India is home to diverse cultures but in some parts of India, class distinctions and segregation still occur. With this in mind, the government provides individuals belonging to castes and communities that have been abused in the past with unique benefits. The Non-Creamy Layer Certificate is also called the Other Backward Class Certificate. It is one such paper that will allow individuals belonging to the OBC group to take advantage of the benefits. You will learn here how to get the NCL certificate and all the information related to it.

What is the Non-Creamy Layer Meaning?

Non- creamy layer in OBC basically refers to people who do not come from privileged families and hence requires support and encouragement from the government. The object of this document was to assign employment to the central government, the public sector, to provide subsidies and free education. In entrance exams, the certificate holders earn a 27% reservation quota that helps them get into top colleges and universities such as NITs, IITs, and IIMs.

How to Get an NCL Certificate? Find the Requirements

In order to get the Non- creamy certificate you need to meet the requirements which are listed below:

  • The applicant should belong to the OBC category.
  • You are more likely to come under Non-Creamy Layer OBC if your parents are not specifically recruited class 1 or 2 officers OR they do not hold any constitutional positions like president, prime minister, chief minister, etc.
  • If your parents are not in any government job, their revenue should be within the government’s limits to be known as Non-Creamy Layer OBC.

There is one more condition that needs to be met and that is the Income limit

Non- Creamy Layer Income Limit

The annual revenue of the applicant’s parents should be less than Rs. 8 lakhs for the past three consecutive years to qualify for the certificate. Income generated from agriculture shall not be counted as income for the creamy layer status   As far as government employees are involved, it is important to take into account the entry framework/post.

Is the Candidate’s Income included as Well?

The non-creamy layer status does not take a candidate’s income. Only his/ her parent’s status is checked.

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What’s The Validity of Non- Creamy Layer Certificate?

The Validity of NCL certificate is up to one year.

What if You Come Under OBC but Not Under NCL?

Applications who come under the creamy layer meaning that their parent’s earn more than 8 lakhs do not get any reservations at government agencies. So they would have to compete in the general category.

Which Citizens are Not Eligible to Apply for OBC Certificate?

  • The castes that fall under BC and MBC are certain.
  • Parents who work under Group A services such as IPS, IAS, and IFS
  • Parents who work for  Central Government’s Category B and C
  • Parents employed in group 1 of the government
  • If the income of parents is greater than 8 lakhs.

How to Apply for OBC Certificate Online?

  • Just a few states provide the registration mode online.
  • If an individual belongs to the state in which the online mode is accessible, he or she can visit the backward class welfare portal of the state.
  • The individual has to click on the “apply for caste certification online” page.
  • The person can either set up an account on the portal itself or begin filling out the online application form provided on the website.
  • The individual must then enter in his or her details, such as contact number, address, personal details and other information needed.
  • The person had to then provide verification of the information provided.
  • After checking the information, the individual may also provide proof of documents with the data.

What to Expect After the Submission?

  • After submission, in addition to the application number, the applicant will receive a slip of confirmation.
  • If he or she wants to or can save it offline, the person may print the slip out. In order to keep a check on the application status, the person needs to save the application number.
  • The individual may obtain his or her caste certificate directly from the page or the portal itself after doing the verification.
  • On completion of the process, an email or SMS will be issued.

Schemes You Can Take Advantage of

Multiple scholarship schemes and healthcare services for OBCs in India are administered by the central government. Take a look at some of these:

  • National Fellowship for OBC students
  • Free Coaching Scheme
  • Post Matric Scholarship to OBC students
  • Post Matric Scholarship to OBC students

If you have your OBC certificate then you should definitely take advantage of these listed schemes.


The goal of the OBC (non-creamy layer) reservation is to elevate the backward classes with the most qualified people. Most OBC candidates typically fall under the Non-Creamy Layer OBC, except for those who do not meet the conditions.Many qualified applicants, however, are not aware of how to obtain the certificate. To make things worse, greedy bureaucrats also refuse the OBC non-creamy layer certificate to eligible applicants. You can assert your deserving quota by going through the government’s provisions about non-creamy layer requirements in detail.

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