Aspirants of IAS/ IPS have numerous queries regarding the UPSC exam and how to prepare for it. With many coaching centres, both physical and online, it can not be very clear which one to choose for preparation. Often the question arises while selecting a coaching centre is, which is the best online coaching for UPSC? The options can be quite baffling.

Also, the decision between opting for online or physical classes can be a challenging one. In this article, we will have an honest comparison of the best online coaching for UPSC. Read on to learn more about which is the best online coaching for UPSC.

Best Online Coaching for UPSC 2021

To assist the candidates to make the correct choice here is a list of five best online coachings for UPSC 2021. All of them have few of their positive significance and leverages, you only need to select the one for you which suits your ideologies and needs.

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Best Coaching for IAS

The best coaching for IAS is UPSC Pathshala given below are the reasons why it is the most prestigious coaching in India:

UPSC Pathshala

UPSC Pathshala is one of the most widely applauded and best platforms among the candidates when it comes to Union Public Service Commission examination preparation. The program has been commenced to give inexpensive and prosperous Union Public Service Commission examination preparation services for UPSC candidates. It delivers features like:

Personal tutor You will get a trained professional to mentor you that will be 24×7 available for you.
Live lectures There will be live sessions where you can ask questions or clear your doubts to keep the learning more effective.
Offline access You will get recorded versions of all the lectures in video form that you can go through later on or whenever you need them.
Doubt-Clearing sessions You can inquire about doubts related to the topics from your mentor during the live session classes, so it’s very effective.
Daily test series To keep a track on your preparation, UPSC Pathshala will provide you with a set of mock test series.

One of the best online coaching for IAS 2021, UPSC Pathshala expects aspirants to withstand a span of mock tests that ultimately makes sure that they are completely prepared for their Union Public Service Commission attempt.

Online mock examinations assist aspirants to maintain track of their willingness, understand their weaknesses and strengths, and practice them promptly to achieve the desired goal.

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Unacademy IAS

Unacademy was founded by Roman Saini, one of the youngest Indian Administrative officers.  Previously, a conference of three days was organized mainly for the planning of the Indian Administrative Services. Previous leaders and upcoming leaders were at the conference. The conference discussed all the problems associated with the Union Public Service Commission challenges.

Legacy IAS Academy

Legacy IAS is another promising online coaching system for the Union Public Service Commission. Enthusiastic aspirants who wish to train for Indian Administrative Services online can choose this online tutoring centre. It gives PDF notes for preparation to aspirants after every topic. Thorough assessments on every subject are undertaken to assist aspirants to deepen their understanding.

Rau’s IAS Academy

Rau’s is a prominent academy with more than sixty-seven years of Indian Administrative Services coaching. This online IAS coaching gives detailed lessons on its online setting. The mentors of this academy are also very admirable.

The accomplishment record of this institute is extraordinary and has developed 1⁄3 of all Indian administrators. Rau’s IAS is INR. 1,40,00 for the entire program. In addition, Rau’s IAS also gives the means to shift from online to offline courses.

Plutus IAS Academy

Plutus IAS is a famous IAS Coaching, giving aspirants promising results. Recommendation and constantly motivating them to achieve their goal of becoming IAS Officers. The Plutus Academy gives classes at very reasonable prices and helps candidates to understand from the professional mentors in the industry.

Online Vs. Physical Coaching Centre for UPSC Preparation

Candidates might be confused about whether to opt for online coaching or a physical coaching centre. We will discuss briefly which will help you clarify which one to go for.

For years now UPSC aspirants have depended on coaching institutes. It was customary to attend physical classrooms for UPSC exams. But with the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic and government following strict lockdowns, it seems conducting classroom coaching is far from being an option.

Even when the restrictions on the lockdown will ease up for educational institutes, it will come with many caveats of social distancing. With that in place, conducting large physical classes for aspiring UPSC candidates will be unviable.

The traditional guidance and coaching hence have to be replaced with the new format. In place of face-to-face, conventional classroom coaching, interactive online UPSC coaching will become the norm.

Which Online Coaching is Best for UPSC?

Which online coaching is best for UPSC? Technology itself cannot produce benefits until integrated into the instruction. Education needs to offer high-quality guidance from the instructors, while technology is the medium.

High-quality guidance needs to be delivered by the instructor by using the technology to facilitate a better learning experience for the students. With this technology and the initiative of the instructor, active student engagement is possible. It also can boost collaborative learning along with regular feedback for teachers.

So, while there are quite a lot of UPSC coaching platforms, some of them tops over the others. UPSC Pathshala is one of the best.

UPSC Pathshala – The Best Online Coaching for UPSC

At UPSC Pathshala, we understand that online teaching demands a different set of tools and techniques to connect with the students since they are not physically present. Hence, the instructors need to be clear about what they are teaching, setting the expectation of the students while adapting to the skills required for delivering digital classes.

UPSC Pathshala hence ensures that the teachers are trained in the digital platform and adept in using instructional technology to teach as well as resolve any related queries of the candidates.

Our instructors use real-time assessments and the analysis it provides to acquire relevant information for assessing the skill level and the knowledge of the students attending the online classes, thus making UPSC Pathshala the best online Coaching platform for UPSC.

A Comparative Study of UPSC Pathshala with Other UPSC Coaching Centres

We are aware that there are many UPSC coaching classes, both online and physical. There are Byju, Testbook and Unacademy. But what sets UPSC Pathshala apart is primarily, we specialise in providing online courses to UPSC aspirants only. We do not dabble in delivering lectures in any other field.

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As a candidate, when you are enrolling with UPSC Pathshala, you will get the following:

A Dedicated Mentor

The mentor will help you with the study plan and make one for you that suits your capacity. He/she will also clear your doubts, help you with current affairs discussions while evaluating your answers and keep you on track.

Keeping Track of Preparation

Multiple tests are subjective and objective, based on the lectures and video tutorials, specific topics and module tests to ensure you are staying on track with the preparation. Each test is curated to ensure the candidate gets clarity of thought on each topic. Special focus on test series of GS and Current Affairs allows the candidate to get the real feel of the UPSC Exam several times before appearing for it.

Best Video Lectures

The topmost faculty members who have extensive knowledge in UPSC deliver the video lectures. GS, CSAT and Current Affairs covered in detail. The focus is on both Prelims and Mains. After every video lecture, there are questions to evaluate the student’s understanding of the topic and also test modules to solve to mark the progress.

All the sessions are done on video chats, and there are also one-on-one sessions.

The topics are sectioned in modules so that both the conceptual understanding (static content) and Current Affairs (dynamic range) are covered in detail.

There are Three Tiers of Assessment by UPSC Pathshala

To ensure the success of the candidates, which includes:

# After every session questions help to gauge the progress and understanding of the candidate.

# Regular tests on the modules taught to track the progress.

# For both Prelims and Mains full-length tests are conducted to give the candidates the feel of the actual UPSC exam.

Online UPSC Course due to Social Distancing

With many organisations opting to open online coaching centres for aspiring IAS and IPS candidates, selecting the best online civil service coaching can be a daunting task. But even with social distance becoming the new normal, many might feel that attending a physical classroom coaching is better than the online one. Is it so? Is there any difference between online and physical classes? Are there some extra benefits to attending online classes?

In reality, there is practically no difference between online and physical UPSC classes, apart from the mode of delivery.

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Benefits of Online Courses at UPSC Pathshala

With the live lectures during the online classes, students can later on-access recorded lectures too when attending an online course, allowing them to watch these lectures as many times as they need to, thus reinforcing their learning capacity. UPSC Pathshala, the best online civil service coaching platform with the use of technology, various aspects of teaching methodology is enhanced. As a result, online coaching offers certain benefits:

Enhanced Flexibility

No longer do students have to attend classes at specific times, which can often be an issue when they have to juggle quite a few things while preparing for the UPSC examination. Online classes have a video-back facility that gives the candidates the option to hear and see the lectures in case they missed the live online session.

Furthermore, the entire study material is made available online, thus giving them the flexibility to study and complete the assignments as per their own schedule. All they have to do is just complete and submit them on time; how they manage it and plan it is up to the students.

Better Teacher-Student Interaction

Candidates are no longer confined to the class timings to ask their questions to the instructor. They can request information and send questions to the teacher online anytime with the class forum platform. The instructor will reply to queries before the next class, so the student does not have to wait till the next session to clarify the doubts.

Furthermore, students can take part in ongoing group discussions that are available on the forum, which will enhance their learning.

Adding to these benefits, UPSC Pathshala uses the latest technology and numerous tools to aid their teaching that can provide a better learning experience for the students.

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Who are These Online Coaching Classes of UPSC For?

In the traditional classroom, coaching students have to travel to the coaching centre, thus spending time on the commute, whereas students can avail online classes from anywhere. Now with the COVID-19 forcing us to rethink our safety, the best online coaching for IAS can be done while staying at home.

Online coaching can assure that the learning requirements of the UPSC aspirants are the same despite their different backgrounds. But it is the same difference that leads them to approach studying differently.

Online Coaching can Prove to be Beneficial for Those Like

# Some candidates may have to balance work, education and other commitments while preparing for the examination, making it difficult to attend physical classes because of the timing of the classes or additional time constraints.

With UPSC aspirants coming from all over India, there are quite a significant number of candidates who stay in areas where commuting to physical coaching centres six times a week to attend physical classes is impractical.

# In physical classes, the pace of the learning is determined by the tutor and the rest of the students. But online coaching gives the option to the individuals to learn at their own pace and style.

# The societal and other distractions impact another issue that learners often face and the learning outcome. For them studying through an alternative medium and getting guidance while staying focused can be achieved.

# Generally, candidates with disabilities can also benefit from online courses. They are adding to that with the pandemic conditions, individuals who want to distance themselves socially and want to be secure and stay at home while studying can also take advantage of the online IAS classes.


The best online coaching platforms for UPSC offer the students the flexibility that offline (on-campus) centres fail to provide.

All these factors make UPSC Pathshala the best Online Coaching for UPSC, especially the combination of putting technology with education while ensuring the progress of the candidates.

UPSC Pathshala also offers a free demo class so as a candidate, you can experience the teaching process and the technology that is being used. Over the years, over 15000 students have passed from UPSC Pathshala with numerous passing and getting selected in the UPSC exam.

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