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It is of no doubt how appreciated the UPSC entrance exams are in India! Every year lakhs of students enrol for the UPSC prelim exams, but only a few thousand are successful in clearing these highly competitive exams. Now, what creates a difference between the selected and the non selected candidates. It is the way of preparation for the exam and the coaching institute backed by.

Joining one of the best coaching classes for UPSC Exams will boost your confidence, will power, direction, understanding, and ultimately marks. And who doesn’t love good ranks in IAS Exams? Hence you must choose nothing but the best coaching for IAS in India to make sure you leave no loose ends for your IAS preparation.

Rated based on the department of teaching, methods used, economic feasibility, and reputation, here are some of the best coaching centres for UPSC exams in major cities of India –

Coachings for IAS in Delhi 

  • Vajiram and Ravi IAS Coaching
  • It is one of the oldest and one of the highly-rated coaching classes in Delhi.
  • As there are no other branches of this coaching, students from other states have to migrate.
  • As a highly rated coaching centre, many students appear for getting admission into this coaching. So they provide admission based on a first-come, first-serve basis only.
  • You can select the Exclusive GS program. Also, an option of Program GS plus the optional subject will be available.
  • The fee structure here is high, hence might not be feasible and affordable for everyone.


  • Plutus IAS Coaching
  • This coaching is known for its highly dedicated training for the students of elder ages.
  • To get admission, you must clear the Diagnostic IAS Test.
  • It is very famous for its weekend batches, so if you are stuck at work for the whole week, you can opt for the weekend batches.
  • They also teach in Hindi. Programs like CSAT, Mains, Combo IAS program, test series, and an exclusive interview program are popular.


IAS coachings in Bangalore

  • Rau’s IAS Study Circle
  • This coaching centre firmly believes that ambition is the first step of success, and action is second.
  • Faculty is well experienced. It is one of the most popular options in Bangalore.
  • You can choose a weekend or regular classes as per your need.
  • The infrastructure of this coaching centre is well-organized.


  • Pragnya IAS Academy
  • Various officials of different divisions of IAS manage the academy.
  • They are known to publish good magazines for current affairs.
  • The faculty is known to have great calibre and credibility.
  • The lectures are based on satellite telecasting and involve live sessions.


IAS coaching in Hyderabad 

  • Narayana IAS Academy
  • They stick to the latest syllabus and patterns of the UPSC exams.
  • Their teaching approach seems to be highly student-centric, and the faculty is well-trained.
  • Regular tests and student progress reports are updated weekly.
  • Guest lectures are organized via video conferencing.


  • Analog IAS Academy
  • With 50 rankers in the last five years, Analog IAS Academy is one of the good coaching centres in Hyderabad.
  • They believe in effective teaching methods.
  • They have designed an excellent crash course for both, Mains as well as Prelims.
  • They also provide good sets of study materials along with a mock test series for practice sessions.


UPSC Coaching in Mumbai

  • Dronacharya IAS Academy
  • It is one of the most famous coaching centres in Mumbai.
  • Their fee is feasible and affordable for almost everyone.
  • All the teachers are experienced and are student-friendly.
  • Teachers come up with new and exciting teaching methods and make the syllabus as interesting as possible.


  • The Prayas India 
  • It is known as one of the good online coachings for IAS in India.
  • It also has incredible classroom methods to teach UPSC Aspirants.
  • They also organize free online lectures and release free videos on IAS preparation in the title of Prayas E- Pathshala.
  • They hold a remarkable record of successfully bringing up the rankers.


UPSC Coaching in Patna 

  • Achiever IAS Academy
  • They cover everything from prelims to interviews and handle every student precisely.
  • They have a great classroom infrastructure with skilled faculties.
  • They are assumed to be the all-rounders in teaching the old school methods with the new changed patterns.
  • They look forward to assisting the students beyond the four walls of a classroom.
  • They are one of the most popular options in the city.


  • Chronicle Academy
  • The fee of Chronicle Academy is the most reasonable in Patna city.
  • They believe in updating their study material up-to-date.
  • Faculty is skilled.
  • Teaching styles are unique.


IAS Institute in Kolkata

  • Trademark UPSC Coaching
  • The classroom teaching here is unmatchable, and also the study material provided here is on point.
  • Faculty believes in one on one personal attention to students.
  • Students can opt for special lectures according to their choice.
  • The faculty includes qualified civil servants, and the fee structure is moderately feasible.
  • The test series are taken through online mediums.


  • Dheya IAS Classes
  • The notes of Dheya IAS Classes are famous all over the Kolkata city.
  • Faculty adheres to the UPSC exam patterns very firmly.
  • The teaching techniques are unique and interesting.
  • Altogether they make you practice writing answers regularly to increase the marks of UPSC Aspirants.


IAS Coaching Institute in Bhopal

  • Preface Institute:
  • This is one of the most renowned coaching institutes in around Bhopal.
  • They have been in the teaching field for almost 21 years.
  • They consider providing good study materials and study environment possible.
  • Their mock test series and interviews are one considered to be very helpful.


  • It is one of the best coaching classes for civil service examinations all over India.
  • The fee structure is minimal.
  • The faculty is experienced and trained.
  • They have small batches which prove to be a major benefit.

UPSC Institutes in Chennai

  • Shankar IAS Academy
  • If you are looking for the good UPSC online coaching in Chennai, Shankar IAS Academy could be the perfect coaching centre.
  • They have amazing faculty, and the teaching techniques are very interesting and student-friendly.
  • Their techniques and study materials prove to be the best combination.
  • The doubt sessions and custom-designed test series are the key highlights of this Institute.
  • The infrastructure also holds an excellent library which is a boon to the students.


  • Ganesh IAS Academy
  • This academy is famous in Chennai as well as in the other surrounding areas of Tamil Nadu.
  • They have been guiding for IAS Exams for many years.
  • Their study materials adhere to UPSC CSE pretty well.
  • Their programs are subjected concisely in a precise structure for Prelims and Mains UPSC syllabus.
  • They also arrange guest lectures by the UPSC toppers of previous years.


UPSC IAS Classes in Pune

  • Paradigm IAS Academy
  • This institute is well known for using scientific methods of studying.
  • Interactive sessions form the basis of the teaching model.
  • They also use various error-monitoring systems.
  • They call their teachers, especially from Delhi.
  • The classroom infrastructure is hi-tech.
  • Abhyankar’s IAS Academy
  • This academy is renowned for its training in specific subjects like sociology, essays, current affairs, etc.
  • The personality interview program of this IAS Academy is one of the most commendable programs.
  • All the batches are small in size.
  • The foundation of this academy is different and significant.


IAS Coaching in Lucknow

  • Race IAS Academy
  • The quality of the study material provided here is very high, and this academy is known for the same.
  • They are purely based on up-to-date study patterns of the UPSC CSE.
  • The concept building techniques are inculcated by the faculty to teach the aspirants productively.
  • Their mock series are quite effective.


There are also many renowned IAS coaching in Indore like Sharma Academy and Kautilya academy which are equally efficient in providing marvellous teaching for the UPSC Aspirants in Indore. They have produced magnificent results in the past few years,  and are known to have established a decent foundation by their faculties.

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How to Understand Which Coaching is the Best for IAS?

Amongst so many options, aspirants might get confused as to which coaching is the best for IAS? UPSC Pathshala is one such Online Coaching platform. Here, the aspirants get access to their personal mentors for UPSC preparation. The students can also try out their free demo sessions to get a better understanding of the classes and their teaching methodology. Top-notch quality videos coupled with best faculty access and tests after completion of each module for revision is one of the USP of UPSC Pathshala.

These following factors can also help you solve your concerns:

  1. The student’s batch must be as small as possible so that each faculty can provide personal attention to you.
  2. The study material should be up-to-date and should follow the UPSC CSE pattern and syllabus.
  3. The coaching centres should offer the most productive study resources, test series and daily current affairs resources.
  4. Faculty must use extensive study techniques and should be skilled.
  5. Infrastructure should be student-friendly and if it is an online platform it must manage to deliver the same effect as offline.

There have been many reputable and result-driven coaching institutes established in India lately. The increasing boom of UPSC aspirants has led to many new productive and effective coaching centres in major Indian cities.

To know more about which coaching centre to choose for UPSC and keep up with other UPSC related content, stay updated with our regular UPSC blogs!

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