The preparation of the UPSC exam challenges the aspirants by various activities and stress. During this time, the candidates reach out to different sources and platforms to get information and knowledge about the world. All of them need to be knowledgeable in every sense and area. Current affairs is an unavoidable portion of the UPSC exam.

Every candidate must have the updated information about the happenings in India as well as the globe. Many newspapers and magazines are significant to read during the preparation time and otherwise.

This article has the list of best weekly magazines for UPSC preparation so that you know the correct ways to reach your destination.

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Weekly Current Affairs Magazine for UPSC

Magazines are extremely important to get the news and information from all around the country. There are multiple magazines related to different genres in the market but you need not go through all of them.

You must choose the right magazines to get the information so that you score high in the UPSC Prelims and Mains along with answering adequately in the interview round.

Magnificent Weekly Magazines

The best part of reading the magazines is that their articles are written by different columnists and authors which gives you the ways to explore more and give birth to new ideas by the mix of different thoughts.

There are different subjects covered in the magazine in a deeper approach which enables you to acknowledge all of them. If you are in a dilemma of choosing the best weekly magazine for UPSC, you need to read this article till the end.

Weekly Magazines for UPSC Preparation

The candidates of the UPSC exam go crazy buying different books for their preparation but do not think much about the magazines. Magazines are very important for UPSC preparation. Many magazines are coming weekly, monthly and quarterly in all the languages.

You should know the importance of the magazines that are useful for you and must refer to those to get maximum knowledge. Every magazine contains information in a different format and writing style along with various approaches.

When you will go through them, you will understand the real situation of the things going on in the country. It is magnificent for you to know all the current information and its deep background.

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Best Weekly Magazine for UPSC

Several weekly magazines are available in the market with the highest content. All the powerful and important information is wrapped in those magazines. The current affairs asked in the CSE are analytical.

Therefore, it is not sufficient to read the newspapers only and answer perfectly. You need to have the best weekly magazines to boost your intellect.

Magazines let you collect background information along with all the additional data and opinions of various stakeholders and celebrities to have a 360-degree approach i.e a round approach on an issue. Look below to know the best weekly magazine for UPSC preparation.

#1. Down to Earth

It is a famous journal that covers the articles that are important for humankind. The articles are written on topics like health, environment, economic security, and livelihood. This magazine drives the news, knowledge, and perspectives related to the significant challenges and hurdles faced by Indian society.

This is a magazine which is entirely true to its name. It gives the articles on the most down-to-earth topics which are essential for the people to know. This magazine will prove to be important for all the parts of the UPSC examination. It is read by many UPSC toppers to gather the most prominent news and information. You should go through it to score perfectly.

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#2. Economic and Political Weekly

This magazine is popular for its articles on a wide range of topics. It is abbreviated as EPW. It brings researchers, academicians, policymakers, members of non-governmental organizations, independent thinkers, and political activists for debates together for highlighting the current happenings.

It covers the topics from the sectors of politics, economics, sociology, environment, and culture of different places. The candidates prefer this magazine to have all the updates of the world.

It is significant for the candidates because it helps them to solve the analytical questions of both papers. You can get good scores on the personality test as well by going through this journal.

#3. Kurukshetra

This is yet another best magazine for the UPSC preparation. It is published by the Union Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. This magazine covers the news and information of the villages or rural areas along with agriculture. You must prefer this magazine to brush up your knowledge for this honourable government job. It is not very popular among the aspirants but must be taken into consideration for better performance in the examination. It is published in English as well as Hindi. It will give you a reliable update of various sectors which will be profitable for you.

#4. Yojana

This magazine is available monthly and is pretty famous for providing authentic information. It is published by the Publications Division of the Union Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. Socio-economic issues are covered by this magazine largely to give data to the readers.

It covers the legislative topics to give you knowledge about the government policies in every field. It is popular for covering the topics such as Make in India, Skill India, Industry, Agriculture, and much more.

You must refer to this magazine for essay papers, prelims, and the personality test. You can give precise answers to the interviewers after going through it.

#5. Monthly Preview by PRS

This magazine is very important for the UPSC aspirants to provide them an understanding of the government sectors, implementations, reforms, and policies. The candidates must read this magazine or journal to increase their intellect in every sector. Current affairs play an important role in your scores, you must have a great knowledge of all the current policies or reforms initiated by the government to get good marks. It will help you to know in-depth perspectives of any particular topic.

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Have a Glimpse of Other Important Magazines for UPSC Preparation!

#1. Science Reporter

This magazine comes monthly. It primarily covers the topics of science and technology. It was the first magazine in India. It was started in 1964 by the National Institute of Science Communication and Information Resources. It is situated in New Delhi.

This magazine is published in English. Many candidates prefer it to get authentic information. It is read by the people of India as well as its neighbouring countries. The name of its editor is Hasan Jawaid Khan.

The magazine was started to provide information of scientific regions to the people and inventions taking place in the field. You can get all the data and knowledge of science in this magazine.

#2. Frontline

This is the most popular magazine in India. It is published fortnightly in English edition. It is published by The Hindu Group. The magazine’s editor-in-chief is R Vijaya Sankar. This magazine covers all the stories of domestic and international affairs. It is considered to be the best magazine for the preparation of IAS.

It contains the problems and hindrances of every state of India and the ways of resolutions and development of the country. This magazine contains the topics of politics and political economy along with covering a wide range of topics including books, arts, cinema, English language, and science. You must go through this magazine gently to cover all the points of current affairs.

#3. World Focus

This indo-centric foreign affairs journal has been read since 1980. It is recommended as the most influential magazine. It is a premier Indo-centric journal. The people from different areas such as distinguished scholars, policy analysts, experts, policy-makers, diplomats, decision-makers, and persons of eminence and proficiency write comprehensively for this journal and contribute to society.

The world focus emphasizes the current affairs of India, economic diplomacy, international affairs, national security, and foreign policy issues. The candidates can opt for having an all-around approach to the current affairs of all the sections.

It is significant for the candidates in Prelims. You can get good scores in the General Studies -2 paper of the Mains along with the personality test.

#4. Competition Success Review

This is often abbreviated as CSR. This magazine is ultimately beneficial for the UPSC aspirants to get the maximum knowledge of the affairs of the nation. It is the most popular magazine for candidates who prepare for the competitive exams.

This magazine is considered indispensable due to its 360-degree approach which encompasses all the fields and areas.

You can go through it for your Prelims and Mains. You can get the synopsis of all the things happening around the globe. You can reach out to it sitting at your home. The major benefit you get from this magazine is the interview questions and answers.

This magazine covers the stories of the CSE toppers who prove profitable to the UPSC aspirants.

#5. Civil Services Times

This magazine has the articles with the most reliable sources. The candidates of CSE can fully depend on it for their preparation. The sources include the websites of the press information bureau (PIB), government departments and ministries, etc. The topics are represented with in-depth research by the authors or feature writers.

These topics are related to the questions asked in the previous exams so that the candidates reading it must understand everything in detail and get good scores.

This magazine is exam-centric and henceforth, covers all the necessary areas in detail which are economy, national, international, science and technology, and foreign policy. You must prefer to prepare well for your exam.

#6. Pratiyogita Darpan

It is a useful and informative magazine for UPSC candidates. It is available in Hindi as well as English. This is the most popular and sought-after magazine among government job aspirants especially those who want to crack CSE.

It consists of articles from an extensive range from current affairs to employment-related news and from toppers’ interviews to quality articles on universal topics along with an extent to solved papers of competitive exams.

This reputable and highly famous magazine has proved to be of great value for its readers especially the aspirants of the government sectors. If you are searching for a magazine to get all the information, this is the one.

#7. Geography and You

This magazine is an English edition. It also has its counterparts called Bhugol and Aap in Hindi. These are two bi-monthly journals and magazines which cover articles on sociology, science, technology, and around many fields of the globe.

The aspirants of this esteemed examination can go through these magazines to develop their insights and approaches towards all the genres.

This magazine is majorly significant for answering the geographical and environmental questions in prelims as well as mains. Many candidates who choose geography as their optional subject go through it. If you want to get information about the world, you must prefer it.

Significance of Magazines

Magazines play a vital role in the growth of information, intellect, and awareness of the candidates of UPSC. The candidates get busy in the syllabus preparation and, therefore, do not focus much upon purchasing the magazines. Newspapers are read by almost every UPSC aspirant but magazines are considered a little lesser.

Magazines are important because they contain the information in detail and with follow-ups. The authors write feature articles in the magazines which give in-depth knowledge of an issue to the candidates.

When a deep understanding of the current issues is in your mind, you can answer the questions perfectly and excellently in the exam and before the examiner in the interview. Therefore, you need to read magazines.

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Which Magazine is Best for UPSC?

Although there are numerous magazines for the UPSC preparation, few magazines are the most read and preferred magazines by the candidates. These magazines have proved that it contains information from around every genre and suits the preparation perfectly. The names of the most popular magazines are given below.

# Pratiyogita Darpan

# Economic and Political Weekly

# Science Reporter

# Competition Success Review

# Frontline

# Down to Earth

Therefore, if you want to ace this exam, you need to have a good understanding of current affairs, and for that, the best magazines must be chosen by you. You will get achievements in the exam when you will wisely choose the study material.

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We hope that this article has helped you to know about the important magazines to read for increasing your knowledge and understanding in every field for this honourable examination. If you want to know other essential methods of preparing for the UPSC exam, you must visit UPSC Pathshala and get the personalized mentorship along with high-quality video lectures and no time boundary.

There are multiple articles present on the website related to the UPSC exam like its date, preparation techniques, biographies, important topics to know, and much more. You will find a clear route to your destination after visiting there. For further inquiries, you can comment below.

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