List of Mathematics books for UPSC IAS Exam

Let’s take a look at the recommended booklist for Mathematics Optional for UPSC. Below is the list divided into Paper 1 and Paper 2 and also divided topic-wise.

  1. Linear Algebra
    Schaum Series (3000 solved problems book)
  2. Calculus and Real Analysis
    S.C Malik and Savita Arora Shanti Narayana
  3. 3-D Geometry
    P.N. Chatterjee
  4. Ordinary Differential Equations
    M.D. Raisinghania  
    Ian Sneddon
  5. Vector Analysis
    A.R. Vasista
    Schuam Series
  6. Algebra
    Joseph A. Gallian
    Shramik Sen Upadhayay
  7. Complex Analysis
    Schuam Series
    J.N. Sharma
    Ponnu Swami
  8. Linear Programming
    Shanti Swarup
    Kanti Swarup
  9. Numerical Analysis
    Jain and Iyenger
    K. Shankar Rao
    S.S. Shasthry
    Click to Buy
  10. Computer Programming
    Raja Raman  
    Click to Buy
  11. Dynamics & Statics
    A.R. Vasista
  12. Mechanics and Fluid Dynamics
    M.D. Raisinghania
    R.K. Gupta
    J.K. Goyal and K.P. Gupta

Books for Mathematics Paper-I

  1. Linear Algebra – K.C. Prasad, K B Datta  Click to Buy
  2. Calculus – Santhi Narayan Integral Calculus, Click to Buy,
  3. Differential Calculus Click to Buy,
  4. Vector Calculus Click to Buy
  5. Analytic Geometry – Shantinarayan, HC Sinha, DK Jha and Sharma
  6. Ordinary Differential eqs:- MD Raising Lumina, Golden series-NP Bali Click to Buy
  7. Dynamics, Statistics, and Hydrostatics – M.Ray Click to Buy
  8. Vector analysis – Shantinarayan Click to Buy

Books for Mathematics Paper-II

  1. Algebra – K C Prasad, KB Datta Click to Buy
  2. Real Analysis – Shanti Narayan Click to Buy, Royden Click to Buy
  3. Complex Analysis – GK Ranganath
  4. Linear Programming – SD Sharma
  5. Partial Diff.eqs. – Singhania
  6. Numerical analysis and Computer Progg. – V. Rajaraman, SS Shasri
  7. Mechanics & Fluid dynamics – AP Mathur, Azaroff leonid

Other Important Books

  1. Modern Algebra – A. R. Vashisth  Click to Buy
  2. Algebra – J. N. Sharma and S. N. Goyal
  3. Linear Algebra – Schaum Series (Lipshutz) or Sharma and Vashisth Click to Buy
  4. Matrices – Schaum Series (Frank Ayres) or Vashisth Click to Buy
  5. Calculus – I. A. Menon
  6. Coordinate Geometry – R. L. Soni
  7. Solid Mechanism – Kazmioo
  8. Mathematics Dictionary – James  Click to Buy
  9. Differential Equations – Schaum Series (Frank Ayres) or N.M. Kapur or Raisinghania
  10. Numerical Analysis – S.S. Sastry  Click to Buy
  11. Complex Analysis – Schaum Series or J.N. Sharma
  12. Operations Research – Kanti Swaroop or Manmohan
  13. Differential Calculus – Gorakh Prasad
  14. Analytical Solid Geometry – Shanti Narayanan
  15. Text Book of Coordinate Geometry – Rai Ballabh
  16. Mechanism – D. S. Mathur
  17. Statistical Mechanism – Carson Horg

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