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Writing the UPSC exam in itself is a very tough task but then there are many that outshine the rest. This article is about one such person who managed to outshine more than lakhs of writers, he managed to get the number 1 rank in the UPSC civil service examination! This article provides wiki facts about the IAS officer Kanishak Kataria but first, let us look at Kanishak Kataria’s marksheet.

These are the marks he obtained in the 2018 exams.

Event  Marks 
Mains exam 942
Interview test 179
Total marks 1121

His marks in the mains exam are surely very inspiring for many candidates.

Kanishak Kataria Biography

Kanishak Kataria was a data scientist working in the IT hub of India, Bengaluru. He had managed to get the number one rank all over India in the UPSC 2018 exams. He had completed his degree from IIT Bombay.

He managed to get this amazing feat in just his first attempt. Yes, he not only cleared the exam but ended up getting the highest rank among lakhs of writers in his very first attempt.

He had gotten a job in Korea and was working there before he came back to Bengaluru. Kanishak hails from Jaipur the capital city of Rajasthan. His dad and uncle too are civil servants. His dad is the Director of Social Justice and Empowerment Department in Rajasthan. So he was very accustomed to the duties of a civil servant.

Kanishak Kataria Book List

Kanishak believes that reading only important books is necessary and not each and every book. Taking information from toppers will definitely be very helpful for students preparing for the exam. His book list is also inspired by previous years toppers and students can do the same if they feel it would suit their needs.

Now let’s look at his book list:

  • Ancient History by R. S. Sharma
  • History of medieval India by Satish Chandra
  • A brief history of Modern Inda by Spectrum
  • World and Post-Independence by Vision Material
  • NCERT textbooks from grade 11 and 12
  • Certificate Physical and Human Geography by G C Leong
  • NCERT textbook from grade 12
  • Vision Material
Indian Polity
  • Laxmikanth
  • Lukmaan IAS notes
  • Vision 365 notes
  • Lukmaan IAS notes
  • Vision Mains 365 Material
  • International Relations
  • Reverse Learning from Test Series Questions
  • Grade 11 and 12 economics from NCERT
  • Vision IAS notes
  • Vision mains 365 material

NCERT books and made notes on his own for this subject.

Internal Security
  • Internal security by Ashok Kumar IPS
  • Vision mains 365 material
  • 12th NCERT biology especially the ending 4 chapters that spoke about ecology
  • Vision notes
  • Vision 365 Material
Disaster Management
  • ARC Summary
  • Reverse learning from test series for various disasters
Ethics Paper
  • Lexicon
  • Lukmaan 100 case studies

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Kanishak Kataria Strategy

Kanishak Kataria’s strategy definitely helped him to top the exam with flying colours, so let’s look at the strategy he used for his exam.

He believes that his strategy was completely based on his strengths and weaknesses. He used to meet his friends who were IAS aspirants too and would discuss strategies for the exam. From this he soon realised that everyone has their own strategy and it is important for these strategies to stay unique to that person.

Thus, his main recommendation for the exam is to create a strategy that is very well suited to you and not to someone else. So look to know your strengths and weaknesses well in advance so that you can create a strategy accordingly. Learn from others but do not copy from them.

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Optional Subject

According to Kanishak it is very important to be careful while selecting your optional subject. He came from an engineering background and felt that maths was a strong subject for him and thus ended up taking maths as an optional subject for the exam.

He believes that when a person selects their optional subject, they should not feel burdened by studying it. They should be thorough in the subject as you may not get enough time to work on the subject.

It is recommended to take up a subject that you like or are good at, as it will make your preparations for the exam much easier than you can anticipate.

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Kanishak Kataria Category

Kanishak Kataria’s category for the exam was SC but he did not need to use his category at all.

His hard work proved more than enough to get him a seat in UPSC. His efforts for the exam was very high and he ended up getting number one rank all throughout the nation.

This proves that a category is not a requirement to be the best but only will, determination and work will get you to the top!


Kanishak Kataria’s notes were all self-made. He believes that creating notes allows the person to learn actively, and this would rather be more useful than learning from notes written by others. Notes can be made online or offline, as per comfortability of the candidate.

Creating notes does not require absolute perfection. Remember that it is not about perfecting notes but ensuring that you can perfect your answers for the exam and that is possible only through having the correct information in the correct manner in your head.

If you wish to write perfect notes, then you have to start somewhere. Remember, Rome was not built in a single day. Keep practicing the ability to write notes and take it as a challenge. Try to up your creativity levels so that you do not lose your motivation to write notes throughout your preparation timeline.  

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Kanishak Kataria did take coaching for his exam but that was due to the shortage of time he faced. He does believe that coaching enhanced his abilities but says that if a person has enough time to prepare coaching is not necessary.

Coaching is a personal choice. A lot of factors go into choosing coaching. Money and time being the biggest factors of them all.

One must know their needs and requirements well in advance of the exam so that they can adjust for their needs in accordance. Creating decisions as early as possible is very beneficial for the candidate.


Resting too is a very important aspect of your preparation. In the start you may seem to adjust to no breaks or very short breaks but this is not liable in the ling run.

Your timetable has to work for you throughout the year or more not just for a week or so. Ensure that you rest enough and do what you like to keep your mind refreshed as this will increase your efficiency and in turn positively impact your exam score. Kanishak did not shy away from taking breaks but yet Kanishak Kataria’s score in UPSC was the highest in his year.

Your resting period can be playing a sport, watching tv or even reading a novel. Again, this is a personal choice but it is highly recommended to take breaks quite often in order to clear mental blocks.


While studying, it is quite often seen that students lose the will and motivation to study. This is nothing wrong but it does play a major role on the marks you can score in the exam.

Motivation may seem hard to come by but the best way to gain motivation is remembering your goals and why you are putting in so many efforts for your goal.

Talking or communicating with someone definitely can help you to feel much better when you are low. Not giving up is a part of the process no matter what the result. People have failed the exam and yet managed to top the exam in their next try, so don’t ever give up!


Kanishak Kataria was the number 1 ranked candidate in UPSC 2018. This article will talk about his journey and some tips from the topper for other students so that they too can get a high rank like him!

These tips are for your use but remember to put in the hard work on a daily basis.

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