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These days, IAS online coaching for the preparation of the UPSC exam is becoming common in the education field. Using the best online IAS Coaching for IAS Tools, students can study for the IAS Exam anywhere. This is the most valuable resource for teachers, staff, and housewives. In addition, they should prepare for the IAS exam according to their ease, either in the morning or at night, according to their best time.

It’s exciting when technology offers you great opportunities while staying at the comfort of your home or having the freedom to explore. The best Online coaching for UPSC is now available for students in each sector whether they are studying for IAS or some other field of work.

However, there is still some uncertainty on the part of students about choosing the right online coaching for IAS Exam Preparation.

List of Best Online Coaching for IAS in India 2021

To help the students make the right choice here is a list of 5 online coachings for UPSC. All of them have some of their plus points and leverages, you just have to choose the one for you which fits your ideologies and requirements.

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UPSC Pathshala

UPSC Pathshala is one of the most acclaimed and preferred platforms among students when it comes to UPSC exam preparation. The platform has been launched with the goal of providing affordable and successful UPSC exam preparation services for UPSC applicants. It provides features such as

  • Personal tutor- You will have a mentor that will be available for you 24×7.
  • Offline access- There will be recorded videos/lectures which you can access later on.
  • Live lectures- There will be live classes to keep the learning more interactive.
  • Daily test series- There will be a set of mock test series available just for you!
  • Doubt-solving sessions- You can ask doubts from your mentor or during the live classes, so it’s very convenient.

Also, UPSC Pathshala requires students to undergo a range of practice tests that eventually ensure that they are fully prepared for their UPSC attempt. Online practice assessments help students keep track of their readiness, recognize their strengths and weaknesses, and work on them properly.

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Plutus IAS Academy

Plutus IAS is a well known IAS Coaching, providing students with proper best rolex replica watch. guidance and always inspiring them to become IAS Officers. The Plutus Academy offers courses at very affordable costs and enables students to learn from the expert instructors in the industry.

Legacy IAS Academy

Legacy IAS is another good online coaching networks for UPSC. Interested candidates who want to train for IAS online can always opt for this online coaching center. It provides PDF notes to students after each lesson. Detailed assessments on each subject are undertaken to help students deepen their knowledge base.

Rau’s IAS Academy

Rau’s is a prestigious institute with more than 67 years of IAS coaching. This online IAS coaching provides complete courses on its online platform. The teachers of this institute are also very respectable. The success record of this academy is phenomenal and has generated 1⁄3 of all Indian bureaucrats. Rau’s IAS will charge Rs 1,40,00 for the full course. In addition, Rau’s IAS also offers an ability to switch from online to offline.

Unacademy IAS

Unacademy is joined by one of the youngest IAS officers, Roman Saini.  Lately, a summit of 3 days was organized specifically for the planning of the IAS. Yesterday’s leaders and tomorrow’s leaders were at the summit. The summit discussed all the issues related to the UPSC challenges.


Because the Civil Services Examination (UPSC) is one of the nation’s highest-qualified scoring tests, the applicant should be equally oriented, determined, and should have the correct guidance on tackling it. While the first two attributes are within oneself, the very last “guidance” can only be accomplished with the aid of skilled and trained teachers. And this is where the responsibility of online coaching classes starts.

If you really want to know which platform can fulfil their responsibility then UPSC pathshala is the one that actually provides everything under one umbrella at a certain price. But it’s worth it compared to others as it gives you a combined set of resources and you don’t need to go anywhere else once you have signed up for UPSC pathshala.

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