Global Hunger Index is the calculation on a scale of 100 related to the hunger state of a country. It aims to track the hunger of the world and work for it. If you are looking for the complete summary of the Global Hunger Index 2021 UPSC or Global Hunger Index 2021 top country, you will get all the details here. It is a yearly calculated index where all the countries are measured according to their hunger index status.

The overall report of this significant index is calculated and published by Concern Worldwide of Ireland and Welthungerhilfe (a German non-profit organization) in October of every year. There are multiple factors and indicators responsible for the measurement of the hunger index. So, let’s make the most important UPSC notes for the UPSC exam.

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Global Hunger Index 2021 UPSC

The Global Hunger Index measures the country’s status of hunger by the four major indicators. These four prominent points are child wasting, undernourishment, child stunting, and child mortality. It is an annual report calculated on the poverty level of the regional as well as the country areas.

Undernourishment shows the insufficient caloric intake of the population, child wasting shows the underweight of the children as compared to their heights, child stunting shows the lower height average in the children according to their age, and child mortality shows the mortality rate of the children.

All these four fields are considered precisely while calculating a country’s hunger index. This is an important topic for the UPSC exam. You must go through this article thoroughly and make UPSC notes out of it.

Global Hunger Index 2021 Ranking List for India

According to the 2021 reports, India ranks 101 out of 116 countries. The score of India in this index is 27.5. This score is considered by the professionals as a “serious” state of hunger. Well, going ahead note that India has slipped 7 steps from 2020 because, in that year, India’s rank was 94.

Now, you must be thinking about the countries that are ahead of India in the report of this index. Let’s know about them too. India is behind the given countries due to the given ranks:

#. Pakistan – 92

#. Sri Lanka – 65

#. Nepal – 76

#. Bangladesh – 76

India has ranked ahead of 15 countries in the calculation of this index according to the 2021 reports. Furthermore, you must also acknowledge that India has the highest rate of child wasting among the other countries in the index. You must note these significant factors for your examination. Apart from child wasting, India has shown great improvement in the other sections of the index.

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UPSC Preparation

Are you doing UPSC preparation? Well, if you are going through this phase, you must be searching for the most important notes. So, let’s grab the informational points related to the hunger index. The salient points of the 2020 hunger index are given below that are equally necessary for your UPSC notes.

#. Worldwide hunger is 18.2 (moderate) down from 2000 level of 28.2 (serious)

#. How many are undernourished?

Answer: Nearly 690 million people

#. How many children are suffering from stunting?

Answer: 144 million children

#. How many children suffer from wasting?  Answer: 47 million

#. What was the child mortality rate in 2018?

Answer: 5.3 million children died before they turned five.

#. Which region has the highest hunger and undernutrition levels?

Answer: Africa (South of Sahara) and South Asia  — Desert Locust, Covid-19 and following economic challenges are factors for food and nutrition insecurity for millions of people but the impact of the pandemic hasn’t been accounted for in the 2020 Global Hunger Index.

#. Which countries show alarming levels of hunger?

Answer: Chad, Timor-Leste, and Madagascar

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India’s Response to Global Hunger Index 2021

Your UPSC exam needs to know the response of the country for the rank given by the index. Before knowing the response, let’s acknowledge India’s rank in the Global Hunger Index in the following years:

2021 GHI:- 101 out of 116

2020 GHI:- 94 out of 107

2019 GHI:- 102 out of 117

2018 GHI:- 103 out of 119

The ministry of women and child development of India has criticized the rank given by the index publishers to India. The government has said that the agencies have not done their “due diligence” to the report before publishing it. The FAO, Food, and Agriculture Organization have given different statuses to the country related to the proportion of the undernourished population.

Moreover, India is behind every other country according to the 2021 report except Afghanistan. Afghanistan is ahead of South Asian countries. The countries that are ahead of India are given below:

#. Nepal

#. Indonesia

#. Bangladesh

#. Pakistan

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