Mithun Premraj is a doctor from Vadakara, has cleared the Union Public Service Commission examination in his 5th attempt, attaining the 12th All India Rank in the process. He completed medicine in the year 2015. He always wanted to become an Indian Administrative Service Officer. That’s why even after 4 failed attempts he didn’t give up and finally cracked the exam on the 5th attempt. Read on to learn more about Mithun Premraj Biography.

Mithun Premraj Biography

Indian Administrative Service Officer Mithun was born in a family of doctors. Mithun’s father’s name is Dr Premraj, who is a prominent paediatrician and his sister’s name is Dr Ashwathi, in Mukkam, she is a senior resident with the division of radiology at the Kunhitharuvai Memorial Charitable Trust Group of Institutions (KMCT) Medical College.

Dr Mithun is 30 years old, who has had small stints with the NHM (National Health Mission) at the district hospital and Kozhikode association in Vadakara. Before preparing for the interview for the Civil Service examination he was working in the district hospital’s Covid centre saving peoples lives. He finished schooling on the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) board. From Puducherry, he completed his medicine from JIPMER and later on in the Indian Institute of Public Health, New Delhi, acquired a diploma in public health.

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Mithun Premraj Marksheet

Indian Administrative Service Officer Mithun Premraj obtained 1024 marks in total in the examination of the Union Public Service Commission. Premraj secured 845 marks in the CSE Mains Written Test and 179 marks in the Personality exam and accomplished 12th All India Rank in the 2020 Civil Service examination.

Given below is the Indian Administrative Service Officer Mithun Premraj mark sheet:

All India Rank (AIR) UPSC Mains (Written) Exam Marks Personality Test Marks Total Marks
12 845 179 1024

Mithun Premraj Marks

IAS Mithun Premraj marks were 1024 in total in the 2020 Civil Service examination. In the written paper he secured excellent marks which were 845 and in the interview, he attained 179 scores. That’s how he achieved the All India Rank 12 in the Union Public Service Commission.

He was able to secure such high marks and a great rank because he fully dedicated himself towards the Civil Service Examination preparation. He managed his time very precisely, as he was working as a doctor, saving our nation’s people from COVID-19 and doing his preparation for the UPSC examination at the same time. All his hard work finally paid off after becoming an Indian Administrative Service officer.


IAS Premraj UPSC Rank was 12th. All the serious aspirants who join the Union Public Service Commission battlefield, wish to attain All India Rank 1. Although all Union Public Service Commission toppers say that they don’t have any idea how they will obtain Rank-1, the fact is that they work the hardest during their preparation.

You also need to work hard and smart, relentless practice, maintaining discipline, a well-thought-out technique and proper management of time management. You have to be filled with motivation and desire to achieve the goals.

One should be aware of strengths and weaknesses properly, to obtain the great UPSC rank that you wish for. You need to have patience and self-belief, it will help you in the long run.

Optional Subject

IAS Mithun chose Geography as the optional subject. He chose Geography because while preparing for General Studies, he created a certain interest in the subject of Geography and thought of opting for it as an optional subject.

Other factors also influenced him, like when he selected Geography as an optional subject it helped him prepare for the General Studies Paper more nicely. Also, there was a coaching centre near his area which was helping the UPSC aspirants with the preparation of Geography subject.

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In the Interview, Mithun was asked when he gave his first attempt?, he said, he gave his first attempt for the Civil Service Examination in the year 2016 in that he cleared the prelims exam. In the year 2017, he gave his second attempt in that he cleared the mains exam. In the year 2018, he appeared for the third attempt. In 2019, he gave his fourth attempt in which he gave the interview but couldn’t come in the final merit list.

In 2020, he cleared the Union Public Service Commission and secured All India Rank 12th and brought the glory back home in his 5th attempt.

“I feel very relaxed. Though I completed medicine in 2015, IAS has been my dream. In the four previous attempts, I had reached the interview phase three times,”

Dr Mithun said.

His UPSC Preparation

Indian Administrative Service Officer Mithun prepared for the exam differently. He mentioned during the interview that if you don’t prepare the topics properly you won’t be able to clear the exam. Because he didn’t prepare for the mains exam properly so he wasn’t able to clear it.

He was slow in writing the exam so he instructed the aspirants to practise and improve it if they have the same problem. If they don’t manage the time they might miss out on other questions. The aspirant should not have a lack of interest while preparing for the exam. Always try to be motivated and do not get distracted.


You are required to follow a good strategy to secure good scores in the Civil Service Examination. First, motivate yourself so that you don’t lack motivation in the middle of the preparation. Second, decide whether you want to prepare for the exam on your own or want to join a coaching centre. If you want to prepare on your own, you should start your preparation as early as possible because you will take time to prepare your schedule. If you find the topics are difficult to understand you should join coaching.

UPSC Pathshala is the best option for coaching as it provides you with excellent guidance. Third, Start from easy topics and gradually proceed towards harder topics, make notes after completing each topic it will help you understand better, revise and take practise tests to check your preparation.

Lastly, be confident, calm and positive, it is important to be in a stable position during the exam as when you rush in you make mistakes. At this point, you can’t afford to make a wrong move. Take proper care of your health.

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Good things take time and patience when you rush things, the outcomes are not favourable. Like in the above article where IAS Mithun failed many attempts yet he didn’t lose his patience and dropped the idea of becoming an IAS officer. Instead, he prepared himself better than ever and cleared the exam on his fifth attempt.

Be dedicated and hard-working like him. If you are also thinking of appearing for the Union Public Service Commission examination then you should hurry up and start with your preparation. For more assistance join UPSC Pathshala. Take a step and the rest is up to us to guide you.

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