IAS Megha Bhardwaj Biography: Click to know Her Wiki, Strategy, Rank, Marksheet

IAS Megha Bhardwaj

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Getting a good rank in the UPSC exam is never an easy task. This article will talk about the IAS officer Megha Bhardwaj who had managed to do so. This article serves as Megha Bhardwaj’s biography. Let’s start with Megha Bharadwaj’s wiki.

Megha Bhardwaj Wiki

Megha Bhardwaj was born on the 19th December 1986 and is currently 34 years in age. She is a resident of Ranchi that is in the state of Jharkhand.

Megha completed her graduation from St. Xavier’s College, Ranchi and was also a gold medallist in her college. She went on to get a master’s degree in zoology from Delhi University.

Her optional subject was zoology.

Megha Bhardwaj’s current posting is in Jharkhand.  Her marriage was with Lokesh Mishra who is also an IAS officer.

Megha Bhardwaj Marksheet

Megha Bharadwaj’s rank was 32 in the 2015 exam but this was not her first attempt. She also wrote for the exam in 2014 where she got a rank of 546. She managed to clear both the times and just wanted to get a better score thus she wrote the exam again. Now let’s look at Megha Bhardwaj’s marksheet for both the successful attempts for the UPSC CSE.

Event  2014 2015
Mains Exam 693 765
Interview Round 206 193
Total Marks 899 958

As you can see that there is a high increase in the mains examination round but she also had gone down in the interview round, this could be because she got a different board or she did not bring her A-game but nonetheless, her marksheet sure is very impressive.

Megha Bhardwaj Strategy

To get a higher rank in the exam Megha Bhardwaj had a sound strategy. Just like everyone else, having a strategy is not enough.

It is very important to believe in your strategy and make sure that it is implemented well. Many times it is seen that once a strategy is created, candidates do not follow up.

Your strategy should be based on your personality and not someone else. You cannot copy everything like some other topper did because they did it as it helped them. Strategies are never one size fits all kind.


You will need a timetable for your preparation. Now you may wonder how to create a good timetable. Again, this will depend upon you. You need to create a timetable that allows you to study for a long time but also get adequate rest.

Your timetable is not a short term hack but a long term setting you will have to work with. So ensure that your timetable is strategically made.

In your timetable set daily, weekly and even monthly goals that you need to achieve. Try making slight adjustments every month so that you do not get bored easily. Know yourself well while making the time table, do not try and copy others.


Creating notes will be a very important and helpful aspect of your exam. Notes are like your friends for the exam. Creating notes will ensure that you can revise better and also remember quick information.

In your notes make sure you write down facts like the date, time and venue of major events. You can write theoretical answers in your own way but cannot edit facts. So ensure you remember facts well. Creating notes for every subject will ensure that you do not need to go through textbooks again.

These notes can come very handy just before the exam, as they will be much easier to go through and will contain a majority of the information required. Make sure you are a little creative so that you do not lose interest very easily to maintain notes.

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Clearing the UPSC exam remains a dream for many, but Megha Bhardwaj has done it twice. She had gotten a rank of 546 in her first attempt and then went on to get a rank of 32 in her second attempt. Both her attempts were outstanding, but her 2015 attempt had outdone her first attempt.

Getting the rank is never an easy task, and for that Megha Bhardwaj had polished her strategy. Making a strategy is never going to be easy looking at the size of the syllabus, but you can take tips mentioned in the article to enhance your strategy for the exam and even increase your chances of scoring higher. Wishing all the aspirants a best of luck!

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IAS Megha Bhardwaj Biography: Click to know Her Wiki, Strategy, Rank, Marksheet
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IAS Megha Bhardwaj Biography: Click to know Her Wiki, Strategy, Rank, Marksheet
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