers

How to Start UPSC Preparation from Zero Level?

You have to start your preparation as early as you can so that you can cover the syllabus entirely and keep this one thing in mind – no one is fully perfect and fully prepared. Everyone has to start the preparation at some point. So here are few tips on how to start UPSC preparation from zero levels:

Brief Tips for UPSC Preparation
Prepare Yourself.
Make a Schedule.
Know the Syllabus and Pattern of the UPSC.
Newspaper Reading/Current Affairs.
Choosing Optional Carefully
Read Basic Books like NCERTs
Making Notes.
Practice Writing Answer

In the above article, we covered detailed information about how to prepare for the Union Public Service Commission. You need to keep one thing in mind: hard work and commitment is the key to success. If you are preparing for UPSC you should join UPSC Pathshala where you will be provided with excellent assistance, detailed material to study, and one on one doubt clearing sessions and many more just a click away. So join now.

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