List of Books Recommended for Sociology – UPSC Mains Exam

SOCIOLOGY BOOKS for upsc preparation
Book NameAuthorPublicationBuying LInk
Sociology Themes and Perspectives Michael Haralambos, Martin Holborn Collins Educational; Eighth edition (28 May 2013) Click to buy
Society In India: Concepts, Theories, And Recent Trends Ram Ahuja Rawat Pubns (1 January 1999) Click to buy
Social Problems In India Ram Ahuja Rawat Pubns; Expanded, Revised, Updated edition (1 March 2014) Click to buy
Sociology Anthony Giddens Wiley; Seventh edition (24 April 2013) Click to buy
Sociological Theory George Ritzer McGraw-Hill (8 November 2012) Click to buy
Oxford Dictionary Of Sociology John Scott Oxford University Press; Fourth edition (27 February 2015) Click to buy
Modernization Of Indian Tradition Yogendra Singh Rawat (1 January 1996) Click to buy
Sociological Thought Francis Abraham, John Henry Morgan Wyndham Hall Pr (1 June 1989) Click to buy
Social Change In Modern India M. N. SRINIVAS Orient BlackSwan (1995) Click to buy
Caste Its Twentieth Century Avatar M. N. SRINIVAS Penguin India; 1997 edition (14 October 2000) Click to buy
Persistence and Change in Tribal India M.V. Rao Concept Publishing Company Pvt. Ltd. (2012) Click to buy
Social Background of Indian Nationalism A. R. Desai Popular Prakashan Ltd; 6th edition (31 December 2011) Click to buy


  • Make sure that the book has not compromised on quality and content if you are buying a low-cost edition.
  • Old NCERT on sociology is a good source from which to study.
  • EPW magazine is a good read for current aspects of Sociology.

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