With the advancement of internet speeds, even aspirants who do not live in major cities can use Current Affairs apps to keep up with the latest news.

However, success depends on selecting the best current affairs app for UPSC that meets one’s needs and is aligned with the Syllabus.

The syllabus includes a large section on current affairs. Preparing for this section is a difficult task because aspirants must conduct extensive research and stay current on current events on a daily basis.

IAS aspirants should take advantage of available technology in a world that is becoming increasingly digital in every aspect of life. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of mobile applications that can help you prepare for the Current Affairs IAS exam. While preparing for the IAS Prelims and Mains Exams, IAS aspirants can benefit from such a mobile application.

Best Current Affairs App for UPSC

The best way to keep up with current events is to read the newspaper every day and religiously. You can use these to keep up with current events that are relevant to Exam preparation. However, with so many current events to cover, it can be difficult to remember everything that is learned. The only way to remember and retain what you’ve learned is to revise.

There are a variety of ways to keep your IAS Exam preparation up to date and revise your current affairs. Take notes and refer to them periodically, subscribe to an archived newsletter, or, better yet, download an app that provides current affairs updates as well as helps revise previous news that is relevant to the UPSC Exam.

Unacademy: UPSC Preparation App

Unacademy is one of India’s largest free online learning programs. It is run by civil service toppers who chose to leave the Indian Administrative Services and began instructing candidates for the IAS. They are providing video lectures based on the IAS Exam requirements.

Unacademy has some of the country’s best instructors on board, involving Kiran Bedi, the Current Governor of Pondicherry and India’s first female IPS officer. They offer video lessons on a variety of subjects that are based on the Current Affairs and IAS syllabus.

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ClearIAS: UPSC Preparation App

ClearIAS.com, one of India’s most popular online coaching websites, offers free IAS online strategies, coaching, books, guidance, online study materials, mock exams, and other services, with the goal of ensuring that no candidate is left out of the exam competition due to a lack of affordable IAS classroom training.

The official mobile app from the house of clear IAS is Clear. They offer a comprehensive online package that includes strategies, tips, and a study plan for passing all stages of the IAS exam.

Vision IAS: Current Affairs App for Preparation

India’s research and training app, which helps aspirants train for UPSC. Vision IAS is a growing platform, with the mission to continuously encourage and innovate new methods for candidates, so that every person can achieve their dreams with interactive learning, innovation, teamwork and technology.

Vision IAS has a track record of producing top UPSC/IAS exam results, allowing aspirants to join the prestigious IFS (Indian Foreign Service), IPS (Indian Police Service), IAS (Indian Administrative Service) and other government services such as the Indian Forest Service (IFoS). The Vision IAS App is regarded as one of the best available mobile apps for current affairs for the IAS Exam.

Civilsdaily: Current Affairs App for Preparation

Civilsdaily Mobile app is a very useful one because it provides aspirants with news updates and also materials for current affairs. For the UPSC exam, it is quite important to be regular and intact with the news items. They also publish news cards and that can be a useful way to prepare your revision notes too.

Civilsdaily’s goal is to build a robust News App and support IAS aspirants for the General Studies (GS) part of the UPSC IAS syllabus by providing a comprehensive News Roundup in an uncluttered interface.

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Best Free App for UPSC Preparation

BYJU’s is a well-known mobile app for UPSC preparation as well as other types of study. Byju’s videos are a great way to stay up to date on current events.

Its current situation is the best in the industry. The quality of the Daily Analysis of the Current Affair Videos is excellent. You could also look through the rest of the site’s content.

If you want to master the current affairs section, you should devote at least 30-40 minutes per day to this application.

Best App for UPSC Preparation

The UPSC Pathshala app will guide you through your UPSC Civil Services Exam preparation, from clearing the Prelims to being selected in the Interview. So you could say we’re there from beginning to end.

From the beginning, a dedicated chatbot is available to answer your questions about UPSC preparation.

The free videos in the video section can help you better prepare and evaluate us. You can choose your UPSC preparation plan in the Preparation Plans section, and you can also apply for scholarships in the Scholarship section of the app.

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UPSC Guru is the app’s first tab. All of your problems will be resolved here. This location also provides study and preparation tips. UPSC Guru is available to answer any questions or doubts you may have about IAS Preparation.

Free Videos

Learn what high-quality, optimised videos for Civil Services Exam preparation should look like. Videos that are sharply edited and shot specifically for online viewing save you time by not wasting it on things like the teacher erasing the board or allowing you to take notes from the lectures immediately.

You can watch as many as you want to make sure you’ve chosen the best ias coaching partner for you. Get more information about the course and a free demo. Take advantage of the comprehensive coverage of the UPSC syllabus and subjects.

You can choose from a variety of options, such as “UPSC Prelims Test Series,” “UPSC Inception,” or “UPSC Foundation,” or you can choose courses by subject.

Get Scholarship

Apply for a scholarship to our programme and receive a 5 percent to 50 percent discount on your tuition.

You can see the modules you need to finish by going to the content tab. These modules will be organised by subject and then by topic, making it simple for any aspirant to find what they need.

You can see the individual tasks and subtasks to complete by clicking on the modules. To keep track of your progress, click “Completed” as you finish each task or subtask. You can also leave comments on the videos and take notes as they play.

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The best way to keep up with current events is to read the newspaper every day and religiously. Various websites and blogs, such as ours, also provide Comprehensive News Analysis and broad coverage of current events.

Candidates can use the Current Affairs app to prepare for a planned review of the topics covered in this section. Aspirants will have the confidence to score well in this section if they have a complete set of previous year’s questions, expected questions, and a number of mock tests.

Please let us comprehend if our app has been helpful to you and if we have been of assistance. Don’t forget to leave any feedback you’d like to contribute!

To get the most out of UPSC Pathshala, download the app. We are confident that you will appreciate it!

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