Today’s youth is confused about the main motive of civil services. They think of it as a symbol of prestige and money.

But the real motto of civil service aspirants should be to fulfil their duty honestly.

IPS officers like Sunil Kumar Singh are trying to remind Today’s youth about the same. They are fulfilling their duty honestly and want to inspire others too.

IPS- Introduction

IPS stands for Indian Police Services. It is one of the three Civil Services of India alongside IAS and IFS.

Every year thousands of candidates who are aspiring to become IPS give the UPSC CSE examination.

In 1948, the Indian Imperial Police force was replaced by the Indian Police Service. The controlling authority is the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India.

Currently the minister responsible for Amit Shah, cabinet minister of Home Affairs.

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Functions of an IPS officer

An IPS officer provides leadership to various Indian police forces such as:

# Central Armed Police Forces

# National Security Guards

# National Disaster Management

# National Investigation Agency

# Intelligence Bureau Research and  Analysis Wing

# Central Bureau of Investigation

The Main Functions of an IPS Officer

Law Enforcement, Investigation, Criminal prevention, Terrorism Prevention, Maintaining Public Safety, maintaining Public law and order, VIP protection, Disaster Response, and Crisis .anagement etc.

So do you aspire to become an IPS officer? Well, then stay with us and explore an inspiring journey of Sunil Kumar Singh IPS.

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IPS Officer Sunil Kumar Singh Biography

Sunil Kumar Singh’s current posting is in Meerut as SP PTS. He is a motivating and inspiring IPS officer. He is currently responsible for training young police cadets in PTS.

According to the interview with a news channel on YouTube, Sunil Kumar revealed many things about him.

According to him, he always wanted to do something for the citizens of India. Therefore he joined Civil Services.

From the day of his appointment, he tried to maintain a good relationship with the police and citizens.

Breaking the Prejudices

Citizens have prejudices against Police. They think of them as a brutal force who is there to harm them.

In contrast to this, Police are there to help them and maintain the law and order of the region. But still, people fear them and are scared to open in front of them.

Sunil Kumar Singh gave UPSC and got rank as IPS officer. He tried to target this prejudice from the beginning of his career. Wherever he was posted he tried to meet normal residents and solve their problems. He tried to maintain good and friendly relations with them.

He feels like he is somewhat successful in the procedure as there are normal people who respect and love him. Therefore he thinks that he has accomplished his major mission of this life.

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His Life in Police Training School

He is currently responsible for training young cadets.

PTS methods of training include two sections: Indoor and Outdoor Training.

Indoor training

Sunil Kumar Singh ensures that the classes are given regularly. They teach young cadets mainly the detailed syllabus of different subjects as well as they tell them to understand human behaviour.

So that they can also become officers that citizens like instead of getting scared.

Outdoor Training

This includes and parade exercises. The main motive of the parade is to enforce discipline in the candidate. The exercise aims to maintain the physical physicality of the candidate so that they can protect their region in the case of crisis.

When he meets them he tries to motivate the young candidates for higher missions. He asks them to fulfil their duties lawfully and become a police officer that people love and respect.

Respect for the Parents

Sunil Kumar gives lots of respect to his parents. According to him, whatever he is, it is only because of his parents.

Moreover, he touches his parent’s feet daily before starting our day.

Tips for Youth

Sunil Sir laments that today’s youth are not giving respect to their parents as they should. They are busy with their work and forget about their parents.

Parents play an important role in anyone’s life, and they are the only ones who will genuinely worry about you. Therefore, according to him, everyone should pay due respect to their parents and respect them for the care and love they provided us.

Special Events in His Career

When the interviewer asked him about an event in his career that is of great honour.

He responded that police officers do five to six things in a year, which is newsworthy and makes him a hero.

But instead of doing two to three jobs in a year, Sunil Kumar Singh made strategy and tried to keep trying to work as a good police officer 365 days in any way he maintained the law in order and fulfilled all his responsibilities carefully 365 years.

Lessons to be Taken

Being a Civil Servant is a status of prestige and reputation, but rather it is a responsibility.

A Responsibility to maintain the law and order of the country.

As an IPS officer, you should try to help the current citizens of India, as much as you can.

The status of police is not very good in the eyes of a normal citizen. They generally see the Police force as violent and brutal forces, who like to beat people.

But this is not the case, the Police force is there to protect citizens and to maintain law and order.

Therefore every police officer should try to demolish this prejudice, and maintain a new definition of Police Force.

Moreover, today’s youth are forgetting the importance of their parents. They are more career-oriented and forget about their parents. As they get older, they transfer them to the old age home.

But this is wrong, parents are the only people who love and care for you unconditionally.


Today’s generation should take a lesson from the journey of Sunil Sir.

We, UPSC Pathshala introduced him, to remind you about the main motive of civil service as you are today’s youth and future of India. Hopefully, this article helped you in getting the required dose of inspiration for your preparation.

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