Akshay Palande

Akshay Palande is a passionate teacher helping hundreds of students in their UPSC preparation. With a degree in Mechanical Engineering and double masters in Public Administration and Economics, he has experience of teaching UPSC aspirants for 5 years. His subject of expertise are Geography, Polity, Economics and Environment and Ecology.

Akshay Palande

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Interview Krishnan Kumar Singh (AIR 181) – Unique Approach to Study while Working

Full Interview Tell me something about your background, academic and personal I am Krishnan Kumar Singh. I’m basically from...

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Interview with Sagar Jain (AIR 160) – Complete Journey

Tell me something about your background, your education and where you’re from. I am a B. Tech in mechanical...

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Interview with Bhumika Kaushik (AIR 395) – With Awesome Advice for Prelims Exams

Full Length Interview How does it feel to become a civil servant from a student? I am not feeling...

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Anshuman Raj Inteview: How he got AIR 537 in USPC Exam

Give me an idea about your personal and professional background I’m from Bihar, I’ve done my schooling from my...

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Interview with Priyanka Rani : UPSC Preparation Advice (Got AIR 424)

Tell me something about your background I am from Patna, Bihar. I have done my graduation from IIT Kharagpur...

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Ajay Jain Interview – AIR 141 UPSC CSE

What motivated you to prepare for UPSC? During my graduation I was wondering which career I should opt for;...

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Akshay Agarwal – AIR 43 in UPSC CSE 2018 – Journey from Quitting High Paying Job to UPSC Exam

Akshay Agarwal has done his graduation from the prestigious National University of Singapore (NUS). After having worked in multinationals,...

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How To Prepare For Indian Art And Culture For UPSC Exam

The study of Indian art and culture forms an indispensable part of the UPSC preparation. The subject’s importance is...

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How To Prepare Science And Technology For UPSC [Updated for 2019]

If there is one exam that requires you to know everything under the sun, it has to be the...

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