All You Need to know about IPS Chandana Deepti: People’s Officer

IPS Chandana Deepti


IPS Chandana Deepti, also called the People’s Officer, has been one of the most influential IPS officers. She is well known for her poetry and writing styles to bring a change in society. With Medak police becoming more tech-savvy, the credit goes to this IPS officer who has been an effective turn-around for the district.

About Chandana Deepti

Chandana Deepti was born in 1983 in the Warangal district of Telangana, and later she moved to Hyderabad. People knew Chandana as a brilliant student and an exemplary writer. She cracked the IIT JEE examination and got the admission in IIT Delhi. It was during her graduation days when she realised that she is bound to be with the civil services.

Chandana has an avid interest in dance, and she has been performing Bharatnatyam since the age of 3. She follows a vegetarian diet with nutritional food items and loves to travel during her leave.

In 2012, Chandana cleared her civil service examination and joined her training at SVPNPA, Vijanagaram. Chandana has been through highs and lows before finally achieving the post of Superintendent of Police in Medak.

Chandana Deepti Rank

Out of the 840 selected candidates, Chandana Deepti achieved 551st rank in the IPS category. She was recruited in the 65 RR (Regular Recruit) and completed her training in the Vijaynagram district of Telangana.

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Chandana Deepti Marriage

Besides her professional life, Chandana is an ideal wife and daughter who knows her way to balance her professional life and personal life.  Chandana tied the knot with Hyderabad businessman Balram Reddy on 18th October 2019 and accepted him as her husband in the presence of close relatives and attendees.

What Strategy did She Adopt for Clearing Her Exams?

The best part about the motivational story of Chandana is that she holds no family background of IAS or IPS officers. Her father was the joint director in the Department of Mines, and her mother is a homemaker. Despite this, she was able to clear her exams in the third attempt itself. Chandana Deepti optional subjects were Geography and Psychology in the first attempt. The reason for choosing geography is her likeness for world demographics and earth.

However, by the third attempt, she changed her optional subject to psychology and public administration, and that’s where she got through the hurdles. Chandana moved from Delhi to Hyderabad to prepare for her Civil Services examination. She focused more on GS (General Studies) and public administration. Chandana also joined a few coaching institutes for studying GS and other subjects but soon dropped out and started self-studying.

Why is Chandana an Inspiration?

After reading out about her early life, you must be curious to know about her functioning. Well, IPS Chandana Deepti is never short of ideas and innovations that she has used to teach society. While there is a surge in crime rates in most states and districts, Chandana has managed to keep the crime rate low with her soft skills and teachings. She knows her way to tackle a criminal and strategize to tackle these crimes. She has created a forum for public accidents and the welfare of women and children. A public grievance meeting is held every Monday for the public welfare.

Since her posting, Chandana has made a clear vision of ‘One State – One Experience’ for maintaining public sanity. Other prominent missions include ‘Bharosa Center’ for abused women and ‘Japtishivnoor Prostitution hub’ for maintaining morality among people.

Most Significant Achievement

Chandana Deepti came into the limelight after her most high profile case that caught the master of fake identity cards. The guy who created fake identity cards and spread it all over the country. These cards looked elegant and fascinating that even fooled the cops. That’s when Chandana Deepti busted the kingpin and stopped the circulation of these cards.

Chandana and Social Media

Social Media is the best way to reach out to youths. Chandana knows how to leverage social media to inspire the young guns. She is one of the most influential and most followed IPS officers in social media among the IPS aspirants. Be it Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, Chandana has a large social media following where she uses her campaigns to spread the word. A few days ago, she started the campaign with the hashtag #AskMedakSP on Facebook and got a massive response from the locals and people around.

She is also known to inspire many with her poetry on love and family. She also wrote a poem on the relationship between the elders and youth. Besides this, Chandana has also focused on other social and environmental issues pertaining to Telangana farmer situations and rain issues.


Without an iota of doubt, Chandana Deepti can be regarded as one of the most influential women IPS officers. One of the reasons for her indeterminate success is her sheer dedication and capacity to enhance skills such as self-esteem and interpersonal relationships.

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