The union public service commission conducts the civil services examination to select the most talented and skilful people to be posted to the most honourable positions in India. This exam is considered reputed and tough not only in the country but in the world. Its structure was first designed by the Mughal and Maurya Empire followed by the British generals.

This exam has questions from over the globe specifying India and its constitution. All the candidates put their best to come out with great marks and this is why they prepare with all their efforts. The most knowledge will be gathered by their phase and perceptions. You will get aware of the practical learnings that you must do and what must be avoided to reach your ultimate goal. Here is the UPSC 2021 topper list for all the aspirants who want to know.

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UPSC Toppers

UPSC exam makes all the participants go to all the extents to get as high scores as they can. All the candidates stress different aspects and fields to grasp knowledge. If you are a candidate for the CSE, you must be a great time manager to give adequate time to the syllabus, interview, and documentation. All the things are necessary to be focused on and if you will lack in any one of these you will find it difficult to succeed. If you emphasize only on the syllabus or the interview, you will commit any other lower part that will make you regret it after the exam. You have to be mindful and responsible to get the administrative powers of the country. You can not fail in decision-making, confidence, and responsibility. Read this article for knowing the UPSC result 2021. This will give you an idea for your interview as well as the strength of your dreams.

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UPSC 2021 Topper List

If you are preparing for the UPSC exam, you must be searching for the list of toppers to see their success journey and mistakes committed by them to improve it in your portion. You must have been preparing relentlessly to clear it in the first attempt. If you want to accomplish your ambitions, focus on grabbing everything.

Everyone will agree that is not the bed of roses rather it is something where your overall personality is at the stake of judgment for the selection process. So, you have to be genuine, truthful, and determined to get what is meant for you and for which you have been working too hard. The best outcome for you will be your designation. If you want your hard work to pay off well then do not ever quit and be a continuous learner. Nobody is perfect but if you will work with true dedication nothing is impossible. It gives you immense inspiration to know all the things from the people who have been in the same scenario. Here is the list of UPSC 2021 toppers.

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List of UPSC 2021 Toppers

The UPSC exam 2021 is being conducted now. Due to the outbreak of the severe acute pandemic, the exam got postponed. The list of UPSC 2021 toppers is not available yet. You can keep yourself aware of all the relevant things and the list will be provided to you very soon. The UPSC result 2021 is not out yet.

The UPSC toppers are the ones who are knowledgeable and aware of each fact regarding the examination and others. You must do the same. As soon as the list is available, we will post it on our website. You can go to our website to know everything regarding the UPSC exam and its marking.

However, we have the top rankers list of every year till 2019. You can know the toppers of each batch. Keep scrolling the article and know the ranking updates each year.

UPSC Top Rankers List

The people who collect all their energy, skills, perseverance, passion, wisdom, hard work, and intellect into preparing for this esteemed exam are the people who ultimately make it to the top. The best way of making yourself top-notch and worthy for this examination is learning from the people who have experienced it. Go through the stories of the people who are posted on dignified posts. Many of them have struggled a lot to achieve what they have today. You will surely learn lessons from them to move forward in life. This is a general awareness and curiosity of the candidates to know about the previous candidates. Along with knowing their names, areas, and marks, you must get deeper into knowing facts about them and their journey.

Here is the List of All the Top Rankers for You to Acknowledge

Year Name State
2019 Pradeep Singh Haryana
2018 Kanishak Kataria Rajasthan
2017 Anudeep Durishetty Telangana
2016 Nainini Karnataka
2015 Tina Dabi Delhi

Topper from Before 2015 Batch

Year Name State
2014 Ira Singhal Delhi
2013 Gaurav Agarwal Rajasthan
2012 Haritha V Kumar Kerala
2011 Shena Agarwal Haryana
2010 S. Divyadarshini Tamil Nadu
2009 Shah Faesal Jammu And Kashmir
2008 Shubhra Saxena Uttar Pradesh
2007 Adapa Karthik Andhra Pradesh
2006 Muthyala Raju Revu Andhra Pradesh
2005 Mona Pruthi Haryana
2004 S Nagarajan Tamil Nadu
2003 Roopa Mishra Odisha
2002 Ankur Garg Punjab
2001 Alok Ranjan Jha Bihar
2000 Vijayalakshmi Bidari Karnataka

Topper from Before 2000 Batch

Year Name Place
1999 Sorabh Babu Uttar Pradesh
1998 Bhawna Garg Punjab
1997 Devesh Kumar Bihar
1996 Sunil Kumar Barnwal Bihar
1995 Iqbal Dhaliwal Tamil Nadu
1994 Asutosh Jindal Delhi
1993 Srivatsa Krishna Karnataka
1992 Shri Anurag Srivastava Uttar Pradesh
1991 Raju Narayana Swamy Kerala
1990 Lakshmi Narayana Andhra Pradesh

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All the candidates want to get higher scoring in the UPSC exam to get on the most dignified positions in the country. This is the dream of every person to serve the country with worthy efforts. The list of toppers will be helpful for your endeavours. You must prepare for this exam very diligently and enthusiastically because it gives you enormous outcomes which is a true blessing for you. You must read about the journeys of the people who have conquered it to motivate yourself.

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The professionals will not only help you with the examination but also teach you the ways to manage your pressure and stress and to be confident while doing the interview. You will get the mandatory information from the website by which you will easily reach your ambitions.

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