IAS Ira Singhal Posting and Mark Sheet: Her Journey to Rank 1 in UPSC 2014

IAS Ira Singhal Posting

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Among the remarkable journeys of successful UPSC candidates, Ira Singhal posting made a new history. Ira Singhal was the only differently-abled person who achieved Rank 1 in UPSC 2014 by being in the General Category itself. Ira Singhal’s marksheet of UPSC exams could be a motivational letter to all the IAS aspirants pursuing UPSC. It is something we must have a look at:

Subject Marks Total
Essay 160 250
General Studies Paper 1 103 250
General Studies Paper 2 122 250
General Studies Paper 3 95 250
General Studies Paper 4 135 250
General Studies Total 455 1000
Geography Paper VI (Optional) 168 250
Geography Paper V (Optional) 137 250
Optional Subject Total 305 500
Written Total 920 1750
Interview 162 275
Total 1082 2025

Rank: 1

Percentage: 53.43%

These extraordinary numbers depict and justify the post she is at today. We all know Ira Singhal marks and her magnificent rank but are we aware of the hardship she went through to get to where she is today? Let’s take a walkthrough on her journey to the IAS.

The Origin

Miss Ira was born in quite an educated family in Meerut, on 31 August 1983. Her father, Mr Rajendra Singhal, is an engineer whereas her mother Anita Singhal’s profession is as an Advisor in the field of insurance. Through all the problems and bad times in Ira Singhal’s life, her family always stood by her to help her overcome challenges, rejections, and even the loss of her brother in 1994. Supportive parents are the reason behind successful daughters.

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Ira Singhal Education

After a glance at Ira Singhal’s marks, it seems pretty clear how good she was in her academics. She completed her schooling at Sophia Girls School in Meerut and then in Delhi she went to Loreto Convent School.

It wasn’t easy for her initially because her school life was the beginning of a phase where she faced a lot of discrimination because of her scoliosis (spine curvature disorder). However, later she completed her primary education at the Army Public School situated in Dhaula Kuan.

College Phase

Ira Singhal completed her graduation from the Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology which is affiliated with the University of Delhi. She took her degree in Bachelors of Technology. Later on, she completed her MBA (Marketing and Finance) from FMS Delhi. Before appearing for IAS examinations, she gained quite a working experience at Coco-cola company as a marketing intern and then as a Strategic Manager in Cadbury India.

The Preparation

According to Ira Singhal, she started her preparation for UPSC with NCERT as she believed it forms an excellent foundation to stand upon. For further study resources, she always sought information and resources online.

She believed that qualitative studying is more important and useful than just mugging up resources. To find some voice and opinions, you must always have a debate or a group discussion on a specific topic. She says that in order to balance everything, you can nurture your hobbies in the meantime.

What is the Medical Problem for Ira Singhal?

Ira Singhal has Scoliosis, which is a Spine curvature disorder. This disorder completely hampered her arm movements and ability to pull and hold as it affected the normal functioning of her spine and had significant impacts on other body parts as well.

Her disorder restricted her with limited movements but not with limited vision. She was not as privileged with all the resources but was gifted with a rigid will and zeal to achieve the unachievable. Even after facing discrimination and being underprivileged due to her disorder, she never took her problem as a major difficulty in her journey. Instead, she made her challenges an opportunity to prove that differently-abled can also make a difference!

Biased Outcomes

She was advised by her principal in her childhood to join schools and institutes for the specially-abled because her disabilities were the first thing the people looked at. Later in 2010, even though she cleared her UPSC exams with rank one, she was not immediately selected for giving interviews to secure a position.

This was as per the rules and the Person’s and Disabilities Act, where Ira was not eligible to become an IAS officer because of her physical and medical aspects.

Filing of Case

Ira never tolerated any injustice therefore, she filed a lawsuit on being rejected by IAS interviewees for having a disability. This initiative brought a massive difference as Article 14 and Article 16 was removed from the Persons with Disabilities Act (PWD). This winning of the case and new change not only shook the Central Administrative Tribunal but also gave a fair chance to all the IAS aspirants who are differently-abled and underprivileged.

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Ira Singhal Interview

Confidence and self-belief reflect naturally from Ira’s persona. During her interview, she faced the panel of judges and executives with utmost confidence without giving a hint of nervousness. She got away from all the complex questions with her utmost perseverance, courage, and clear purpose in life. Clearing all the stages in just the fourth attempt builds a motivational tale to women especially with disabilities.

Current Posting

Ira Singhal was one of the most well known and respected Assistant commissioners working in the field of Customs & Excise department of the Indian Revenue Services. However, as of now, since 2016 she is an Assistant collector within the Government of Delhi. On a plus note, Ira Singhal IAS is also working in the Department of disability and Ministry of social justice and empowerment.


Ira Singhal actively talks on various matters on which light must be thrown upon. In her conferences, she has addressed many issues such as discrimination in gender issues, disability, education and child marriage.

Perhaps she is the only sub-divisional magistrate to help the transgender community by providing a full-time job in the Government office of Delhi. She won the trust of everyone within a year and restored children to families who were lost to the bonded labourer.

Her Advice for Preparation

To boost confidence among the aspirants, Ira Singhal also gives some of the best tips and tricks to help the UPSC aspirants succeed with a clear direction and thought process needed.

Some of them are as follows:

– Never connect your goals in the act of ego or reason to live.

– Develop some mental strength to beat the odds.

– Join coaching only if you feel the need.

– Keep revising at regular intervals.

– Be thorough with maps.

– Always be updated and tuned with the latest news and updates.

– Plan your work and follow your schedule with discipline.


Everyone faces difficulties in their lives, but the way you counter these difficulties with the right attitude is what makes you shine. The Ira Singhal journey is the perfect example of how the right attitude and drive could help you strive no matter what obstacle comes your way.

Ira’s driving motive of changing the system touched so many lives to become an IAS like her. Her journey was indeed an inspiring one, and we bring you more inspirational stories of UPSC champions through our regular UPSC blogs and brief biographies. Stay tuned with us to explore the whole world of UPSC.

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IAS Ira Singhal Posting and Mark Sheet: Her Journey to Rank 1 in UPSC 2014
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