Every amazing personality is not born with all the charisma and grace but they make it happen by their determination and hard work. There are very few people who can dream and convert it to realism. If you are a candidate for the UPSC exam, you will succeed by listening to your heart and never giving up. You should always think that numerous people want to crack this exam. The hard work and consistency in learning will make you move ahead positively in your desired direction. If you are searching for an IAS Pradeep Singh biography, here it is. Explore this complete article and know the facts related to his life.

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Astonishing Biography of IAS Pradeep Singh

Pradeep Singh IAS is the name that is booking the headlines of every news channel and newspaper for the readers. Due to the explosion of news about this unbelievable man, we believe that by now you are already aware of the fact that IAS Pradeep Singh is the 2019 UPSC topper. The people who have a stubborn mind to get their goals are the ones who grab it. The Union Public Service Commission released the 2019 exam result on 4th August 2019 and since then the name of Pradeep Singh is topping the headlines.

Look at the Dilemmas you are Searching for!

Are you looking for many questions like, who is Pradeep Singh? What does he do? What was his strategy for the exam? Pradeep Singh marksheets? Or, are you interested to know the full Pradeep Singh biography? Well, you have reached the right place then. We have everything that you need to know and admire about this amazing civil servant. Let’s take a sneak peek into the greatly inspiring voyage of Pradeep Singh IAS.

Unstoppable IAS Pradeep Singh Biography

Pradeep Singh holds the all-India UPSC rank 1 of the UPSC 2019 examination. His life has been a journey worth knowing. His life is an inspiration to many millennials across the nation. This 2019 IAS topper comes from Tewari village in Ganaur of Sonepat district in Haryana. He was born in 1991. His current age is 29 years and he has been doing miraculous work for the country since the initial parts of the journey. These are the blessings of his parents and almighty God that got mixed with his determination and perseverance to make him attain his ambitions and serve the country.

Glimpse of His Family Details

This great personality’s father, Mr. Sukhbeer Singh is an ex-sarpanch of the same village and Mrs. Sheela Devi, the proud mother of Pradeep Singh IAS UPSC topper is a housewife. Mr. Ajit Singh, the elder brother of the 2019 IAS topper completed his mechanical engineering and is presently professionally engaged in the insurance field. Pradeep also has a younger sister who is pursuing her post-graduate in Mathematics. He always says that if you are persistent and dedicated, you will finally succeed in your ambitions.

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Glimpse of the Educational Background of 2019 IAS Topper

UPSC 2019 all Indian rank 1 holder, Mr. Singh did his schooling from Shambhu Dayal Modern School and went to Deenbandhu Chhotu Ram University and Technology, Murthan in 2012 for pursuing his Bachelor’s of Engineering in Computer Science. He has been attracted towards studying and his beliefs say that everyone needs to be a consistent learner throughout his/her life. Education and learning is an indispensable and never-ending process. You must strive to grow the maximum to your limits. Not only his professional life but his personal beliefs and principles motivate the youth of this scenario.

Inspiring Journey of Pradeep Singh IAS

The candidates of UPSC must be aware of such splendid personalities not for their professional knowledge but to strengthen their inner passionate soul. 2019 was not the only time when IAS topper Pradeep Singh cracked it. In the 2018 UPSC exam, he secured all India rank 260 and grabbed the position of IRS officer. His current posting is at the National Academy of Customs, Excise, and Narcotics in Faridabad. In total, 2019 IAS topper Mr. Singh appeared for the UPSC exam four times. His optional subject was Public Administration. The two words are most suitable to him. He can be defined as unstoppable and unbeatable for all the right reasons.

Career Graph of the Civil Servant

The career graph of the amazing IAS officer has been magnificent. After completing his graduation, Pradeep Singh IAS took coaching for the Staff selection commission. In 2015, he got selected through SSC and got his first job as an inspector in the Income Tax Department in Delhi. From 2015 to 2019 he served the department. He aimed for the IAS officer post and kept trying for it. Ultimately on 4th August 2020, as UPSC declared the 2019 examination result, his dream came true. This is rightly said it is not everyone’s potential to make their dreams turn into reality.

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Vision of the Unbelievable IAS Officer

The IAS topper said that

“Preliminary, mains and interview phases are quite different from each other and should be prepared accordingly.”

Pradeep Singh IAS topper 2019 says that the aspirant must focus on the writing skills more to pass the main exam. For the interview stage, one should focus on his/ her interpersonal skills. This marvelous man in an interview said,

“If I can pass the Civil Services examination, then anyone can crack it. Anyone can get success. One only needs to be focused and have strong determination.”

IAS Pradeep Singh Marksheet

Look below to know the marksheet of this spectacular personality.

#1. Essay Paper – 140/250

#2. GS1 – 108/250

#3. GS2 – 115/250

#4. GS3 – 101/250

#5. GS4 – 157/250

#6. Optional Paper 1 – 148/250

#7. Optional Paper 2 – 145/250

#8. Interview – 158/275

#9. Total – 1072/2025H7

What was Pradeep Singh’s Strategy?

This great personality said that many times it became very difficult for him to study and do a full-time job simultaneously. Many times he thought of stopping preparation for the IAS exam but his father was there to motivate him and constantly kept on saying to not lose patience. Mr. Pradeep quotes his father,

“Self-motivation is the best key to achieve any goal. Do not listen to what others are saying, only an individual knows his/her potential”.

He added,

“Staying focused may seem difficult, but one has to stay determined to achieve the goal.”

His disciplines and principles in life are to be determined while doing something.

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Major Highlights of UPSC 2019 Top Results

Serial number Roll number Candidate’s name
5 0307126 JEYDEV C S
9 6303354 RAVI JAIN
11 5813443 NUPUR GOEL
12 0214364 AJAY JAIN
14 0405090 ANMOL JAIN
16 6419694 GUNJAN SINGH
17 0876541 SWATI SHARMA
18 0833281 LAVISH ORDIA

Major Highlights of UPSC 2019 Top Results

Serial number Roll number Candidate’s name
4 6301851 NIDHI BANSAL
10 0841628 MAYANK MITTAL
11 7111209 PARI BISHNOI

Proud Son of India

There is no doubt in saying that Pradeep Singh IAS is the son of India who has made the country proud with his achievements. His father said in an interview,

“I had told Pradeep to make constant efforts to become an IAS and not think about where I will bring money for his study. Today, he made every Haryana resident proud. He told me that UPSC has declared results and when I asked him about his result, he came close to me and said he had topped the exam by hugging me. I want to tell all farmers and laborers that their children have more appetite to become an IAS”.

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We hope that this article will prove to be of great motivation for you. The incredible IAS Pradeep Singh said,

“Always keep your focus and concentration. There may be moments when you feel you may not be able to pull it off, but that is the time when your determination helps”.

So, all the candidates must have the wisdom to have dreams and dedication to follow them courageously. Everyone faces different troubles in life but the visible one counts.

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