The budget for 2022 is here for the citizens and UPSC candidates. The budget is announced on 1st February 2022. It was announced by the Finance & Corporate Affairs Union Minister, Smt. Nirmala Sitharaman. She tabled the Union Budget for 2022-23 in Parliament.

The budget comes out every year for the development of the macroeconomic levels by focusing and working on the microeconomic levels. Respected Finance Minister informed during speaking about the Budget 2022  that PLI which stands for Productivity Linked Incentive has worked excellently in 14 years.

The key highlights of the budget 2022 are given inside the article that is going to help UPSC candidates. The UPSC candidates must be informed about all the facts and details of the budget because it can be asked in the UPSC exam.

It is an essential event for the people of the nation to know what changes have been done by the government to uplift different sections, especially how they are developing the nation’s economy. It is greatly significant for the government too to stick to their promises made to the people and to work effectively to put their efforts into the development of the country.

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Budget 2022 Highlights

The major highlights of the Budget 2022 presented by honourable Finance Minister, Smt Nirmala Sitaraman are given here. Before going through them, you must be aware of the four pillars of development on which the budget is focused.

#1. Inclusive development

#2. Productivity enhancement

#3. Energy transition

#4. Climate action

The major point is PM Gatishakti. Seven engines drive PM Gatishakti. These engines include Roads, Railways, Airports, Ports, Mass Transport, Waterways, and Logistics Infrastructure.

The Gatishakti national master plan is to work on the economic transformation, seamless multimodal connectivity, and logistics efficiency for the country’s development. Talking about the budget for roads, the expansion has been done to the National Highways network for this year. The expansion is by 25000 km. Moreover, 20,000 crores will be given for this expansion.

For the year 2022-23, contracts will be given through the PPP model for the construction of parks at four different locations. These parks are multimodal logistics parks.

Let’s now move towards the railways, “one station one product” will work for the businesses as well as the supply chains. Furthermore, 2000 km of the railway network will come under the kavach for 2022-23. New generation railways will be manufactured within the next three years. These trains are Vande Bharat trains. You must go ahead with the article to get all the budget 2022 highlights.

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Budget 2022 Summary for the Upcoming UPSC Exam

If you are reading this article, it is going to help you exponentially in your UPSC exam. The construction of railways is given to the National Ropeways Development Program which is popularly known as Parvatmala.

The budget has been driven towards agriculture. The information says that Rs. 2.37 lakh crore will be given to 1.63 crore farmers. This financial help is for the procurement of wheat and paddy. Also, the government has said natural farming will be promoted across the nation.

The farmers will get benefits from Nabard as it is going to help the farmers with funds. Talking further, the Kisan drones are introduced for advancements including crop assessment, digitization of land records, spraying of insecticides and nutrients.

The program called one class one TV channel is expanded to 200 channels for the student’s welfare to education under eVidya. The development of e-labs and virtual labs to take place for the students learning and critical thinking growth.

The content of high quality in the online mode is to be created to give the students better content and digital universities with world-class effectiveness will be made for the personalized learning experience of the students.

For the health sector, the National Digital Health Ecosystem will roll out which is an open platform for the people. To benefit the people with mental counselling, the National Tele Mental Health Programme will be launched. Many other programs will also be launched to give health and safety to the people of the nation.

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UPSC Preparation

If you are a UPSC exam aspirant, you must gather the basic details about the budget 2-22 to give correct answers in the exam. Along with the sections given above there are other sectors that have been provided with improvements for 2022-23.

These sectors include Saksham Anganwadi, housing, villages programs, banking, urban planning, telecom, export, AtmaNirbharta in Defence, sunrise opportunities, climate, public capital investment, mobilizing resources, fiscal management, and all the other management.

You just need to go through the facts of all the sections and their budget if you want to fetch good scores in the examination.

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Hopefully, the article has given you all the information regarding the budget 2022 UPSC. The budget comes out every year for the complete year’s expenditure in different fields. The budget is announced by the Finance Minister of the nation. All the UPSC candidates must be completely aware of the budget details to perform better in the UPSC exam along with performing excellently for the nation in the future.

The budget is an exclusive and extremely important part of the year for the government as well as the citizens as it shows the concern of the government over different sectors and citizens understand if the government is doing good work for them by developing the sections or not. So, this is an important time for the people of the nation. You must go through the budget precisely and make your notes for the same.

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