There are two ways to approach the  UPSC 2021 prelims and mains. The Conventional One and the Smart One. In this quick life, we have hundreds of tasks a day, and often we fail to give priority to our planning of the UPSC CSE. It’s normal. This can not be replicated, however, because consistency is the secret to success in the UPSC Civil Services Test. We, therefore, need to have a specific approach at our fingertips that is well suited to our needs and time constraints.

Many IAS aspirants have preferred for technological means to complete their UPSC training. This is because online coaching for UPSC is much cheaper and more convenient than standard IAS coaching. Class timings are very versatile and convenient.

Features of IAS Online Coaching

An online UPSC coaching center has a range of features that improve the learning experience for prospective candidates. This would include the following:

  • Interactive Online Classes- You can take the advantage of online live classes where you will find all the preparation material in one place. You can raise doubts during the classes. In case you miss the live classes you can go back and view the recorded lectures from anywhere at any time.
  • Customized plans-  It is based on your skills and requirements, you will be assigned a personalized plan by your mentor. Customized plans are helpful because they are designed to cater to your needs. They are unique for every student and also keep track of your progress.

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More features Available In IAS Online Coaching

  • Online Notes-  In the conventional coaching centres you would have to rush into taking notes as the listener is speaking. But with online classes, everything is pre-recorded so anytime you feel like reviewing material you can go back to the video lectures and take notes on the main ideas.
  • Mock Test Practice-  UPSC online classes offer mock tests that give you a real-time experience of the actual exam. Mock tests also provide detailed solutions and explanations so you can learn from your mistakes. Regularly practising mock tests can give you clarity with topics and improve the way you attempt the questions.

How is Online Coaching is a Smart Alternative

Students earlier used to search for Good IAS training institutes. Now they have added the word online with it because it seems to be the new trend for students. Why is it so? Let’s take a look at these factors:


You must have been searching for the top IAS coaching institutes for UPSC online preparation. They’re charging a great deal of money. It may be up to lakhs. Let your planning begin with the right starting point. For full IAS training, the virtual course will cost you a pocket-friendly amount. It’s not pricey for many of the candidates.

On the other hand, a low-cost fee structure should not be your primary target. It’s not a very smart idea. Never join IAS online coaching only because it’s costing a low price. You will need to ask about other relevant credentials. Take a look at the sample video lectures and then assess the quality. In addition, it would be easier if they had a decent performance rate in recent years. Check for history. Are the mentors and teachers experienced? If you do not check these details you might feel misguided in the future.

Flexible For All

Students who remain in Delhi are not able to attend regular coaching classes. It’s possibly because of the time inconvenience. Graduate candidates also struggle with time. Their classes timings end up colliding with the coaching class timings. Besides money, time is another factor, too. This is the student’s situation. What about the potential housewives? She’s got to do household tasks with coaching lessons. It seems to clash, always! All of these problems have a single solution. And that is Online coaching for sure.

Updated Content

Online study plans for UPSC provide a rich source of current affairs. Current affairs are the only parts that need daily updates. Online classes ensure that the content is modified. It is said to be an amazing resource for students who trust in IAS online coaching. Performance is the same as that of daily coaching courses. In reality, it’s updated every single day. Virtual courses enable you to learn new updated material every single day.

Should You Rely Only on UPSC Online Classes?

Whatever your ultimate decision could be, online IAS coaching should be your preferred route. One can easily get to the top of the exam without regular training courses. Note, they’re not all going to be capable of. It’s totally up to you to research your own performance. If you are good at self-study. Only then, online coaching can be very helpful.

Regardless of the mode of coaching, study materials and guidance are necessary and play a vital role. Of course, you’re going to need mentoring from an experienced team.

Only participate in the offline classroom coaching if it really helps you. If it doesn’t serve the intent, drop the idea. Go for consistency, not conventional methods. You don’t need to obey that as a rule. It’s all up to you! There is no organization that will guarantee the highest rank of the IAS applicant. It all brings down to your effort.

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 Now that you have been introduced to the concept of online classes for UPSC preparation you can decide which online platform to choose from based on the benefits and resources they provide. Online coaching is not just for normal people but is ideal for disabled students who too can dream of taking USPC online tests. All in all, this concept is highly popularized and in demand because it provides the right tools all under one umbrella.

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What do Online Classes Offer for UPSC Preparation? Why are Online Classes so Popular?
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