The day before the exam can be hectic for your brain, especially waiting to give an exam like UPSC, the syllabus of which is vast. Although it is natural to be anxious and a bit nervous about the upcoming test. Aside from the actual studies, it is also important to stay healthy, both physically and mentally, as you focus on your UPSC preparation.

Revising the Syllabus One Day Before

As you know, you’ll be giving two exams, paper one and paper two. Preliminary examinations begin with the General Studies test. This exam is intended to test a candidate’s general understanding of various subjects, including Indian policy, geography, history, economics, science, technology, and international affairs.

The second paper of the UPSC Prelims tests candidates’ aptitude in reasoning, analytical skills, reading comprehension and decision making questions. Additionally, there is a negative marking of one-third of the total marks allotted to one question.

All these things can make you feel overwhelmed in the middle of the UPSC prelims preparation, but you can handle it seamlessly if you keep a positive mindset and the right strategies to revise.

Read this article to know how to revise the syllabus just one day before UPSC prelims 2021? But First, Let’s Look at the advantages you’ll be getting from this one-day revision plan

Advantages from One-day Revision Plan


The one-day correctly designed revision plan helps to create an hourly plan before your exams. So that you can start your study session right away without spending valuable time searching through the pages of your textbook for a topic, you could revise.


A revision plan can keep you accountable as you pre-commit to set deadlines for UPSC prelims preparation. These deadlines will pressure you to start working without procrastinating.


To prepare for UPSC exams, you cannot randomly pick topics from the table of contents or flip through your textbook one day before the exam.

Scheduling your studies can make a big difference. By pre-planning, you can judge what you can accomplish before your exams based on what you have to do and when. Regardless of what you end up doing, you will still be more prepared than if you did not revise.


There is so much you can accomplish if you knew what to do and implemented it.

It is much easier to study if you are organised and follow time management from the beginning, rather than both revising and figuring out a deadline for revision at the same time. This is because our brains are not designed to do two things at once, which is why multitasking is not very effective.

Less Stress

Such plans will boost your confidence and will remove anxiety and stress, which may ruin your performance. It saves you from cramming late at night, forcing your mind to process information while the only thing you want is a good night’s sleep.

The Right Way to Revise UPSC Prelims Syllabus

#1. Wake Up Early

It’s critical to make the most of a single day when you’ve only got one to complete the task at hand. To avoid getting burned out too quickly, you should set the alarm for a time that works for you and aim to start working around 9 am.

But, make sure that you sleep early. It will help your brain rest and heal, ultimately helping you to study the next day properly.

#2. Choose the Right Place to Study

No matter how much we wish it weren’t the case, staying in bed doesn’t allow you to accomplish much. It’s much more productive for you to work in an environment you can associate with working, so consider going to the library or setting up your desk.

#3. Create a Plan Before You Start

There’s no point in getting caught up in a blind revision. You’ll get a lot more accomplished if you break it up into smaller segments and make sure you have everything you need, rather than simply trying to cram everything in.

The most important part of  UPSC preparation is taking half an hour to determine the important topics for the exam and how long each segment will take. It might seem as if you were wasting your revision time, but you will save yourself a lot more time in the long run.

#4. Don’t Panic

While your exam is right in front of you, you will only hamper your performance if you give in to an overwhelming sense of anxiety. If you’re feeling the pressure, don’t worry — it’s completely normal!

The good news is that you still have plenty of time to digest the information and come out of the other side smiling! It is possible to beat exam stress if you follow our suggestions.

#5. Use Lecture Slides and Past Upsc Prelims Paper

Make use of the old UPSC prelims paper and lecture slides to help you anticipate what’s likely to be asked in the exam. You should head to the textbooks and make notes of the key points on each area after you’ve decided what’s going to be covered. Be sure to check out chapter summaries and key information boxes.

Furthermore, you can do a previous year question paper to test your knowledge.

#6. Consume Healthy food

Healthy brain foods increase your brain functions and performance. It will also help you in keeping fresh while studying, as junk foods or unhealthy foods can make you lazy. Also, don’t forget to consume water regularly during revision. Staying hydrated is equally important as consuming brain food.

#7. Keep a List of Important Names and Dates with You

The UPSC prelims preparation is worthless if you don’t memorise important dates and names. It’s important to be clear about the special events as being unsure can cost you a negative marking of one-third of the total marks of one question.

#8. Each Topic Should Be Separated by a Break

Even though it sounds strange, learning how to revise quickly requires you to take a break. It is important to take a moment to rest your eyes and your brain after reading. Not only will you be able to process what you’ve just read, but it will also allow you to recharge for your UPSC preparation.

In between breaks, grab a quick bite to eat, roam on the balcony, listen to soft music, watch a motivational video or read an inspiring book. But yes, don’t take a long time to do these things; it can significantly break the flow of your study.

#9. Rest Well

Get at least six hours of sound sleep every day (preferably eight or more). No matter how stressed you feel, get some quality rest. In case you’re having problems sleeping, please remind yourself that sleep takes precedence over endlessly cramming. It is impossible to perform well when you are exhausted. Your brain needs time to process all the things you have been revising the day before.

#10. Lastly, Wake up All Cheery and Happy

Wake up with a good smile on exam day and remind yourself constantly that you will do great in the exam. You can also do something to stay positive such as watching inspirational videos or listening to mood lightening songs.


All these small tips are effective for your last minute UPSC prelims preparation. We assure you that You will do well in the exam without any stress. But, a one-day revision of the exam is only possible if you have prepared well enough through a year. So, to get proper guidance and learning for UPSC preparation, check out the courses of UPSC pathshala. We will help you navigate through your preparation journey smoothly!

Don’t believe us? Take a free demo class and get assured now!

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The Right Way to Revise the UPSC Prelims 2021 Syllabus Just One Day Before: Plan an Effective Revision
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The vast syllabus of UPSC can make you feel overwhelmed during your UPSC prelims preparation. Read these simple tips and follow them to make the best use of the last 24 hours.
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