Getting a decent UPSC rank is like dreams come true. UPSC has always been tough to many and that’s why many aspirants leave it in the middle. Many people, after failing, think that it was their last chance and leave it. But, one should keep moving on, if they truly want to serve society and make their dreams their reality. Perseverance and patience are very important for UPSC.

This article talks about one such person who didn’t stop aiming for his dream and he is IAS Shrikant Khanderkar. Know about his biography, wiki, current posting and UPSC rank. Know his inspiring journey, optional subject and strategy that he used for UPSC. Read the whole article to stay motivated.

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IAS Shrikant Khandekar: Biography

Shrikant Khandekar is a student from Mangalwedha taluka of Solapur district. Shrikant is ranked 33rd in the country. His father, who lives in the village of Babchi in Mangalwedha, is uneducated, but he recognized the importance of children’s education at the time. He sold three acres of land for his children’s education but did not allow the education to be disrupted.

Srikanth was aware of the hardships the family was doing for him and he studied hard. Srikanth’s early education was in a Zilla Parishad school in the village. After completing his secondary education at Nimboni English School, he completed his education from Solapur to Bariv. He studied Agricultural Engineering at Dapoli Agricultural University. He was also selected for IIT during this period. But he was adamant about his decision to take the UPSC exam without going there.

IAS Shrikant Khandekar: UPSC Rank

In fact, for students studying engineering, getting selected in IITs is nothing short of a dream come true. But everyone has a dream and that much perseverance is important. Srikanth started studying in Pune for one year. He then studied in Delhi for six months. In his first attempt, he was ranked 33rd in the country. He is second from the state in the OBC category.

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IAS Shirkant Khandekar: Current Posting

IAS Khandekar Shrikant Kundalik was appointed as the Assistant Collector (Under Training) at Nalanda, Bihar. He was appointed in 2020 after his completion of Phase 1- Training Programme of LBSNAA, in Mussoorie.

IAS Shrikant Khandekar: UPSC Marksheet 

Total Marks Marks Obtained
Total(Written) 1750 792
Interview 275 184
Total 2025 976

IAS Shrikant Khandekar: Optional Subject

IAS Shrikant Khandekar took Forestry and Agricultural engineering as optional subjects in Indian Forest Administration Services Exam. For a fresher student, an optional subject should be read three times before the prelims exam. After prelims, we should only have time for revision.

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IAS Shrikant Khandekar: Strategy 

He is from a farming background and when he was in 12th he had read a book named ‘Raj Mitra’ which had several civil services stories and many of them were from economically backward societies, he decided in 12th standard that he wanted to become IAS when he was inspired by these stories and he had made up his mind that he would achieve it.

He said that the prelims of both civil services and forest services are the same but the mains are totally different. There can be the same GS paper in mains. The approach is different in mains while the prelims are the same. Srikant opted for political science in civil services. He had opted for three optional subjects and he said that forestry is a technical subject, then his senior recommended a book for him, which helped him a lot.

IAS Shrikant Khandekar: Preparation 

He also said that ‘If your situation is financially not good, one should not feel low, he/she should rather be motivated with this and do their best, They say that if God closes one door then he leaves a window open, so one should never feel they can’t do anything, one will find a way. One should never be depressed and continue to work.’

He also said that when you have too much information and the time is less one should never be emotional and they should practise previous years question papers, answer writing and also practice some question papers from coaching institutes. There should be self-determination and one should practise as many test series as possible.

IAS Shrikant Khandekar: Interview 

After Civils when he decided to start preparing for the interview, he was in a dilemma of how to start and what should be done. Then, he approached his senior who told him to join Next IAS, where he had his coaching for the interview. There were sessions where he was helped with a questionnaire and he had prepared his own answers, with the approach provided by the coaching institute. He also said that attending mock interviews would also be helpful for the interview round, as it helps for your main interview. The questions in the main interview might be different but the approach is the same, whether it be a mock or main interview.

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Books for Preparation 

For Forestry as Optional 

#Principles and Practice of Silviculture by L.S. Khanna

#Theory and Practice of Silviculture Systems by Ram Prakash, L S Khanna (but wasn’t able to revise) and K. Manikandan and S. Prabhu

#Indian Forestry by K. Manikandan and S. Prabhu

#Forest Management by Prakash Ram

#Agroforestry: Indian Perspective by L. K. Jha

For Agriculture as Optional 

#Agricultural Economics and Farm Management

#Soil Science – D.K Das or Brady

#Agronomy by Yellamanda Reddy

#Plant Breeding by B.D. Singh

#Genetics by B.D.Singh

#Physiology by Pandey & Singha

#Introduction to Horticulture – Kumar

#Handbook of Agriculture by ICAR

#Agricultural Extension Education in India

#Pathology – Singh

#Entomology – Vasantha Raj & David

#The Hindu – Survey of Indian Agriculture

#Agriculture Statistics – Dept. of Agri. and coop. statistics at a glance – Special Issue of Agriculture by The Hindu


Despite coming from an economically backward background, he kept his dreams and thoughts high. He has set his standard high and achieved it. IAS Shrikant Khandekar had never made his condition his drawback and that’s why many people salute him. He is a role model to many and many aspirants should learn from him. His determination, struggle and perseverance should also be followed by all. Everyone has hardships in their life, the man who fixes up his mind to not work out, he will not but, if anyone stands up and tries to work his way out then, no one can stop him. Determination and keep working on should be a motive, whether you are in dark or light.

One can find many inspiring stories at UPSC Pathshala, to boost your motivation. Do let us know in the comments section below if you need any help, we will be glad to help.

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