Reading is an inevitable part when it comes to exam preparations. For exams like UPSC, the reading part is even more important. Aspirants who are preparing or are willing to prepare for the competitive exam must know that in this exam current affairs play a huge role.

One has to be very much aware of what’s going on in his/ her surroundings and should be very much updated about it. But, how can one keep him/ herself always updated with the current affairs for UPSC?

Well, experts say that reading newspapers for UPSC is the best and most trusted method for scoring well on this particular subject. But which newspaper is best for UPSC? Let’s find that out.

Best Newspaper for UPSC

Following are some of the best English newspapers for UPSC preparations, suggested by experts and toppers.

The Hindu

When it comes to choosing the best newspaper for UPSC, the first name that comes as a suggestion from the experts is – the Hindu. This English newspaper is known to be one of the credible news sources in India.

Why is it The Best Newspaper for UPSC?

Following are the reasons because of which, experts consider the Hindu as one of the best options to be aware of the current affairs for UPSC:

  • It is mostly unbiased. One can get to know what is really happening where.
  • Top-notch quality editorial and opinion articles can be found here.
  • Contains almost all the important news items that one aspirant must know.
  • Unnecessary news won’t get much space here so the chance of wasting time on less important stuff is less if an aspirant opts for this paper.
  • The Hindu insists on publishing only those news which is verified by experts or have a strong source like government websites.

The Hindu contains many sections like the editorial, arts, science and technology. Aspirants must know how to read the newspaper so that he/ she doesn’t end up spending more than 60 to 90 minutes on this.

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Business Standard

It is another good source of current affairs for UPSC IAS. It is most beneficial for the economy part of the exam’s syllabus.

Why Choose Business Standard?

  • Contains relevant news for IAS examination.
  • One can get to know what is happening in the economy.
  • Good editorial section.
  • Aspirants can also get notified about new notifications coming from the union public service commission, as this newspaper keeps updating about it.

Indian Express

Indian Express is another moist suggested newspaper for IAS aspirants. The Hindu and Indian Express go hand in hand if seen from the beneficial point of view of an aspirant.

Why Read Indian Express?

  • Contains top-notch news stories from sections like governance, economy and politics.
  • This English newspaper has wide news coverage and expertise.
  • Eminent personalities write in the editorial section, which is high with information.


This is one of the best newspapers for IAS when it comes to international affairs. Aspirants are suggested to make notes from this newspaper and revise them from time to time.

Why Read BBC for UPSC?

The articles published by the world’s oldest national broadcasting organization have proven to be helpful for UPSC prelims and mains both in the previous years.

Aspirants can enhance their knowledge about international affairs.

Best Hindi Newspaper of UPSC  IAS Exam

Following are some of the most suggested Hindi newspapers for UPSC preparations.

  • Jagran – The national edition of this paper is very important for exam aspirants.
  • Dainik Tribune- One of the best newspapers for IAS. It is a daily paper.
  • Dainik Jagran – In a survey by BBC, Dainik Jagran has been tagged as the most credible news source in India.
  • Business Standard – This is available in both English and Hindi versions.
  • BBC- this is also available in English and Hindi versions. IAS aspirants must keep a check on this paper for better knowledge on international affairs.

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Which Newspaper is Best for IAS?

IAS aspirants can follow the above-mentioned newspapers suggested for overall UPSC candidates. To have a specific read, aspirants can follow the below-mentioned publications:

  • The Hindu.
  • The Indian Express.
  • LiveMint.
  • Business Line.

All these are considered to be amongst the best newspapers for IAS preparations.

While reading newspapers, all aspirants must keep in mind that they do not have to read the entire newspaper daily and must not devote too much time towards reading this.


Topics related to international affairs, politics, economy, internal security, science, technology, human rights, etc are important for the UPSC exam. Whenever reading the newspaper, aspirants must be attentive towards information related to these topics.

Hopefully, this article will help you identify the best newspaper for UPSC IAS and will eventually boost your preparations.

So now that you have the list of important newspapers, which one you are planning to go with? Do share your thoughts with us by commenting in the below section.

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