IAS Ranjit Kumar who is the director of Primary Education Department in  Patna, is training the UPSC aspirants in Bihar free of cost. He runs his academy called ‘Super 50’ where he has educated more than 1,700 aspirants for many competitive exams. He always had the vision to serve the country and educate the people who cannot afford education. After his posting, he has done various services for the poor.

He has shown the country that IAS officers are not only for making money but also serving the people. Want to know his story of how to become a superman in the eyes of the public? Want to know his inspirational story? A kind, good and selfless man, who has served the society as his own family. Read this full article, to know about his biography, posting, UPSC rank, optional subject and strategy.

IAS Ranjit Kumar Singh Biography

IAS Ranjit Kumar Singh was born in Vaishali, Bihar, on February 7, 1980. He completed his education at his village and received his bachelor’s degree from Patna University. He also earned a Ph.D. from Patna University, with a thesis titled ‘Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam’.

In 2008, he passed the UPSC Civil Service Examination. He was assigned to the Indian Administrative Service (IAS) and the Gujarat cadre. Later, he returned to his native state of Bihar and was appointed as the District magistrate of Sitamarhi District in Bihar, where he oversaw a lot of development work under the direction of Dr. Ranjit Kumar Singh was granted the state’s first ODF district.

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Dr. Ranjit Kumar Singh has received numerous awards. When he was deployed in Gujarat, he received the “Gujarat Ratna” award for the first ODF district Narmda, where he worked on large development projects. He also received an award for ODF in the Sitamarhi District. He was also recognised as the first ISI certifying office in the Sitamarhi District.

For his services as a district magistrate in Sitamarhi, he received the Mahatma Gandhi Swachata Survey Award in 2018, Mahatma Gandhi Swachata Award in 2017 and the National Sanitation Award in 2016.

IAS Ranjit Kumar Singh: UPSC Marksheet

Given below is the final marksheet which is from the Department of Personnel & Training.

FC Written Total 95.67
FC Assessment 86.00
Phase-I written 185.66
Phase-I assessment 145.00
Phase-II assessment 157.70
Phase-I District Training 144.50
UPSC Marks 1328.00
Total 2142.53
Final Rank 87

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IAS Ranjit Kumar Singh: UPSC Strategy

During lockdown, IAS Ranjit Kumar Singh said that one should be healthy mentally, physically and emotionally. This is the time when we should use this period the best. The youth should not be distracted and should focus on their career. They should have passion and determination. He believes that if a person uses three percent of his brain, he can crack the exam.

One should start to use technology and instead of complaining that we cannot go to classes physically, can apply to online courses or can use the free materials which are available online. He is also a teacher who comes live on various social media platforms to educate UPSC aspirants.

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Current Affairs

To crack the second paper, your strategy should be such that you should bring fiber percentile marks so that if you stay around 3 percent, it may be around the boundary, then your result may be doubtful. So the first one you are the subject is that of current affairs, in which both national and international now have to pay attention to current affairs, especially the events that happen internationally which affect India somewhere.

That kind of current affairs questions are asked. Even in the national current in India, you will see that there is some kind of system changing or some big big change, then more questions are asked than portions and only you or ignorant in current affairs.

Topics in Current Affairs

These are the points which IAS Ranjit Singh spoke: Current affairs can be separated because there is economics in it, there is MP technology, politics is also the government system, you also have to keep the current updated because it is asked somewhere by mixing you with 117 subjects of current affairs.

So you have to prepare well for current affairs. If we talk about current affairs, from where to prepare for it, then for its preparation, you have two newspapers, The Hindu and Indian Express, which you can see.

Optional Subject

He says that choosing an optional subject should be based on your interest. His optional subject was history. The history of India, the Indian culture, the books that come along with you for the freedom struggle, so if you talk about history, then in history, as that he has been spoken in history one will have to go from class six to One will have to go through the NCERT books two to three times till the twelfth class.

If one sees this in twelfth class, RK Sharma’s book Canadian History comes in Lemon Class, Satish Chandra’s comes in Main and Mona has Bipin Chandra’s NCERT Books for Indian History, etc. Many elements of twelfth Class Joe Books Alumni Class. In the second class of modern Indian history, this is a very important book, so you will get the repetition of what you will study till class 10 of some decisions.

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It is said that if you work for happiness, you will never get happiness, but if you work happily, you will get both happiness and success. This proverb has been shown to be true, according to an officer of the Indian Civil Service, Dr. Ranjit Kumar Singh.

Those who have become a source of inspiration for young men and women in a very few days. Even though there may have been a misconception in the minds of the common people for government officials, in reality, there are many such officers who do not know about their good thinking and honesty. UPSC Aspirants should keep this in mind. All the best for the exam.

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IAS Ranjit Kumar Singh Biography: Disguise of Superman for the Poor in Bihar
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