The UPSC is India’s most prestigious and unbiased examination. UPSC aspirants attempt to excel in the test through a variety of methods. There are a few things to keep in mind during this fantastic exam. Because of the heavy burden of the curriculum and the high competitiveness rate, all of the participants become worried and panicked at times.

The experiences of those who have faced similar challenges will motivate you to study constructively and instill the skills required for the exam. An article about IAS IAS Sruthan Jai Jayanth’s journey is given here. If you want to achieve your goals to crack the UPSC exam, you need guidance and expert advice. You must join the best IAS online coaching institute in India.

The IAS online classes on the platform will give you learning for the subjects and concepts. Moreover, you will be able to get an analysis of your performance and knowledge about your weaknesses and strengths. Let’s check out the information!

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IAS Sruthan Jai Jayanth Biography

Sruthan Jai Narayanan received the 75th position in the IAS 2019 tests, which were announced on August 4, 2020. He is the son of Krishnamurthy Narayanan, better known in Tamil cinema as Chinni Jayanth for his loud comedic roles in Rajinikanth films throughout the 1980s.

This IAS did his early education in his hometown and graduated from Anna University, CEG Chennai. He was born in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. He started studying for UPSC from his 12th standard and then in 2020, he secured the rank which made his state and family proud.

Before setting his foot in civil services he was working in an IT firm. He was a bright student and he had good relations with his colleagues.

IAS Sruthan Jai Jayanth’s Father

Krishnamurthy Narayanan, also known as Chinni Jayanth was born on July 26, 1960, is an Indian film comedian, producer, director, actor, and mimicry artist who has starred in several Tamil films in leading, supporting, and supporting roles.

He is also a well-known television personality, having hosted hit programs on Sun TV in Chennai such as Kalakka Povathu Yaar, Sagalai Vs Ragalai, and Asathapovathu Yaaru.

He has also received the Kalaimamani award from the Tamil Nadu government for distinction in the field of film. On a magnificent occasion at Valluvar Kottam, he won this award from Tamil Nadu’s Chief Minister.

IAS Sruthan Jai Jayanth: UPSC Marksheet

Given below is the Civil Service Mains mark sheet 2019.

#Written Total:- 830

#PT Marks:- 173

#Final Total:- 1003

#Rank:- 75

IAS Sruthan Jai Jayanth: Training Period

At IAS Probationer LBSNAA, during his foundational course and phase one, he was a Member of Management Circle, Society of Contemporary Affairs, and Fine Arts Society.

#Awarded highest marks in Directors Assessment in 95th Foundation Course

#Awarded 3rd place in Essay writing on ‘National Unity during COVID-19’ evaluated by the National Foundation for Communal Harmony.

#3rd Place in Political Science in Phase 1, 2021

#Silver Medal for promoting Esprit de corps in 95th Foundation Course.

Sruthan is now the Assistant Commissioner (Trainee) at Tuticorin.

Rajinikanth Congratulatory Wishes to IAS

Chinni Jayanth, who rose to prominence in the 1980s and 1990s as a college student in several films, is a proud father, as his son Srujan Jai recently passed the IAS 2019 examinations with an all-India 74th rank. While the Tamil cinema industry has praised his accomplishments, superstar Rajinikanth recently called to congratulate the child on his success.

Intriguingly, Rajinikanth expressed his congratulations to Chinni Jayanth and stated that he is very proud of Chinni Jayanth’s son for accomplishing this and making his parents proud.

His Life before UPSC

When he originally joined the College of Engineering, he chose Geoinformatics because of his passion for geography. At the time, he was ecstatic because he was able to attend the same college as Amitash Pradhan of Velai Illa Pattathari (VIP) fame, one of his heroes. Apart from that, he has many good memories of developing his interests in music and theatre during his time at CEG, as well as making many wonderful friends.

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His Interest in Cinemas

He has never really thought about it. His father has seen all of his shows so far and encouraged his friends, but he has always thought that going to the movies isn’t in the cards for him. For him, coming to the theatre meant getting a buzz from stepping on stage and expressing himself, all while meeting new people and making friends. In terms of film, he had only liked to get as far as performing a song for a film at some point.

Life After Graduation: Towards UPSC

Because of the application-based nature of the science, he believed that Geoinformatics is a beautiful field where you can learn a little bit of everything. In that way, it is comparable to studying for the UPSC. When he graduated, he decided not to take placements because Ashoka University had begun an exciting program called Young India Fellowship (YIF) in Delhi at the time. As a result, he resolved to participate as soon as he graduated from CEG.

Sruthan’s Reaction to Results

It took a couple of days for the news to set in for him. Before the exam, he kept telling himself that whatever happened would be for the best and that he would give it his all. He was inundated with calls and congratulatory messages as soon as the results were announced, which made him feel immensely grateful for the support he had received up to that point from his family and friends.

His Encouragement for UPSC

He prefers to think of himself as a positive person who is willing to take help from everyone, including my parents, friends, instructors, coworkers, and even cab drivers. While working at a start-up, he was studying for his second attempt at UPSC, and they were gracious enough to offer him breaks in between.

Even his buddies used to drop by now and again to make sure he wasn’t lonely. So, he says my close-quarter ties have given him a lot of hope, and they’re the ones who have helped him come this far.

Optional Subject

He was surrounded by eminent sociologists like Amita Baviskar, Andre Beteille, and A.F. Mathew during his time at Ashoka University. This inspired him to study Sociology, a topic that provided him with a comprehensive understanding of the workings of social institutions and processes and allowed him to see the world through their eyes.

Jai says ‘It is critical to have confidence in your optional subject because it provides you with some leverage while attempting to achieve a high rank.’

IAS Sruthan Jai Jayanth: Strategy for UPSC

Implementing PCP – Practice, Consistency, and Patience – has been the most important lesson he has learned thus far. He didn’t take it well when he didn’t pass the prelims on his first attempt, but it turned out to be a valuable learning experience in the long run.

He encourages everyone to remember negative experiences like this and get back into the process as soon as possible to continue learning because consistent practice compounds knowledge. While this isn’t unique to UPSC, he found that applying this philosophy gave him a significant boost in confidence.

Preparation Stage Strategy

When he was in full-time coaching, he spent about 5 hours in the academy and another 5 hours at home studying. He completed about 4-5 hours of self-study every day and worked night shifts when he was at the start-up. He says that he was studying for roughly 10-12 hours a day right before the examinations.

It’s critical to remember to complete your tests on time and without procrastination.

Another thing to remember is to maintain your diet and physical condition while preparing. To keep healthy, he used to perform yoga or a light workout program every day.

Preparation and Other Materials

He says that there aren’t any specific resources that he can offer to everyone, instead, you must discover what works best for you. Because no one in his immediate circle had any experience with civil service, he decided to enrol in coaching. He needed someone with experience in the field to vouch for his development, so as he got started, he continued to speak with mentors and friends who shared his goals.

His mother was instrumental in leading him towards a manner of preparation that matched his personality, and it was through his mother that he met a lot of wonderful people.

Current Affairs: Strategy

He used to watch relevant videos online to get a feel for things. When you’re just getting started, there are a lot of decent compilations out there that can help you get up to speed.

Once he was comfortable with these, he moved on to skimming newspapers to get a sense of what was going on in various areas at the time. He had even gone so far as to say that taking the tests is a great way to brush up on your knowledge of current events.

You can no longer predict the pattern of the paper as exams become increasingly difficult. You must have sufficient knowledge to be able to quickly eliminate wrong replies.

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Interview Strategy

Interviews, in general, are significant challenges that require everyone to put up significant effort to accomplish. In under 20 minutes, you must create the best impression possible on the interviewers. It is much more difficult to get work in current times, so he encourages everyone to set aside some time to prepare specifically for interview rounds so that they can gain an advantage over the other applicants.

Message to all Aspirants

Must read it first. Continuing effort and patience with hard work are important. It is important to fully follow what your teachers and mentors say. We need to create a better environment around you as family and friends beyond the study.

Family support is very important to succeed in the exam. Because the UPSC exam system is a very long process. Guidelines and learning tools for the UPSC exam are now readily available everywhere. Everyone will have individual plans. As well as purposeful training is essential. It is enough to do it continuously, and you will get successful.

Final Preparation Tips

It is critical to review the syllabus to understand exactly what is necessary for the exam. He suggests reading over the previous year’s question papers once you’ve gone over all of your foundations. There are also several insightful articles available on the internet that can be helpful during self-study.

It never hurts to have mentors you can contact, and it can help you stay encouraged throughout the process. Overall, he says that all you have to do is trust the process and wait.

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Becoming an IAS is a tough choice but, not leaving the vision is even tougher. One should be prepared mentally because it is not an overnight challenge, but it takes years to get ready and pass it. Aspirants should remember that becoming an IAS requires a lot of perseverance and patience. Even after passing the exam, there is a training period. It might be tough sometimes but, one should not stop.

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