History has always been a tough nut to crack for UPSC students. The subject of history for the UPSC IAS exam covers topics from class 6 to class 10 from NCERT books. Students often get confused which edition of History books to choose for the Civil Services Exam.

There is always a question in student’s minds, “Can we use the newer edition of NCERT books of history to prepare for UPSC CSE Mains?”. In this article, we will be clearing this doubt, and talk about the pros and cons of choosing and not choosing newer edition books of history for UPSC IAS exams.

Newer Vs Older Edition of NCERT Books of History: A Brief Comparison

We will be comparing newer and older editions of NCERT History books to understand what difference does it makes if we go for either of them.

Facts Included

While preparing for ancient history, it is essential to know all the facts. Without proper facts, you won’t be able to answer questions correctly in history for UPSC IAS. NCERT’s old edition on ancient history that UPSC candidates consider has more facts in comparison to new edition books. The new NCERT books of history for UPSC IAS have lesser facts when compared to previous editions, so that young students can easily read the books. Hence, when it comes to facts and knowledge, older editions of NCERT books are better.

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Easy to Read

In earlier times, NCERT books were considered boring. The history books in the past were thick and had the least number of images. Having images from the past can help the students in better understanding of ancient times. Students can relate to the historical facts stated in history books better if they have more images and are easy to read. The newer books are made with the intention of making the subject for students and make it more enjoyable to read and learn about historic events. For UPSC candidates who want to study history without much stress, they can use newer editions of history books of NCERT. If you have a problem understanding the language in older editions, recent editions are the ones you should be choosing.


Availability is one of the most important factors that decide whether you should use new editions of NCERT books of history or the old ones. While new books are easy to find in shops, old books are often rare, and you might have a hard time searching for them offline, as well as online. One of the biggest advantages of newer edition history books of NCERT is that it is available for free in PDF on NCERT’s official website. You don’t even have to move out of your room if you want to read a newer edition history book from NCERT.

Significance of Ancient History in UPSC Exams

The Ancient History subject has a great significance in the Civil Services Exam. The number of questions asked from this subject varies in every exam. There are many author-written books and NCERT books that you can consider while preparing for the Ancient History UPSC exam. The difficulty level of questions asked from this subject ranges from medium to high.

It is also to be noted that the subject is different from the Art and Culture subject. Students should not confuse both subjects and focus on both of them separately to score good marks in the civil service exam.

Will the Newer Edition NCERT Books be Sufficient for UPSC CSE Mains?

As we have seen the difference between new and old editions of NCERT books for history, it can be said that UPSC candidates should refer to older editions of history books of NCERT. Though the newer books are easier to read and understand, the older books contain more facts and information that will help UPSC candidates in scoring good marks.

However, suppose you find newer editions of history books easier to read and memorize. In that case, you can refer to them as the information will basically be the same as older editions, albeit with slightly lesser facts but easier understanding.


We have now discussed all the aspects of referring to older or newer editions of History books of NCERT. The older edition of NCERT books for preparing history for UPSC IAS is a better option as it has more facts and information that will help UPSC aspirants. However, older NCERT books are harder to find, and one will have to search for them. If you study from newer editions, you’ll be able to grasp and understand the content easily.

Hence, if you are comfortable with complex terms and can read such text with interest, you can refer to older editions. Else, newer editions of NCERT books of history are the one to choose for UPSC Mains.

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Can We Use Newer Edition of NCERT Books of History to Prepare for UPSC CSE Mains? A Guide to Crack the Tough Nut
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Can We Use Newer Edition of NCERT Books of History to Prepare for UPSC CSE Mains? A Guide to Crack the Tough Nut
Students often get confused about which edition of NCERT to choose for history for UPSC IAS. Read this article to know which one to choose for UPSC Civil Service Exam.
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