The Civil Service examination is a competitive exam that is held in India every year to recruit for the highest government service positions. Every year several lakh aspirants appear for this examination. However, an interesting fact is that the passing percentage is very low. This is due to the vast syllabus of the examination. Usually, on average, an aspirant has attempted this examination at least three times before making it to the final list.

Often the ones who have made it to the final list inspire aspirants in many ways. In this article, we will be highlighting the biography of a dynamic officer IAS S Suhas.

IAS S Suhas Biography

IAS S Suhas was born on 2 July 1983. He is an Indian professional para-badminton player who is presently rated world No.2 in Men’s Singles. S Suhas age is 38 years old.

He is also an IAS officer from the Uttar Pradesh cadre from the 2007 batch. He now serves as the District Magistrate of Noida. He was previously the District Magistrate of Prayagraj.

Suhas Lalinakere’s formal name is Suhas Lalinakere. His early education took place at Dudda, in Mandya district. Because his father was a government employee, he had to travel and relocate with him during his father’s postings at various locations. He completed most of his secondary school at DVS independent college in Shivamogga, Karnataka.

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Interesting Facts about IAS S Suhas

According to S Suhas biography, he is a divyang or physically challenged person. He has represented India in para-badminton competitions at the international level. Suhas is a tough man. He has surmounted several obstacles to become who he is. He is well-known as an administrator for his honesty and sincerity. In making a rapid choice, he demonstrated acute mental presence.

He was crowned National Champion in March 2018 after winning the Gold Medal in the Men’s Singles category at the 2nd National Para-Badminton Championships in Varanasi. He became the first Indian bureaucrat to win a professional International Badminton Championship in the 2016 Asian Para-Badminton Championships in Beijing, China.

He won gold in the finals, defeating Hary Susanto of Indonesia while acting as District Magistrate of Azamgarh. He gained international recognition after winning gold and became India’s first serving bureaucrat.

IAS S Suhas’s Achievements in Administrative Service

Shortlisted for the Prime Minister’s Award for outstanding achievement in the Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Award.

Kuposhan ka Darpan and Pregnancy ka Darpan mobile applications were created to assist undernourished youngsters and pregnant women.

Developed a mobile app to assist differently-abled voters during general elections.

Awarded by the Revenue Minister of the Government of Uttar Pradesh and the Chairman of the Revenue Board for outstanding administrative service.

Honoured by the Hon’ble Governor of Uttar Pradesh for outstanding achievement in election-related activity.

During his tenure as District Magistrate of Azamgarh, he was also nominated for the Prime Minister’s award for excellent performance as PM. On Civil Services Day 2016, the Jan Dhan Yojna was launched.

Last year, Lallantop widely covered his effectiveness whilst dealing with the ration crisis in Noida during the pandemic.

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Information about IAS S Suhas Current Posting

Probationer Agra-1 year

Joint Magistrate Azamgarh – 1 year 3 months

Chief Development Officer Mathura-4 months

District Magistrate Maharajganj-3 months

District Magistrate Hathras-10 months

District Magistrate Sonbhadra-3 months

District Magistrate Jaunpur-2 years 3 months

District Magistrate Azamgarh-1 year 11 months

District Magistrate Allahabad-1 year 4 months

IAS S Suhas is currently posted as the DM of NOIDA. The Chief Minister was quite dissatisfied with the performance of the current DM, Mr. B. N. Singh, in dealing with the COVID – 19 epidemic.

Choosing the Right Optional Subject

Choosing the right optional subject is of great importance to pass the civil service examination with flying colours. The correct strategy to choose the right optional subject depends on

#The interest of the aspirant in the particular subject.

#Relevant coaching available on that subject.

#Contribution of the subject in GS papers.

#Performance of the subject in the last few years.

#Ability to be able to manage time for the preparation of the subject.

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Civil Service Examination: Key Points

The civil service examination is held in three stages namely the preliminary, mains and the interview. At every stage, the competitiveness and difficulty increase. This is the reason most aspirants start preparing early for this examination.

To remain ahead of other candidates in this examination, you must stick to some key resources and revise them as much as you can. Another important aspect is to solve as many mocks as possible. This will not only help in building your knowledge but also assist you in making accurate guesses during the real examination.


We hope that the interesting biography of S Suhas IAS has been able to inspire you to work hard. He is a true example of nothing is impossible to achieve if you put your heart into it. He has been able to maintain versatility in his work as well as his sports career. In both fields, he has achieved a lot. His recent posting as DM of Noida has brought to the forefront his ability to deal with a panicked public. The video shared by Lallantop has garnered multiple views and he has received accolades for his work.

If you are a serious aspirant and want to leave no stones unturned in achieving your goal of becoming a good officer, the UPSC Pathshala mentors could help you achieve this.

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