IAS Aditya Ranjan has always been selfless. Even when he was studying or while working in Oracle, he always had the vision to serve people. He very well understood that IAS is not only a job to earn fortune or respect, but a duty to serve people the best. Aditya always believed that there may be many obstacles and also risks, but he didn’t let his steps stop and now he and his family are proud.

This article will give you a tour of his biography, wiki, about his family, UPSC rank, optional subject and strategy that he used in UPSC so that many aspirants can get a clear picture of how to prepare for the future.

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IAS Aditya Ranjan Biography

Schooling Medium English
College Medium English
Age 27
Hometown Bokaro
Work experience 20 months in Oracle
Service Preferences IAS, IFS, IRS(IT), IRS(C and E), IPS.

IAS Aditya Ranjan Wiki

He comes from a business household. He did his primary schooling at Govt. school in his village. He has three brothers and one sister. The Elder’s brother Dr Rakesh Kumar is an orthopaedician who has been the torchbearer of my path to success right from his school days. The middle one, Shrawan, who is self-employed and his sister who has done MBA. His brother in law Ramanand Kumar is CA working with the company,  Reliance.

He has entered this field because he found it the shortest and the quickest way to serve the population. Having associated with many non-profit organizations like Jagriti Yatra, Pustak Seva, lifeline hospital Bokaro, iseeindia.com, and H.H. He has found immense happiness in doing something for the people. This made him rethink his job that period in Oracle and he resigned without offering a second thought to the obstacle correlated with it.

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IAS Aditya Ranjan: Optional Subject

He had passed UPSC in 2014 and secured an AIR 99th, his posting was in Jharkhand and his optional subject was Sociology.

In his attempt one, lack of focus and preparation in public administration led to failure. He had scored fewer marks in essays too and that’s why he had joined coaching for that.

In his second attempt, he had his lessons mixed up and he had scored 57+63+100+88 on the second attempt. He was lacking time management due to which he had left 12 questions in the general studies paper.

In his attempt three, where his lessons of the previous two attempts made him succeed. He found out his strengths and weaknesses and that’s where his hard work paid off.

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IAS Aditya Ranjan: Marksheet

Here is the marksheet of IAS Aditya Ranjan


GS 105
CSAT 140


Essay 132
General Studies paper 1 93
General Studies paper 2 92
General Studies paper 3 93
General Studies paper 4 113
Sociology paper 1 129
Sociology paper 2 90
Interview 210

Strategy for UPSC

Here is the strategy that IAS Aditya Ranjan used in the UPSC examination.

Prelims (CSAT) General Studies

History Ancient R. S. Sharma NCERT and NIOS material
History Modern Muhammad Tariq (TMH) and Bipin Chandra- India’s Struggle for Independence.
Polity (theory + current) Laxmikant and Subhash Kashyap
Economy (theory + current) NCERT Class XII and XI, Newspapers, Economic Survey and google for reference.
Environment (theory + current) NIOS, NCERT class XII Biology some chapters, gk today and Mrunal for current.
geography physical

geography India

geography world

NCERT class VI to XII

NCERT class VI to XII

NCERT class VI to XII

Schemes, Policy & Filler Stuff Newspapers, Economic survey and Mrunal.

Mains: Essay

The essay needs to be simple and he tells that one should not spend too much time on the essay, One should focus on originality and it should be a collection of ideas and facts. One should practice more essay topics and should have a lucid flow. There should be coherence, clarity and continuity when one writes an essay. One should read  Kurukshetra and Yojana, to get an idea of how to write essays.

Mains: General Studies

Culture NIOS, NCERT class XI new, Spectrum and Ccrt website
Indian History Grover and TMH Mohammad Tariq
World History Jain and Mathur (Selectively)  which he made notes of. Ankur Sharma (Wizard) for rapid revision.
Post Independence India After Gandhi and Pradhanmantri series of news.
World Geo Physical NCERT class XII and XII
Resource Distribution NCERT old “Land and People” and Mrunal
Indian Constitution, dispute redressal,  devolution,  etc. Subhash Kashyap and D. D. Basu.
Informal association, a pressure group Yojana and ARC IInd report

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Interview Strategy

IAS Aditya Ranjan practised many mock tests and he did some of his coachings in the institute. He read four newspapers The Hindu, Hindustan Times, Indian Express and State’s newspapers, for current affairs. Before the interview, he had made notes from all these newspapers, and questions that might be asked in the interview. Attending mock tests should not make you underconfident or overconfident, that’s what he tells the aspirants.

During the interview, he was calm and his interview lasted for 45 minutes. He answered the questions positively and he made sure that he read the instructions of his call letter carefully.

During the interview, if one does not know any answer to the question, instead of stressing, please answer ‘I don’t know the answer to this question.’ There are many situations like this, so one needs to not panic in this situation.


Many people say that becoming IAS is just a dream, but there are thousands of people who prove them wrong. Hard work and dedication has always made people reach heights that people thought were impossible. Studies even say that there is only one percent of the population on this planet where people are actually doing the work of their interest because they are the ones who don’t leave their journey in the middle. There may be hardships, you have to try a thousand times, but all this will be worth it in the end. Keep your motivation and confidence high, all the best!

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