Hailed as the mother of all the examinations, UPSC has indeed lived up to the recognition that it has been given. In the world of growing digital in every space of life, the IAS aspirants should also take the benefit of available technology. The provided list of mobile applications is available for the UPSC IAS preparation such as UPSC Pathshala, Unacademy, The Hindu, PIB, etc. Specialized apps for current affairs are also highly recommended by every candidate. The advantages of this approach are that it drastically reduces the time needed to prepare for current affairs and also gives you information that you cannot find anywhere in the newspapers. This can be used to write high-quality answers.

Here in this article, you will get to know about the best apps for UPSC preparation.

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UPSC Pathshala and its Features

  • Personal tutor- You will have a mentor that will be available for you 24X7.
  • Offline access- There will be recorded videos/lectures which you can access later on.
  • Live lectures- There will be live classes to keep the learning more interactive.
  • Daily test series- There will be a set of mock test series available just for you!
  • Doubt-solving sessions- You can ask doubts from your mentor or during the live classes, so it’s very convenient.
  • UPSC Pathshala requires students to undergo a range of practice tests that eventually ensure that they are fully prepared for their UPSC attempt.

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Unacademy is run by the civil services toppers who chose to leave the Indian Administrative Services and started providing guidance to the IAS aspirants. They are providing video lectures based on the requirements of the UPSC IAS Exam.


Mrunal Mobile App is providing valuable study material for IAS Exam through video lessons and linear format. In the last few years, it has earned a reputation in the field of providing free learning for the benefit of UPSC IAS aspirants. It can be witnessed from the overwhelming response of the IAS candidates who qualified for the coveted UPSC IAS Exam.


Civilsdaily Mobile App is providing comprehensive Current Affairs and News updates to help UPSC IAS aspirants to clear the UPSC IAS Exam. They publish Flashcards called Newscards on the mobile App on a daily basis which can be much effective for IAS preparation. Civilsdaily aims at providing a comprehensive News Roundup in an uncluttered interface and their goal is to build a robust News App and support IAS aspirants for the General Studies (GS) part of the UPSC IAS syllabus.

The Hindu

The Hindu newspaper App is the most beneficial App for a quick look at the recent events of national and international importance. The Hindu is the most suggested daily newspaper for IAS Exam and the IAS aspirants should read it on daily basis. The reliability of news and information given in The Hindu is fair enough for IAS preparation than any daily newspapers in the country. The IAS aspirants should read the editorial as well as other important sections like science, technology, environment, and health from The Hindu on a daily basis. Generally, the IAS aspirants can find the important current affairs topics in The Hindu newspaper which can be asked in IAS Prelims as well as in IAS Mains Exam.

Vision IAS

Vision IAS is India’s research and training institution for Civil Service aspirants with a mission to continuously innovate and help them actualize their dreams through ‘integrated efforts’ of Interactive learning system, Teamwork, Technology & Innovation. Vision IAS has the experience of producing the best results in the UPSC/IAS exam, through which aspirants join the prestigious IAS (Indian Administrative Service), IPS (Indian Police Service), IFS (Indian Foreign Service), and other government services like Indian Forest Service (IFoS). Vision IAS App is considered as one of the leading available Mobile Apps providing better content for current affairs for UPSC IAS Exam.


Knowlez provides General Knowledge Quiz App for the IAS aspirants preparing for UPSC IAS Exam. They are providing solutions for subjects like General Studies and current affairs. They also provide current affairs quiz on daily basis.


We have a lot many apps available on the google play store aligned with the exam. But stocking your phone unnecessarily with all the apps available is rather stupid. Another thing that must be kept in mind while choosing an app is that you must have all the curated content which will save your time and you will not have to visit multiple apps. Choose your sources and choose wisely and then stick to them instead of hassling yourself too much by juggling too many sources.

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Best Apps for UPSC Preparation: UPSC Pathshala and Other Must-Have Mobile Applications for UPSC
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