Every year when UPSC declares CSE results the toppers receive huge media attention. The names of toppers flash overall new channels, websites, and even in newspapers. Everyone aspires to become one of them. This is simply because of the prestige UPSC brings with itself.

While UPSC organizes different examinations every year for the recruitment of various posts CSE is especially popular among them. Candidates who clear CSE are selected as IAS, IPS, IFS, IFoS, and many more. This year around 772 students were able to clear this examination. But what was interesting is that two sisters cleared the examination simultaneously and established a new sister’s goal. Yes, we are talking about Ankita Jain, AIR-3, and Vaishali Jain, AIR-21.

In this article, we will cover all about Vaishali Jain and her preparation strategy for UPSC.

Vaishali Jain Biography

The UPSC result as of 2020 brought double happiness for the Jain family. Their both daughters didn’t only clear CSE but also were able to secure 3rd and 21st rank. Their elder daughter Ankita Jain was able to secure 3rd rank all over India, while her younger sister Vaishali Jain bagged 21st rank in 2020.

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Family Background

Vaishali’s father Sushil Kumar Jain is a businessman while her mother Anita Jain is a homemaker. Besides them, she also has two siblings, one sister, and one brother. Her sister is Ankita Jain who also prepared for the UPSC in 2020 and was able to bag rank 3rd.

Name Vaishali Jain
Age not known
Fathers Name Sushil Kumar Jain
Mothers Name Anita Jain
Sibling Ankita Jain, and a Brother
Under Graduation B.Tech, Delhi Technological University
Post Graduation M.Tech, Institute of Information Technology, Delhi
Hometown Agra

Education Qualification

Vaishali Jain has pursued her B.Tech from Delhi Technological University. There she was a gold medalist. She did her post-graduation in MTech from IIT Delhi. She was again a gold medalist there. She was a smart girl from her childhood.

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Her UPSC Journey

After MTech, she started preparing for UPSC. In 2019 she gave her first attempt. Unfortunately, she was not able to clear even prelims back then. In an interview with OnlyIAS, she revealed that she was preparing for both Engineering service and civil service in her first attempt. Therefore her mind was divided in both and hence she was not able to clear it.

She was disappointed with the result. Having a brilliant academic record from the past now facing such failure was beyond her acceptance. But her sister played a big role in it and calmed her down. Then she explained that ups and downs are a part of our life. We should keep on moving for ultimate success.

Sisters Support

“My biggest inspiration is my sister. And I have been learning from her experiences”

Both sisters prepared for the UPSC together. They both shared notes and motivated each other. Vaishali Jain revealed that they had hung a poem on the wall to get motivation.

The poem goes like this,

Waqt aane par Tujhe, bata denge aye aasman….Hum Abhi se kya bataye kya hamare dil me hain. ”

The English translation goes like this

When the time comes we’ll prove it to the sky. Why should we tell you now itself, as to what’s there in our hearts?”

It is a famous line from a famous poem

“Sarfaroshi ki tamanna ab hamare dil me hain”.

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Final Success: UPSC CSE 2020

In her second attempt, her hard work and dedication paid off. She was able to bag 21st rank in her CSE.

Name Vaishali Jain
Year 2020
Rank 21
Attempt 2
Optional Subject Mechanical Engineering
Roll no 0828175

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Vaishali Jain Marksheet

Vaishali Jain Marks
Written Test 835
Personality Test 177
Total marks secured 1012

Preparation Strategy

Vaishali Jain shares some of her preparation strategies. They are as follows:

#1. Time Management

According to Vaishali Jain, time management is crucial for your preparation. You should know how to allocate your time for various subjects for efficient preparation. She gave her preparation an engineering thinking, she writes down how many hours is the demand and what is the supply for it.

Hence by balancing them she decided how much time she would give to preparation. She gave around 11-12 hours daily for preparation. According to her, if she set a higher time limit she would easily study for at least 9 hours efficiently.

#2. Previous Year Question Paper

She emphasizes the importance of solving the previous year’s question papers. According to Vaishali Jain, she has solved different papers to understand the exam pattern and question type nicely.

#3. Positive Environment

Your environment affects your thought process. If you live in an inspiring and motivating environment you can think and work better.

#4. Targets

She said that she divided her syllabus into smaller targets. Hence she was able to achieve those small goals that combined and gave her big success. According to her, toppers do not do anything different, but they do the same thing differently.

#5. Exercise

She also emphasized the importance of exercise and yoga. According to her aspirants usually get busy in their studies and ignore it. But it leads to bad health and brain lag. Exercising is not a time wastage but a method to study more efficiently.

#6. Family Time

She also made sure to give some quality time to her family. Though she isolated herself from her studies but made sure to eat or drink tea together.

Toppers of UPSC CSE 2020

Rank Name Written Test Personality Test Total Marks
1 Shubham Kumar 878 176 1054
2 Jagrati Awasthi 859 193 1052
3 Ankita Jain 839 212 1051
4 Yash Juluka 851 195 1046
5 Mamta Yadav 855 187 1042
6 Meera K 835 206 1041
7 Praveen Kumar 848 193 1041
8 Jivani Kartik Nagjibhai 858 182 1040
9 Apala Mishra 816 215 1031
10 Satyam Gandhi 827 201 1028
11 Devyani 842 182 1024
12 Mithun Premraj 845 179 1024
13 Gaurav Budania 850 173 1023
14 Karishma Nair 834 187 1021
15 Ria Dabi 859 162 1021
16 Arth Jain 853 168 1021
17 Sarthak Jaiswal 822 195 1017
18 Radhika Gupta 838 179 1017
19 Shashwat Tripurari 852 165 1017
20 P Srija 831 184 1015

This was an inspiring journey of Vaishali Jain. For more such awesome stories visit UPSC Pathshala. This website is a one-stop destination for UPSC preparation.

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