The stress and anxiety levels are going up among aspirants who are gearing up for the upcoming UPSC prelims 2020. The UPSC IAS exam is considered to be the toughest exam in India and there is no secret that cracking it takes deadly dedication and concentration.

Every year, many candidates regret that they could not perform up to the mark in the examination due to unnecessary stress even though they prepared well. So, right now if you are feeling a chilling sensation thinking about the upcoming exam, then calm down! You are not the only one who is freaking out.

Here in this article, you are going to get some amazing last-minute preparation for UPSC prelims that will make your life much sorted. So, keep calm, read the article till the end and you can thank us later.

Last Minute Tips for IAS Preparation

The last few days left for the preparation is very crucial as the aspirants have to gather all that he/ she prepared till now and speed up to crack the IAS exam. Let’s check these last-minute preparation tips for UPSC prelims 2020.

Make the Notes your Best Friend

Don’t you dare to open a book now unless you are too sure to revise those whole books in this last hour. Experts and top UPSC mentors suggest that self-made notes are the best resource to look forward to at the last minute of the UPSC prelims exam. Revise each of the topics from your notes and keep the most important topic at the topmost rank of the priority list.

Don’t Rush to Write

Give yourself some time to carefully read and understand the questions completely before jumping into writing the answer. There have been many cases where simple questions were asked in tricky type thus confusing the IAS aspirants. So, do not take any risk. In these last few days, whenever you sit for a mock test, give the questions a good read, and then start answering.

Focus on Speed & Accuracy

To crack the UPSC prelims 2020 it is very important to maintain a good balance between your speed and accuracy. The secret behind cracking the IAS exam is to use your brain wisely. It’s no good if you give a wrong answer in just a fraction of second so the main idea is to be correct as well as fast. In the last few days left for the exam, practice mocks and put extra effort in this matter.

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Manage Your Time Smartly

It is another important factor that all aspirants should take care of. You have very less time in hand and a lot of topics to revise. So, break the time and divide it subject wise. Don’t try to do all at the same time. That will do you more harm than benefit. Focus extra on subjects that are still giving you chills.

Improve Mental Health

Give our mind a little refreshment, involve it in something other than UPSC preparation. There are many mental game apps available on Apple and Android stores. Install those and play for some time. This will give your mind a break from all-day studies and will also help you develop positivity.

Locate Your Exam Centre

This is a year of pandemic and everything is messed up around. So take out some time to decide how you will reach your exam hall. Make sure that you do not keep locating the address for the last moment because that will give you extra stress.

Keep Everything Necessary Handy

From sanitizer to your ID proof, keep all these gathered in one place. If it was some other year then you would have been suggested to carry the admit, id, photographs, etc but this year, you have to be extra protective and carry all the necessary things to keep yourself safe from the deadly Coronavirus.

Stay Fit

Staying fit is absolutely necessary for doing well in any exam, and especially this year, when people are getting badly affected by the COVID-19 virus, you must take better care of your health. Is the last few days before the UPSC prelims 2020, follow a healthy lifestyle. Eat a healthy breakfast at the right time. Indulge in some regular indoor exercise and most importantly sleep well at least for 7-8 hours.


Your last 10 days strategy for UPSC prelims should be focused, planned, and also relaxed. Do not give yourself any extra stress. Try to keep yourself in a good mood and don’t start studying something new at this moment. Keep your focus on revising those things which you have already covered.

Hopefully, these UPSC preparation tips will help you prepare better for the upcoming UPSC prelims 2020. Best of luck!

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