GorkhaLand is a state and an autonomous district council for the state of Darjeeling and some areas of West Bengal. Gorkha Land is a state that is high in demand by the people of the Indian states of Darjeeling and some parts of West Bengal.

This state was formed so that it could be used to replace the state of Darjeeling Gorkha Hill Council, which was then formed in the year of 1988.

What is the Gorkhaland Issue?

The Gorkhaland issue is one that requires the demand of creating a separate state of Gorkhaland in the Darjeeling hills of West Bengal.

This movement required a separate creation of one land, i.e., the Gorkhaland and it also required to include Darjeeling in it.

How Darjeeling came into Existence?

Before the advent of the year 1780, the state of Darjeeling was ruled by the Chogyal dynasty of Sikkim.

So, when the year 1780 came, the Gorkha people broke out into war and tried to capture most parts of Sikkim which also included the North-East part of Darjeeling including Darjeeling as well.

Then in the year 1817, with the help of the treaty of Titalia, the Chogyal dynasty of Sikkim was re-established and all the powers that were once taken away from them were provided to them.

Thus, this is how the state of Darjeeling came into existence and was formed.

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History of India for UPSC

Out of all the optional subjects that one chooses in the UPSC exam, History is one such exam that is extremely popular and is an interesting subject among all the UPSC aspirants who decide to take part in the Civil Services examination that takes place each year.

Though the syllabus of this exam is extremely vast, at the same time, it is greatly interesting for one to read and know about as it helps an individual to know about the history of our country amazingly. One gets to know a lot of things about the history of our country and in a manner that is extremely interesting for one to read.

How to Study Indian History for UPSC?

There are various tips and tricks that one can follow to study Indian History for the UPSC exam and these are:

#1. The first step is to note that one should give high and great importance to the history of the medieval period of the country India.

#2. Another topic to cover is that one must study the history of the entire Mughal period in great details.

#3. There are also some important topics that one should cover completely and in great details in order to completely study the history of India and these are:

#a. Sankaracharya

#b. Ramanuja

#c. Chaitanya

#d. Kabir

#e. Bhakti Movement

#f. Lingayats

#g. Maharashtra Dharma

#h. Sufi Movement

#i. Architecture from early Sultanate to the Lodi’s

#4. In order to study the history of India in detail, one should also watch as many documentaries as they can that are available on the various OTT platforms as it will help an individual to know more about their country in a manner that is interesting enough to watch and learn from.

Mass Movement – Facts to Know for UPSC

Mass Movement, which is also known as Mass Wasting and is the movement where the masses of bodies like the mud, soil, and rock debris, etc moves in a manner because of the gravitational force of the Earth.

So, because of the influence of gravity on Earth, particular movements happen in our rocks and soils that result in changing their shape.

Landslides may also occur because of this phenomenon and this may include:

#a. Intense Rainfall

#b. Rapid Snowmelt

#c. Earthquake

#d. Volcanic Eruption

#e. Stream or Coastal Erosion

UPSC Preparation Tips

To clear the UPSC examination in one single attempt and to successfully carry the UPSC exam preparation, one must move forward and strategically prepare for this exam. But how can that be done?

Let’s find out.

#1. The first thing to note is that one needs to start the preparation for this exam as early as possible because the early you start, the better your preparation would be and the more time you’ll get to study for this examination.

Also, an extremely famous saying goes by, “Early bird catches the worm.” So, why not be that early bird this time and start preparing for this examination as soon as possible.

Some more Tips

#2. The second step to note is that there are only a few books that you can get the best help with but all you need to do is to study hard for this examination with all the material that you have. So, why not take that NCERT book out this time toto study for this exam from the very beginning along with clearing all your concepts.

Along with this, there are a few other books that one can refer to while preparing for this exam and these are:

#a. Polity by Laxmikanth

#b. Economics by Ramesh Singh

#c. History by Bipan Chandra

#3. Mock Tests are an easy and great way to begin your preparation for this examination. So, begin with taking out a few mock test papers from the internet and practice as many as you can so that it becomes easy for you to recognize your strengths as well as weaknesses of this exam and turn them all into great strengths.

Here’s some More

#4. Take part in essay competitions and story-writing competitions. Now, you must be wondering why is taking part in an essay and story-writing competition important for one while he/she is preparing for the UPSC examination. This is because this can help an individual to increase his/her writing speed for the exam and one can get a lot of benefits from this.

The UPSC exam requires an individual to write a lot in the exam and if your writing speed is less, you’ll not be able to complete the exam in time. So, by writing much you can increase your speed.

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UPSC is one of the toughest examinations in our country and to clear it is such an amazing thing to do. Every year so many students, thousands or lakhs of them, take part in this examination and not many can clear it. It helps students get closer to their dreams and helps them achieve a life they have always dreamt of.

Anyone who has taken part in this examination knows the struggles of how much hard work is required for one to clear this examination.

Hopefully, this article must have helped you to know a lot about the different things and topics that you wanted to know about this exam and if you have any doubts regarding the same, feel free to comment down below and let us know about it so that we can help you with the same because we’ll be more than happy to help you through this.

Also, if you want to know more, check out some of the amazing blogs posted by us on our site for more information.

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