A right decision can change a life.

Neha Bhosle was working in a corporate field for a while, after that she decided to appear for the UPSC examination. At first, she was preparing for the UPSC exam while working full-time, but due to insufficient preparation, she couldn’t crack the examination.

Later on, when she quit her job, she was able to focus on her studies and then she cracked the UPSC exam. She joined the IAS Cadre in the year 2019 by acquiring an All-Indian Rank (AIR)15. She reached the position she dreamt about.

Here’s the biography of IAS Neha Bhosle to let you know more. So, keep reading till the end to find out her marksheet, optional subject and strategy that can also guide towards cracking this exam.

IAS Neha Bhosle Wiki: How it all Started?

Neha Bhosle was born and brought up in Mumbai ( the city of dreams), the capital city of Maharashtra. But originally her family was from Ratnagiri.

In her childhood, whenever somebody asked, ‘what she wants to be when she grows up?’, depending on her mood she switched her answer, detective to lawyer to novelist to archaeologist, but at last, she ended up with one sentence, “And then I will go to England.” She imagined living in a beautiful English country and while growing up she read Enid Blyton too much.

Neha Bhosle IAS Education Life

In school, Neha Bhosle was impartially a good student. So she had to opt for Science after 10th class by default. She pursued Engineering from Mumbai as she had no interest in Biology.

In her Engineering College, she opted for the Information Technology stream. At the beginning of her degree, she thought of pursuing MS after graduation, but as she reached her third year her interest switched to pursuing MBA. As she thought, rather than being a coder and doing a desk job, she would fit more in the Marketing field like in the creative and interactive team. Her role model was Indra Nooyi.

Neha Bhosle CAT Exam

Neha Bhosle scored 99.36 percentile in CAT. She got into IIM Lucknow and did her MBA. Two years that she spent in IIM Lucknow, completely changed her personality in a good way and she had an awesome experience throughout her course.

IAS Neha Bhosle Corporate Job

Neha Bhosle completed her MBA from IIM Lucknow in March 2014. She opted for an internship as there was still some time left for the Campus Placement job. The internship firm that she worked with was related to 2014 Lok Sabha Elections Analytics.

She joined the internship because she wanted her CV to look good and gain some experience. She worked there for 2.5 months and learned a lot of Rural India thoughts on votes and the challenges they face day to day.

Beginning of IAS Neha Bhosle’s UPSC Journey

Neha Bhosle was often told by her co-interns that she should give the UPSC exam a try, they were also preparing for the UPSC examination. But she laughed at the idea. As her internship came to an end she started giving it a thought and began to notice the news related to UPSC.

She got a job in an Indian conglomerate after her internship and was posted in Jharkhand. She worked on eradicating malnutrition among children for 3 months and the next 1.5 years of her working life was fast-forwarded.

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Neha Bhosle UPSC First Attempt

Neha Bhosle gave her GMAT, and the exam went well. She thought she would be starting her second MBA by the fall of 2017. Later on, she realised she had the GMAT score as the safety net and took the decision of postponing her second MBA and decided to give one attempt to the UPSC examination.

She didn’t quit her job as was not sure about the examination. In July 2016, she finally downloaded the UPSC exam syllabus and gathered all the basic materials to study and made a strategy to crack the toughest exam in India that is UPSC.

IAS Neha Bhosle IAS First Attempt Strategy

Neha Bhosle found a strategy for working applicants. So the aim was by December she should complete her optional subject preparation and then give more attention to GS, with precisely 3 months for Prelims. At the same time, Current Affairs had to be done.

She selected Management as the optional subject as she was familiar with it and will consume less time to prepare than other optionals.

She couldn’t clear the UPSC in her first attempt because of her commitment to the job which led to a lack of preparation.

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IAS Neha Bhosle Quit Corporate Job

In April 2017 Neha Bhosle quit her job and focused on full-time preparation for the UPSC CSE examination. She applied again for the UPSC examination in 2019, thinking even if she doesn’t clear it, she would go for B-School whichever accepts her. She was confident with her preparation this time, but she knew that many UPSC aspirants got stuck in the phenomenon of ‘just one more attempt’.

Neha Bhosle IAS Second Attempt – Optional Subject Sociology

Neha Bhosle took sociology as her optional subject in the second attempt for the UPSC exam. She did the research for three months before choosing sociology, in the starting. In her first attempt, she chose the management optional subject as it was familiar to her but realised the syllabus is vast and was not motivating.

After quitting her job, she decided to go for an optional which is different from her background of study, thought to be a feasible solution.

Book List for Sociology Optional

Books Authors
Themes and Perspectives (Sociology) Haralambos and Holborn
Indian Society: Structure and Change (Applied sociology) Vikash Ranjan
Introducing Sociology and Understanding Society NCERT (both the books of Class XI)
Indian Society and Social Change and Development in India  NCERT (both the books of Class XII)
IGNOU Sociology – ESO and MSO 04 Blocks

Neha Bhosle IAS Strategy

For Paper- I Neha Bhosle began with NCERT. As soon as Neha Bhosle finished the NCERT, she started making notes from IGNOU material. Followed by making notes after the specific reading of the Blue Haralambos.

She stuck to the same process for Paper-II and from the content, she made her notes. As revision is important, before her prelims, she revised the IGNOU material several times. As for the notes she made, she highlighted the important keywords which she felt needed more attention instead of making new notes.

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IAS Neha Bhosle Answer Writing Strategy

Before attempting to write good answers Neha kept three things in her mind-

# For each topic that was given in the syllabus, she wrote 350-400 word notes.

# She studied real-life case studies on current affairs in concern to applicable topics in the syllabus.

# Usually questions that have been asked over the years she prepared that as well.

The above-mentioned tips helped her with good content to write the answers. She practised a lot. She practised test papers which helped her know where she stands and also improved her answers. In sociology, the key is to write good answers from a sociological point of view instead of getting trapped in General Studies.

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IAS Neha Bhosle Rank and Marksheet

In UPSC Civil Service Examination 2019, Neha Bhosle acquired All-India Rank 15 and topped in Maharashtra.

Civil Services (Preliminary) Examination,2019 – IAS Neha Bhosle Marksheet

Paper I 110.00
Paper II 141.68

Civil Services (Main) Examination, 2019

Subjects Marks
Paper-I      Essay 140
Paper-II     General Studies-I 105
Paper-III    General Studies-II 095
Paper-IV    General Studies-III 090
Paper-V     General Studies-IV 147
Paper-VI    Optional-I(Sociology) 145
Paper-VII   Optional-II(Sociology) 132
Written Total 854
Personality Test 184
Final Total 1038

This inspiring story of IAS Neha Bhosle has taught us that it’s never too late to try for your dreams. And failure should never pull you back. If you want to appear for the UPSC examination, give your full attention to it, don’t let your mind divert. Hard work and commitment is the key.

Make your choice what you want, like IAS Neha Bhosle took the right decision which brought her to the position where she is now. So tell us, did the IAS Neha Bhosle biography inspire you? Which is the best part you liked about her journey to become an IAS officer? Comment in the below section and also don’t forget to book a Free Demo with UPSC Pathshala as that is the only platform that can make you achieve your IAS dream.

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