Are you a UPSC aspirant? Well, the IAS journey is tough, from preparation to your posting, an IAS officer has to overcome several difficulties and obstacles. Only a responsible and genuine person can perform all of them without slacking off.

Do you know being an IAS officer is a huge responsibility for someone? A civil service officer has to perform several duties without taking any breaks.

There are many aspiring IAS officers fulfilling their responsibilities truthfully. You should read their biographies for motivation for your own journey.

Here is an example of an IAS officer who has demonstrated brilliant skills in her civil service career: Swati S. Bhadauria.

She had done an excellent job in handling the Chamoli natural disaster. Let us examine Swati Bhadauria biography and her inspiring IAS journey.

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Who is Swati Bhadauria IAS?

Swati Srivastava is a civil service officer known for setting many milestones in her 9 years of career. She is working tirelessly to fulfil her responsibilities and working for the nation.

She is a resident of Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh. She married Nitin Bhadauria, an IAS officer of UPSC batch-2011. She belonged to a joint family.

IAS Swati Bhadauria Wiki Facts- Hobbies

# Travelling: She used to travel a lot as a child with her parents and now with her husband and child.

# Art and Craft: She has an artistic knack and thus helps her child in his projects.

# Reading: She loves to read several books, from academic to novels.

Childhood Dream: Introduction to UPSC Profession

She was fascinated with the DM’s job as he was able to close schools on rainy days. As a child, she loved this and became curious about the DM and his powers.

Her Education

# IAS Swati completed her schooling at Little Flower School, Gorakhpur.

# For higher studies, she moved to Lucknow. Here she completed B.Tech Honors in electronics and communications engineering from IIT.

# Then she was selected as an RBI worker and worked over there for six months. While working as an RBI officer she started her UPSC preparation.

Her UPSC Preparation

She began her preparation after graduation.

Swati was not able to clear her first attempt from one mark. However, her parents were supportive and therefore no one pressured her for anything.

Swati’s parents were professors and therefore they supported and motivated her throughout her journey.

Finally, in her second attempt, she cleared her UPSC and became a civil officer.

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Swati Bhadauria UPSC Rank

Swati Bhaduria ranked 74 in UPSC CSE Batch- 2012.

Swati Bhadauria Strategy for UPSC

Writing Skills

IAS Swati openly admits that one of the major setbacks of her first attempt is weak writing skills. Therefore she advises new students to build their writing skills by practising writing.

You should try to write as many answers as possible. Choose a topic and then write whatever you know.

H4 Stay Motivated

The UPSC journey is a hard journey. There will be times when you will have to go through highs and lows. But you need to stay motivated throughout.

You can seek help from your parents, mentors or teacher. Swati mam herself seeks out the help of her parents for further help.

Study Strategically

There are many aspirants who want to study everything but this is not right. You should have a proper mindset and strategy while you’re preparing.

Make timetables, choose a set of books and enrol in classes for better scores and do not neglect your optional subject.


There are many books recommended for preparation. Rather than mugging each, you should make your own list of books.

Exam Hall Strategy

Swati mam emphasizes the importance of exam hall strategies. According to her, examiners are going to judge you according to what you write in your exam paper.

Therefore follow a strict exam hall strategy for a better image.

Tips for Working Aspirants

Swat Imam was herself a working woman when she was preparing and giving her UPSC exams. According to her, an aspirant can work and prepare for UPSC simultaneously if his/her basic preparation is done.

If they have the necessary skills and knowledge they can even clear it while working.

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Journey as an IAS Officer

She got placed as a Chhattisgarh cadre as an IAS officer. Here she joined as an SDM in Saraimali and Dongargaon, Chattisgarh. Here she got to meet the CM of Chattisgarh.

After her marriage, she moved to Uttarakhand cadre in 2015. There she worked as an SDM in Mussoorie, Dehradun and then as an Additional Secretary, MSME department and Additional CEO in Khadi and Village Industries Board, Uttarakhand.

Chamoli District

Swati Srivastava was posted in the district of Chamoli. She became the first woman DM and 42nd DM of Chamoli district.

She has demonstrated excellent skills in the Chamoli Disaster Rescue Mission and handled all situations effortlessly. She is cooperating with the media and sharing all updates with the nation.

Because of her consistent hard work and determination, Chamoli district ranked in the excellent category by Fame India.

An Inspiring Journey

She is not only an inspiring IAS officer but also a simple and composed person. Recently, she admitted her son to the Anganwadi centre. This is a big inspiration for everyone.

She firmly believes that the government is providing all the facilities to children and therefore her child should also avail this benefit.

She is a virtuous person and loves to help the poor. She is taking free classes for financially weak people to study. She gained fame for helping a young man to become a state-level singer.

Recent Incident: Chamoli Tragedy

Swati S. Bhadauria demonstrated great leadership and crisis management skills in the recent incident of the Chamoli glacier break followed by a cloud burst.

This was huge destruction and caused many casualties. But our woman in charge handled the situation well. On average she answered more than 150 calls of victims, officials and workers.

She worked consistently day and night to calm down the situation. She didn’t celebrate her Anniversary but resorted to saving lives.

Her husband and child supported her in this and therefore she was able to focus solely on her work. She addressed the victims and updated the media about initial updates of the incidents.


This was such an inspiring journey, full of tragedies and solution-oriented protagonists. Yes, IAS Swati S. Bhadauria demonstrates the skills and personality of a potential IAS officer.

She has all virtues required for an IAS officer, for instance – management, leadership, honesty, compassion, patriotism and many more.

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