Every year there are thousands of students who apply for UPSC examinations. UPSC examination brings excitement and enlightens you about the world and other social issues out there. The UPSC examination consists of two types of tests which are Prelims and Mains.

To clear these examinations, you need to be confident and have a clear vision and focus on each subject carefully. After clearing these examinations, the lucky aspirants go to the next stage where they are required to appear for a personality test.

The test is usually based on the number of attempts, nationality, qualification level, etc. During the process of IAS qualification, the eligibility for the IAS interview is the first component. The prerequisites before IAS interview should be kept in mind to qualify without much trouble.

How to Prepare for an IAS Interview?

UPSC examination leads its students towards noble work and serving the nation. Given the responsibility of the duty, cracking an IAS Interview is not just for everyone. But with proper attention to the studies and other soft skills, one can get through this. To prepare for an IAS interview, an aspirant must have dedication, hard work, knowledge, relevant skills, concern for society, passion, patience, and perseverance. A UPSC aspirant must have social etiquette and moral values.

An IAS is responsible for a lot of responsibilities involving handling the system and using the given power in the right way.

Confidence is the Key!

During your IAS interview, you will meet various personalities who ask questions from a variety of fields in order to choose the right candidate. An aspirant must be confident and must have done his studies when the IAS interview is taking place. These personalities look for someone who is knowledgeable and has a sense of hard work and passion to be an IAS officer.

Basic Prerequisite before Appearing for IAS Interview

Being a UPSC aspirant is a proud feeling for any citizen. To begin with, a candidate needs to prove their citizenship. An aspirant needs documents at every step in the journey to be an IAS officer. Keep yourself aware of the dates regarding examination and document submission in order to prevent any delay or other problems. This will also help you to concentrate more on your studies.

In order to start the whole process, a candidate is required to register themselves on the official UPSC website. Other than that, the IAS prerequisites below are the things that are required to be submitted.

Things to Submit

#1. Keep a scanned copy of your photograph.

#2. Keep a scanned copy of your signature.

#3. The aspirant must have a valid PhotoID Card issued by the Government of India. The card could be Aadhar Card, Voter ID Card, Pan Card, Driving Licence, Passport, or any other legal card which proves the aspirant as a citizen of the nation.

After submitting these documents and clearing the first stage Prelims, a candidate needs to prepare for Mains.

The Documents Needed for Mains

#1. An aspirant is required to submit a secondary school leaving certificate or age proof with matriculation.

#2. The candidate also needs to submit an educational qualification certificate stating the completion of a degree.

#3. An EWS certificate is mandatory to be submitted.

#4. In case an aspirant has physical disabilities, a certificate of disability or handicapped is required along with the other documents.

#5. Other than these documents, a certificate stating caste status is required.

#6. A candidate needs to submit a document if the candidate comes from any north-eastern side of Arunachal Pradesh, state of Manipur, Nagaland, Mizoram, area of Meghalaya, or Sikkim.

Some more Documents

#7. An aspirant is required to submit an undertaking to be a government servant.

#8. Domicile of Jammu & Kashmir.

#9. A candidate needs to submit an age relaxation certificate.

#10. Documents supporting the disability of a candidate during defence services.

After submitting all the documents and passing both the tests, the lucky and hardworking aspirant will be eligible to go ahead with the IAS interview.

Prerequisites Required for Appearing Before the IAS Interview

#1. An aspirant is required to submit an age proof or matriculation.

#2. A certificate stating age relaxation is mandatory to be submitted.

#3. A photocopy or a scanned copy of e-summon letter must be submitted.

#4. Two recent photographs in passport sizes of the aspirant are required.

#5. A legal photoID card is required with the rest of the documents. It could be a Voter ID Card, Aadhar Card, Driving Licence, Passport, Pan Card, or any other card issued by the Government.

#6. Lastly, a certificate showing the candidate’s educational qualification needs to be submitted along with the documents.

Documents required for SC/ ST Category Candidates

In case you belong to an SC/ST category, you are required to submit the following documents,

#1. The candidates are required to submit the documents which determine their caste.

#2. Other than that, certificates stating their educational background are also required.

#3. An original affidavit to show the minor discrepancies is required.

#4. A TA form along with two copies and proof of journey must be attached with the rest of the documents.

Documents required for Physically Handicapped Candidates

If an aspirant is physically handicapped then the documents required to be submitted are,

#1. An aspirant must submit a certificate for disability.

#2. A TA form along with two copies and proof of journey must be submitted.

#3. Candidates need to submit an age relaxation certificate.

#4. An original affidavit to show the minor discrepancies is required.

#5. Other than the documents mentioned above, candidates are required to submit their certificates of PG degree or higher education mark sheet.

Is a Medical Test Required?

Before appearing in the IAS interview round, a candidate is also required to undergo a medical test.

There are certain documents that are required for a medical test, which are:

#1. Minimum 8 to 10 Passport size photographs are required to be attached with the documents.

#2. In case, there is any prescription or medical certificate helpful for an eye check then it must be submitted along with all the other documents.

Once these documents are submitted and the examinations are cleared, a candidate is called upon to take the next step to fulfil their dream to become an IAS officer and join civil service. Being a civil officer is a work of honour and pride.


UPSC examination is one of the toughest examinations in the country. The journey till the end teaches you a lot and provides you with a lot of experience. Cracking up all the stages in the UPSC examination is not everyone’s cup of tea. This is why we suggest UPSC Pathshala, which provides assistance for your studies and prepares you for your competitive exams. The professional teachers help their students solve all their questions and also help to succeed in their interviews and answer fearlessly. If you want to stand out and serve your nation by joining civil service, join UPSC Pathshala today and start with your UPSC Preparation.

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Documents Needed before IAS Interview: Here is All That an IAS Aspirant Needs to Know
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