Current affairs hold a very major role in your UPSC exam thus it is important to study well for it. Most people tend to go wrong over here and we will discuss the mistakes in detail further in the article.

What are the important current affairs topics for UPSC 2020?

So in the authors opinion the list below contains important current affair topics for UPSC 2020:

  • The new education policy 2020
  • Coronavirus and its effects
  • 5G Technology
  • Vaccine development
  • ICMR
  • PPE kit and it’s working
  • COVID 19 testing techniques
  • Farmers bill
  • Rail roko agitation
  • Change in the world of sports due to the C-19 pandemic
  • Aarogya setu app
  • Underwater connection to Andaman and Nicobar island
  • India- China situation
  • Amendments in Companies ACT
  • India- Nepal dispute
  • Amendment in right to inform
  • Banning of Chinese apps from Indian markets
  • US Presidential election
  • Indian PM speech at UN Summit
  • Atma Nirbhar Bharat

How to Prepare Current Affairs for UPSC?

Now that you know what areas you have to look into, next is understanding how to prepare current affairs for UPSC.

The first and foremost step is to read newspapers. Reading newspapers will be the biggest asset to boosting your scores in the current affairs section as it will help you get daily current affairs for UPSC. This will keep you on track with all the updates in and around the globe because newspapers cover all aspects and are easy to find and more reliable than television media.

It is very important to use trustable and verified sources as this can affect your knowledge about a certain topic. The Hindu is one of the leading and recommended newspapers for your UPSC needs. They are well known to deliver verified news, which is a very important aspect.

Make sure you include time for it in your daily workload. Incorporate it in a fun way so that you do not get bored or leave it out of your timetable. You can be very creative in this area.

You can look for more tips on how to prepare for current affairs for UPSC from here.

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Division of Work

Since you will have to prepare for current affairs for almost a year, it is going to be really tough for you to remember all events across 365 days. So, for that, it is recommended to go through sources that will give you updates on a weekly and monthly basis too. The list below consists of sources that can fulfill your needs:

  1. UPSC Pathshala-  At UPSC pathshala, it updates you with blogs every day with current affairs, so you can use these blogs to write down a summary of every week and month. It has a really well-developed, user-friendly, and ad-free website which is a very good aspect along with the reliability of their sources.
  2. Jagran Josh- One of the leading websites to talk about education in India. It has the option to give you monthly updates where they pile up everyday news and leave it as updates for the users. They too are a reliable source for your needs.
  3. Gradeup- Gradeup is a very user-friendly website and also provides pdf for monthly current affairs with links for the same in Hindi too.

Best Current Affairs Magazine

Magazines are very helpful and few candidates prefer the different reading styles available in magazines. They generally engage more with the audience and help to pass information in a unique manner.

Below is a list curated by the author that are best suited to help you get better marks for the UPSC exam in the current affairs :

  1. Yojana- Yojana is one of the most leading and reliable sources to get your monthly update on current affairs. It is considered to be the best source in current affairs for UPSC. They cover government programs and focus on socio-economic problems very well.
  2. Kurukshetra- This magazine and yojana are published by the same magazine house. This magazine focuses on the rural development and infrastructure issues prevailing in India. The magazine is published in both Hindi and English. They allow you to download old copies for free from their official website .
  3. Pratiyogita Darpan- this magazine is available in both English and Hindi. It talks about current affairs with news and also gives tips from toppers along with sample question papers.

Mistakes While preparing

Many candidates do not understand where they go wrong. The first and foremost place everyone goes wrong is inconsistency.

Most candidates are very inconsistent with their practice on current affairs and this is the major issue for them. If you do not work daily on your current affairs you will definitely miss out.

The next big issue is that most people do not use a verified source and this can cause the candidate to have the wrong information. This is very common in most candidates.

Lack of research will leave you in trouble. Having deep information on important issues is very important. So make sure you are well versed in important topics.

Taking a lot of pressure is not the best-case scenario. Sometimes take a break so you can get better out of your preparations.

Candidates keep testing for every subject but do not take any quiz or take very little quizzes in daily current affairs for UPSC or even monthly current affairs. So take tests to see how well you know it.


So if you are preparing for your UPSC exam then it is very important to get a very strong hold over current affairs. If you do not wish to make mistakes like most people do or learn ideal ways to prepare for it in the UPSC exam then this blog will do the job for you. Follow all results regularly for the best results. All the best for your preparations!

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