Crash Courses usually keep students in a dilemma about its rate of success for covering the syllabus in a short time. Let us discuss the benefits of Crash Course and understand how it can be efficient for CSE preparation.
Quick and Efficient way for make up for lost time:
The aim of crash course is to increase your level of understanding for better in a short period of time. The syllabus that could not be covered due to lack of time management or hectic work/academic schedule can be covered with the help of crash course.
Reinforce learning:
As students are covering their syllabus, there is constantly new information and sometimes, the older material learnt are forgotten. Hence, crash course help to repeat the learning process and this helps with better absorption of knowledge. Crash courses are not limited to weaker students only as they also cater to the stronger students who are looking to revise and strengthen their learning.
Better Information Retention:
Students will have a much easier time remembering content for days rather than weeks. When the student is practicing every day, their chances of remembering what they learn are much, much greater than they are for those who need to retain new information for a period of weeks.
Higher Success Rate:
There is a mounting evidence that students opting for crash course are more likely to go on to clear Prelims. Because of the rapid fire nature of crash course, there is not time in between lessons during which students can be bored and information is lost.
UPSC Pathshala is also starting with a Crash Course Program for CSE preparation for Prelims 2018. The Program begins from 10th January, 2018 and ends on 28th May, 2018. This crash course program will help the aspirants prepare for CSE in the following way:
Clarity of major topics of syllabus: The crash course will help students understand major concepts of all General Studies subjects for Prelims and Mains, CSAT and Current Affairs. This enables students to clarify their doubts on important topics quickly. Also preparing the right study plan on your own can be a Herculean task if you are new to CSE. So enrolling in a Crash Course helps students get instant access to thoughtfully prepared study plan and video lectures to make learning simple & easy.
Mock Tests: Joining a Crash Course opens the door of access to thousands of practice MCQs which gives students an edge in problem solving capacity. This enables a student to know where he/she stands and where they need to put their efforts.
Guidance: What can be more helpful than knowing the dos & don’ts and all those short techniques from experienced faculty? The crash course will include live doubt solving sessions by head faculty.
Get in touch with fellow aspirants: It is more challenging and thrilling to meet like-minded people who are chasing the same dream as you are. This pushes every student to work harder and perform better, to be one of the few dreamers who have it all to make their dream a reality. It also helps students learn new perspectives and better techniques to crack the exam from his/her fellow students. There will be a Whatsapp group created on which all the aspirants can stay connected with each other.
Exam day tips: It is very common for students to waste a lot of time trying to solve few difficult questions. And not covering enough questions in each section or getting stuck in a particular section. Getting into this Crash Course program will help to solve this problem, as students can learn the dos and don’ts in advance so as not to lose ground due to poor time management.
Knowledge obtained from crash course lasts longer as the student learning capacity is at its best. In terms of value for money, this means that you get more out of a crash course because the efficiency of your own learning increases. It would be therefore wise to not procrastinate further and letting go the fruitful time you have in hand and enroll in the crash course program and reap its benefits to clear Prelims 2018.

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