Every year when the UPSC CSE result is declared a new era of inspiration begins. The toppers of that year became an inspiration for other aspirants. It is widely known that Experience is the best teacher and hence every aspirant can learn from the success journey of these successful candidates.

Here is the mark sheet of the toppers of 2019. Let’s take a brief look at the outcome of their hard work and dedication.

UPSC Civil Service Examination

UPSC CSE is one of the toughest and competitive exams in India. Approximately 8 lakh candidates every year appear for this examination out of which only a few hundred are selected. The unpredictability of this exam declines the success margin of the candidates. This exam is conducted in three phases:

# Preliminary Examination

# Written Test

# Interview or Personality Test

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Result of UPSC CSE 2018

The UPSC declared the result of UPSC 2018 on April 5, 2019. Around 759 candidates (577 male and 182 female) were selected for various posts at UPSC.

Toppers of UPSC CSE 2018

UPSC Rank 1 was bagged by a Btech student Kansihka Kataria. The second and third ranks have one to Akshat Jain and Junaid Ahmad respectively.

Marksheet  of AIR 1- Kanishka Kataria

Candidate Kanishka Kataria
Written Test marks 942
Personality Test marks 179
Total 1121

Marksheet of  AIR 2- Akshat Jain

Candidate Akshat Jain
Written Test marks 882
Personality Test marks 198
Total 1080

Marksheet of AIR 3- Junaid Ahmad

Candidate Junaid Ahmad
Written Test marks 893
Personality Test marks 184
Total 1077

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Akshat Jain- Know All about UPSC AIR 2

Akshat Jain is an IIT Guwahati graduate in design. He was born in Jaipur in the family of an IPS and IRS. His father is an IPS officer DC Jain and his mother is an IRS officer Simmi Jain. He based AIR 2 on his second attempt and became an inspiration for others.

UPSC Journey of Akshat Jain

In 2017, after his graduation, Akshat Jain appeared for the UPSC CSE. He only had three months to prepared for this. Despite all the hard work, he couldn’t clear it by two marks. But instead of becoming depressed he reconciled himself and began his full-year preparation.

In 2018, he gave his second attempt and rather than simply clearing it he was able to acheive 2nd rank in UPSC.

“All this feels a bit surreal, to be honest. While I knew my name would feature somewhere in the list, clinching the 2nd rank is something that I must admit I did not anticipate”.

Akshat Jain Marksheet

Here are the marks of Akshat Jain.

akshat jain marks

Optional Subject of Akshat Jain

Akshat Jain opted for Anthropology as his optional subject. According to him, he opted for this subject as its curriculum was practical and the majority of the syllabus can be found in the real world itself.

Strategy of UPSC 2nd Rank Holder Akshat Jain

Three Pillars

Akshat Jain preparation was based on a three-pillar strategy i.e. prepare short notes, answer writing and self-evaluation.


Akshat Jain advises other students to start their preparation by analyzing the syllabus properly. This is an important step as a whole of your preparation would stand on this.

Quality over Quantity

The next advice he gives to his fellow aspirants is to never aim to study with multiple books. There are multiple recommended books out there, rather than study each pick a few and begin your preparation.

Hard Work and Dedication

“I feel that one has to put in an immense amount of hard work to prepare and clear these examinations and that in turn requires one to be extremely patient,” –Akshat Jain

Prelims Strategy

Akshat prepared for the mains first and then prelims. According to him, one should start their preparation 2-3 months before the prelims exam. He advises focusing on factual information, practices multiple model test papers and mock tests and have proper time management.

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Akshat Jain is truly an inspiring person. He goes by the motto “Karna hai to Karna hai”. He is a fine example of dedication and a positive outlook. He advises other aspirants to be confident and do their best in the exam. Rather than thinking about the result, just do your work. Also, make your strategy to climb the stairs of success.

To read more such inspiring stories of successful candidates and access UPSC notes material and preparation tips visit UPSC Pathshala. It is a website devoted to UPSC. Here you will find a solution for all of your UPSC related worries.

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