Tina Dabi, the wonder woman, is still considered as an idol of many UPSC aspirants. In the year 2015, this then 22-year-old girl not only cracked the UPSC exam but also achieved the first rank and that too at her very first attempt.

She has shared a lot of tips and strategies for the future aspirants, here in this article you will get to know about the detailed Tina Dabi time table and will also get insights of Tina Dabi daily routine. But before that, let’s get a look into the background of this UPSC wonder woman.

2015 UPSC IAS topper Tina Dabi Educational Background

  • Bhopal and Delhi were the places where Tina Dabi grew up.
  • The proud father of this wonder woman is from Madhya Pradesh and mother, from Maharashtra.
  • The father is an Indian Telecom Service officer and mother was engaged in  Indian Engineering Services who has now taken voluntary retirement.
  • Carmel Convent School in Bhopal is where Tina Dabi completed her schooling and from Lady Shri Ram College in New Delhi, she finished her university education in Political Science.

Facts to know About 2015 IAS Topper Tina Dabi

  • Rank: 1
  • CSE: 2015
  • Native State: Delhi
  • Attempt: First
  • Optional Subject: Political Science
  • Age when cleared the exam: 22

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Tina Dabi IAS UPSC Topper 2015-2016 Rank 1 Interview

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Time Table of Tina Dabi IAS Topper

Following is the time table for IAS preparation that Tina Dabi shared for aspirants who have the exam in the next 3 months.

Time Things to do
7 AM Wake up and freshen up.
7.30 AM Newspaper reading time.
8.30 AM Have a healthy breakfast.
9 AM to 12 PM Study slot number 1.
12 to 1 PM Current affairs revision time.
1 to 2 PM Lunch break.
2 to 3 PM Rest period.
3 to 5 PM Study slot number 2.
5 to 8 PM Topic-wise revision.
8 to 9 PM Dinner.
9 to 11 PM Study slot number 3.
11 to 12 PM Leisure period. One can spend this gap on Facebook or any other social media platform.
12 PM Sleep.

Important Points from Tina Dabi Time Table for Studies

  • 3 hours of time should be devoted to big topics.
  • 2 hours time should be allotted for medium length topics.
  • 3 hours should be used every day for revising previously studied topics.

5 Important Points from the Time Table of Tina Dabi IAS topper

  1. Tina Dabi in her time table for mains also suggested that aspirants should change the schedule as per their needs.
  2. Before UPSC prelims, it is mandatory to revise each topic from each subject at least 3 times.
  3. Aspirants should allot the 3 hours and 2 hours slot for subjects as per their requirement.
  4. She highlighted a point to show it’s the importance and that point suggests that one should make sure to revise the subject next week in the 3 hours revision slot which he/ she is studying this week.
  5. 2015 IAS topper marked 7 hours of sleep and a healthy diet to be important for tasting success.

Detailed Analysis of the Tina Dabi Time Table for UPSC

The Tina Dabi study timetable is very well planned and candidates can get immense benefit if they can follow this schedule. Now, let’s analyze the daily routine part by part.

Newspaper Reading for UPSC

Aspirants who are preparing or are willing to prepare for the UPSC IAS competitive exam must know that in this exam current affairs have a significant role to play. To score well in this segment, one has to be well aware of what’s going on in his/ her surroundings. Newspaper reading has been majorly suggested by experts for enhancing the knowledge in the segment of current affairs. This not only keeps one updated but also helps in building an opinion about the things that are happening around them.

Examiners expect the aspirants to have good knowledge related to international affairs, politics, economy, internal security, science, technology, human rights, etc and reading newspapers is the best way to gather information on these topics.

Current Affairs

Current affairs have always been the most dynamic subject in the UPSC civil services exam and also considered to be a very important part of it. Aspirants must devote sufficient time to this and keep him/ herself updated with the changing trend. To ace this part, one should make sure to have no backlogs.

As per the Tina Dabi time table for mains and suggestions of other experts, proper distribution of time for both the static and current affairs section is necessary for cracking the exam.

Identifying the Weakness and Strength

IAS Tina Dabi time table focuses on study slots. Aspirants must find out what their weak and strong subjects are and then divide time accordingly. Tina Dabi time table for UPSC suggests that ample time should be given on revising the subjects which the aspirants are weak at. However, it is also necessary to not to avoid the subjects in which they have a stronghold.


Tina Dabi in the time table for IAS preparation puts extra focus on the revision part as it is considered to be very important in achieving success. She suggested three-tier revision of each of the topics from each of the subjects to make sure that the aspirant does not forget things.

She also suggested revising the subjects in the next week whichever is studied in the present week. This is definitely a helpful tactic to keep everything in mind whatever is already learned along with preparing for new topics.

Healthy Lifestyle

In the daily routine shared by Tina Dabi, clear importance is given to a healthy diet and sleep. Along with her, many experts believe that it is natural for aspirants to feel frustrated while coping up with the vast syllabus UPSC exam thus it becomes absolutely necessary for them to take out time from their tight schedule and enjoy some leisure time that will help in refreshing their minds.

In order to put full concentration on the studies, it is necessary for aspirants to sleep properly and eat healthy foods because without good health, the battle against the huge syllabus of UPSC becomes very tough.


To conclude, it can be said that Tina Dabi’s time table for IAS preparation strongly focuses on revision strategy and proper allotment of time. Her strategy clearly shows the importance of maintaining a proper balance between study, revision and breaks. 

Hopefully, aspirants will find this article helpful and will follow the strategy as suggested by 2015 IAS topper. Keep up your hard work, stay motivated. Best of luck!

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