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In this article, we are going to cover an important current affair topic for the UPSC prelims examination: Indrajaal Defence System.

Indrajaal Defense Technology

Indrajaal Defense Technology  is India’s first indigenous drone defence dome. This drone system has the capability to protect 1000-2000 sq. km against any aerial attacks.

How? It assesses and acts on aerial attacks, i.e., Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), loitering munitions and low radar cross-section targets.

This drone system uses modern technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and robotics technology to identify and counter attack any aerial attacks.

This is going to prove beneficial to protect base camps of the Indian Army.

What is Indrajaal?

Indrajal is a 3rd generation modern warfare. It is a drone defence system.

Why is it important to know about this topic?

Indrajaal Defense drone system is the first indigenous drone defence system.

How does the Indrajaal drone system work?

According to Grene Robotics, autonomous weaponry weapons systems are the need of the hour. And Indrajaal is a demonstration of how effective and cost-friendly autonomous system systems can be.

Indrajaal is aimed to automate defence systems. It is a result of synching of 9-10 technologies, such as AI, Robotics, cybersecurity, and many others.

This weaponry is able to identify one or more UAVs, low RCs, munitions, etc. And also counter attack them effectively.

Grene Robotics

Grene Robotics is a technology-based research & development company. It is inspired by nature’s efficient and intelligent design.

The main motto of the organization is to design, develop, and deploy unmanned and autonomous systems.

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Achievements of Grene Robotics

# In 2011, Grene Robotics and Creston jointly developed India’s first automated housing community.

# In 2012, Grene Robotics and Echelon jointly developed India’s first microgrid at palm meadows, Hyderabad.

# In 2014 Grene Robotics was selected in the enterprise as a disruptive company to solve big problems.

# In 2015 and 16, it developed the first autonomous emergency response system for EMRI. Because of this system, EMERI was able to save 1000s of lives.

This system allowed autonomous ambulance assignment, and reduced assignment time from seven minutes to 10 seconds.

# In 2017, they developed a market-test ready version of GreneOS and Grene Robotics became 100% remote.

# In 2019, it will replace Salesforce at VI Business service.

And now it has created India’s first autonomous defence drone system.

Basic Information- Indrajaal UPSC

# It is 100% indigenous i.e. made in India.

# A Indrajaal drone system is able to protect 1000-2000 sq km easily against any kind of aerial threats such as UAVs and short-range missiles.

# It is a reply to the attack on Jammu & Kashmir airbase on 27 June.

# This drone system is beneficial for linear infrastructure, for instance, international borders against advanced weaponry.

# It uses over 10 different modern technologies to defend the airbase.

# It is capable of acting in real-time situations.

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Key Features

# Act in a real-time situation

# Honeycomb cell structure

# Result of a combination of 9-10 modern technologies

# Capable for monitoring, tracking and defending 24/7

# Withstand all weather conditions

Why it is Need of the Hour?

On June,27th Jammu airbase faced a terrorist attack by a drone. These drones dropped improvised explosive devices (IED) next to the Mi-17 hangar.

These drones were of commercial use and were used to cause an explosion. There were two explosions, one on the roof of a building and the other in an open area.

It is highly likely that this drone was used to attack Indian Air Traffic control, though the Air Force hasn’t confirmed it yet.

The drone is now used as a new form of warfare and so Indian Defence Force cannot overlook this incident. Moreover, the current air defence machinery cannot be used to counter-attack such low RPCs attacks.

This developed an urgent need for improvised air defence weapons. In this situation, Grene Robotics came forward with a new and modern solution.

To avoid such attacks and protect the airbase, Grene Robotics developed a new drone defence technology based on the Israeli iron drone defence mechanism.

H3-Israel Iron Drone Air Defence System

Israel has to face many attacks over Jerusalem. To protect its citizens this country has developed a high-tech Iron Dome Air Defense System.

This system uses radar and Tamir interceptor missiles to track and neutralize any air attacks such as rockets or missiles. It is a short-range ground to the air defence system.

It can also counter-attack any aerial attacks, for instance, any kind of rockets, missiles, artillery, mortars, aircraft, helicopter and unmanned aerial vehicles.

This system was developed by a collaborative effort of the state-run Rafael Advanced Defense System and Israel Aerospace Industries in 2011.

The most important part of this defence system is that its success rate is over 90% with 2000 plus interceptors.

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This system works on three main components:

#1. Radar

It is capable of detecting any kind of threat.

#2. Weapon Control

It is a weapon control machinery. It controls all weapons and launches them on time

#3. Missile fire

It is a missile-firing unit.

Importance of Indrajaal Defence System

# A point defence ANTI-UAV system of Indian defence forces is not able to detect or defend large defence bases, NCR and linear infrastructure such as international borders.

# Terrorists are now using advanced weaponry to attack their targets. Drones are a fine example of this and the Jammu airbase attack was just a trailer for this.

# To protect the border associated with Pakistan, more than 300 systems will be needed. This is a heavy financial burden option. But the same can be protected by using 6-7 Indrajaal drones.


The indrajaal defence technology is a modern solution for defence needs. It is made on an Israeli-based defence system by Grene Robotics.

Indrajaal is an important part of the Science and Technology part of your prelims exams.

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