The UPSC Civil Services result 2021 was released late Friday night, with a total of 761 applicants passing the test, 545 men and 216 women. The nicest part about this year’s UPSC results is that women took the top five places. Mamta Yadav, Union Public Service Commission Rank 5, is one among them.

The 24-year-old has spent her whole childhood in Delhi’s Basai hamlet, and she is the first person from there to advance so far in her schooling as an IAS official. She now wants to help more women.

In this article, you will read about Mamta Yadav’s biography and her strategy to crack the Civil Service exam.

Mamta Yadav Biography

Mamta Yadav was born in Basai, India, in 1996. She is an Indian Administrative Service officer by profession. In the Union Public Service Commission exam 2020, she was ranked 5th. In her village, she was the first woman to be appointed to the IAS. She finishes her education in a local Delhi school before enrolling at Delhi University’s Hindi College. Ashok Yadav is her father’s name, and Saroj Yadav is his mother’s name.

Mamta came in fifth place in the Civil Service exam. However, Mamta’s achievement is noteworthy since she took the exam in the year 2020 as well, achieving 556 rankings at the time. She began training for the Indian Railway Personnel Service after being selected. Mamta, on the other hand, was not content with this. This was not acceptable to them. So she tried again, and this time she was successful.

Family Background

Mamta Yadav’s father, Ashok Yadav, is a private firm employee who lives in Basai hamlet, and her mother, Saroj Yadav, is a homemaker. Mamta received her whole schooling in Delhi and graduated from Delhi University’s Hindu College. Saroj, Mamta’s mother, says she never expected her daughter to travel so far.

Mamta’s mother deserves credit for her daughter’s achievement, according to her father Ashok, who says his daughter has made him extremely proud.

Mamta Yadav’s Journey from Rank 556 to Rank 5

Mamta Yadav is a young girl from a village who accomplished her dream of becoming an Indian administrative officer. Even after clearing the Union Public Service Commission exam once she still gave a second attempt to become an IAS officer. Carrying the dreams of many young girls from her village she became the first female officer from her area.

Her second try at the UPSC Civil Services was a success. She took this difficult exam for the first time in 2020 and received a Rank of 556. She began training for the Indian Railway Personnel Service after being selected.

She, on the other hand, was unsatisfied and desired to prove her worth by climbing higher. The second time she took the exam, she received a big boost, propelling her into the top 5.

Mamta Yadav UPSC Marksheet

Given below is the mark sheet of Mamta Yadav who scored 1042 in total and achieved All India Rank 5th in the Union Public Service Commission examination 2020. She scored 855 marks in the written Mains Civil Service Exam. In the personality test, she secured 187.

Roll Number All India Rank (AIR) UPSC Mains (Written) Exam Marks Personality Test Marks Total Marks
0829179 5 855 187 1042

Mamta Yadav’s Optional Subject

Mamta opted for Physics as the optional subject for the Union Public Service Commission exam 2020. She chose physics as she did her BSc in Physics Honours from Hindu College, the University of Delhi, which made it easier for her to prepare as the basics were already clear.

She did self-study for the optional paper.

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Mamta Yadav Strategy

Indian Administrative Service Officer Mamta Yadav followed a few strategies during the time of Union Public Service Commission preparation which helped her achieve her desired goal. Given below are the few strategies that she mentioned during her interviews.

Learn to Unlearn

Because of the scope and contribution one may offer to society, students from diverse academic backgrounds choose the UPSC civil services test as a profession. Learn to debunk all of the Civil Service preparation myths and misconceptions.

Not just gaining conceptual clarity but also being able to link it with the present scene is becoming increasingly important. Create your own new beginning by organising the layers of your own river study.

Becoming a public servant is considerably more than simply a means of getting a job; it is a life-changing experience. It is critical for applicants to go over the curriculum on a frequent basis in order to understand the exam’s demands.

Imitation is Limitation

Begin with devising a comprehensive and integrated plan for the UPSC civil services prelims and mains examinations. Divide the year into 12 months by designating months to subjects that have a clear strategy.

Don’t Get Confused

While content is key for UPSC Civil Service preparation, it may also be confusing for students who find themselves scouring various internet sites for materials. There is a deluge of knowledge available on the internet.

As a result, it is important that you spend your time wisely on the different online platforms. Choose the ones that will save you time and help you prepare. Hoping from one to the next isn’t going to help much.

Decode the Paper Pattern

Lastly, figure out how the test questions are phrased. This procedure necessitates a thorough examination of all prior years’ questions, with a keen eye on what has been asked and why. Attempt as many questions as possible, then evaluate why your questions were incorrect and how you may have done better.

Choosing Optional Subject

The most important thing would be that your optional subject should be something you love reading. If the subject does not appeal to you, it will be tough to maintain your excitement across numerous efforts. An aspirant’s aptitude for the topic is a personal choice.

While coaching isn’t required, proper instruction is. You’ll want to look into the availability of good advice, especially if you don’t have a degree in the optional topics you’re contemplating.

Some optional subjects need more preparation time than others. Many themes in humanities courses like sociology and public management overlap with the General Studies curriculum and can aid in the Essay paper. Because you’ve already spent 3 or 4 years studying it, choosing an optional from your graduation stream can assist. As a result, you may already have a solid basis in it.

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Journey of IAS Mamta Yadav

From a small-town girl to becoming an IAS Officer, Mamta’s journey is inspiring many aspirants of the nation. So in 2019, Mamta first started her Civil Service journey when she cracked and passed the examination by securing the rank 556.

She was appointed for the service of the Indian Railways Personnel. Yet, this wasn’t sufficient for Mamta, and she thought of giving a second try at the Indian Administrative Service Exam with backing from her parents and mentors.

She did her preparation by herself, she studied up to 10 to 12 hrs a day from progressing her daily study duration from 8 to 10 hrs. Her effort. didn’t go to waste, when she attained the 5th rank in the Union Public Service Commission exam 2020.

IAS Yadav gives her achievement credit to her parents who gave her constant support. Her parents meanwhile are delighted with her for becoming the first IAS girl in the village and to have reached so far in the area of academics.

Self Preparation Strategy Followed By Mamta Yadav

According to IAS Yadav, self-study is the best way to prepare for the Civil Service exam as you can identify your mistakes and work on them. Giving time to the topics which need more attention. You become your own examiner and student at the same time. Showing yourself the direction which brings effective results.

# Other than from the normal Civil Service  Booklist, Mamta concentrated more on strengthening upon the topics in which she had marked less in her last try.

# She followed her preparation strategy by putting huge efforts into solving last year’s Union Public Service Commission exam Papers.

# Understanding from her last mistake in not taking a mock exam, she improved it by trying about 7 to 8 Indian Administrative Service Mock exams, with a particular emphasis on essays.

She didn’t take any assistance from coaching centres, instead, she did her Union Public Service preparation by depending on the series of tests.

# She concentrated on the Current events (National and International) and Civil Service General Studies-I syllabus, which she couldn’t cover in her last try.

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Mamta’s Advice to the UPSC Aspirants

# Mamta suggests that while preparing for the Union Public Service Commission preliminary, aspirants should retain an intense grip of static understanding.

# As per IAS Mamta Yadav, for current events, one magazine and one newspaper (for example Yojana, Kurukshetra) are sufficient, but aspirants should be precise and active when utilizing them for Civil Service preparation.

# Question papers from earlier the year 2013 will assist greatly in Indian Administrative Service preparation as per the UPSC 2020 All Indian Rank 5 Mamta Yadav.

# Aspirants should as well have an adequate grip on current events not only about India but also on international events in general.

# IAS Yadav stresses on regular revisions that need to be done before the Civil Service exam. This must go on even in the final 15 days of the examination. The sudden difference in the preparation technique will just lead to a diversion.

# Mamta advised the candidates not to stress out during the exam. If your paper is not going well in the starting, don’t worry because the following portion will be easier. As sometimes you get a set that is hard in the beginning and becomes simpler later on.


Mamta was already working in Indian Railways as an officer. So, it was hard for her to take out time for the exam preparation, which was her second attempt in the UPSC exam. But she didn’t compromise with the time she had in her hand. She prepared with full dedication and worked really hard.

During the interview she was asked what are services she was looking for in this attempt, she replied,

“My preference are Indian Administrative Service, Indian Revenue Service Income Tax, Indian Revenue Service Customs and Central Excise, Indian Police Service and Indian Foreign Service”.

She wanted to bring a change in the society and lead the citizens in a good direction to make the nation a better place for everyone. After clearing the exam she was appointed into the prominent ranks of the Indian Administrative Service; she wants to concentrate on problems concerning education, women, and children. She wants to serve for the nation and help in the growth and development of the country.


The journey of Indian Administrative Service Officer Mamta has taught us that never settle for less and never give an excuse that you do not have sufficient time. Utilise the time that you have in your hand and make the best out of it. Hurdles are part of life and it makes you stronger as you proceed. So do not give up on your dreams, just work hard to achieve them.

Studying for UPSC civil services is a never-ending learning experience. The rate of preparation might go up or slow down, but it will never cease. It’s crucial to remember that this exam isn’t simply a test of knowledge; it’s also a method of determining a person’s overall competence to serve as a public servant. Begin your Union Public Service Commission preparation with the goal of serving the country with your unique perspective and making a difference in the lives of many.

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