Few UPSE candidates end up being your source of inspiration and information for preparation. Akshat Jain is one such name. His Rank two in the 2019 IAS exam has urged various civil service aspirants to get curious about knowing his strategies.

Akshat Jain has been sharing his secret in interactions through social media posts such as Instagram (@good_vibesssss__), and interviews. His posting has been done in Madhya Pradesh.

So, what is the Akshat Jain strategy and how can you benefit from it? Akshat emphasizes on preparing one’s strategy based on the inputs from the toppers of previous years.

A book on Anthropology by Akshat Jain called Anthropology Demystified will inspire you to master the unknown areas with confidence and effective strategies.

Akshat Jain Strategy

Aspirants, according to Akshat, should have a vision for preparation before designing a strategy. Akshat feels that the stronger the motivation of an aspirant is, the easier will be for sustaining the uncertainty of the preparation phase. Hard work that is done in the right direction can bring the desired result for IAS aspirants.

Akshat Jain IAS preparation constituted of three pillars, namely, short notes, self-analysis and evaluation, and writing answers. Considering the interlinked pattern of the mains and prelims, Akshat suggests that you can prepare for both simultaneously.

You should aim to complete a majority of the syllabus for the main exam before acquiring factual information for the prelims.

Preparation Strategy by Toppers

The role that the three pillars of Akshat Jain’s strategy can play in your preparation is as follows-

  • Short notes- preparing short notes on every topic of the syllabus is what Akshat emphasizes on. He categorizes the content into dynamic and static, and Akshat Jain notes constituted of both.

The dynamic part includes the current affairs that can be prepared with online sources, and the static part involves information from the textbooks.

But do not forget to refer to the previous year’s question papers when preparing your short notes. This will help in giving a direction to your efforts.

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Writing Answers

Practicing writing answers is an essential component of your preparation strategy. This should be initiated right from the first day. Akshat began by writing answers to the current affairs and then proceeded to the other topics. He also practiced writing answers to the questions of previous IAS exams.

  • Self-evaluation- a useful strategy employed by Akshat was comparing his answers with that of the IAS toppers. This self-analysis can help you in identifying your areas of improvement both in terms of comprehension and presentation.

If you fail to answer a question on a topic you have prepared, you can recognize where to put in more effort. This will also enable you to judge your understanding of a topic.


In addition to these interrelated pillars, Akshat also regards revision to be highly important. If you make short notes on the topics of the syllabus, you can revise them in short periods. This will allow you to have several rounds of revision and will enhance your knowledge of the topics.

Besides practicing answers, practicing model question papers and mock test papers are also crucial. As time management is a key determinant of success in competitive exams, your proficiency in the topics will save you the time spent in thinking. And proficiency will enhance with practice.

UPSC Exam Criteria

If you aspire to become an IAS officer, you should know the mandatory criteria before beginning your preparation. To be eligible you must be between 21 to 32 years of age (for General categories). For those belonging to Other Backward Castes, the age relaxation is up to 35 years.

However, the number of attempts is restricted to six for the General categories, and nine for the OBC categories and physically disabled people.

Your Indian citizenship is another important criterion, but not your grade 12th percentage. The only educational qualification needed is that you be a Graduate from a recognized University.

Preparing for Optional Subjects

Choosing an optional subject that interests you is desirable, but picking a subject that requires less time in preparing is also crucial. Akshat Jain’s optional subject was Anthropology, which he prepared by taking the coaching.

Akshat Jain marksheet reveals that he had scored a total of 335 in Anthropology, the preparation of which he explains through a five-step approach.

This involved joining coaching classes, going through the basic books on this subject, creating notes with questions and answers, and repeated revisions.


Akshat Jain’s book list includes Introduction to Socio-Cultural Anthropology by NK Vaid, Physical Anthropology by BM Das, Tribal India by Nadeem Husnain, and Sapiens by Yual Noah Harari among others.

Thus, despite the difficulty level that forms a part of the UPSC exam, finding success is not impossible if you can build an effective strategy. Following the success mantras of the toppers and forming your suitable schedule can help you in fulfilling your dream of becoming an IAS officer.


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