Everyone agrees that UPSC gives an amazing opportunity to get on the proudest positions in the country. It offers the best services for the nation and transforms society. The first question that every aspirant has is how to start IAS preparation at home without coaching? In today’s time, it is the smart work that matters the most after hard work.

Especially for an esteemed exam such as Civil Services/ UPSC, one needs to combine this hard work in a structured manner so as to get the best result with the given resources. At the end of the day, you would know yourself better. Whether you need external guidance or coaching depends on you.

Can you prepare at home for UPSC? Of course, you can, if you have the courage and dedication to it. If you want to get complete detailed knowledge about the answer to this question, continue reading this article.

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How to Prepare for IAS without Coaching?

Well, you can prepare for IAS Without coaching by being honest, vigilant, and consistent towards your ambitions. You should focus on your studies and learning regularly to be top-notch and best for the civil services. If you want to prepare for the examination, read the below-given points and put your best to prepare for each section of the test.

#1. Read newspapers and pen down notes from them.

#2. Read standard books like NCERT to prepare well.

#3. Practice the previous year’s question papers and write answers daily to get a plethora of knowledge and skills for the UPSC Mains exam.

#4. Get perfect in the optional subject for the mains exam by giving more focus to it.

#5. Do maximum revisions and take mock tests to assess your level of performance and work more on your weaknesses.

#6. Groom yourself positively for the interview section with knowledge, confidence, and positive gestures.

Difficulties that Come Before the IAS Aspirants

Being the most prominent and honourable exam, this exam offers quite a lot of difficulties on the path of the aspirants of UPSC as you have to make yourself the best among the highest completion. You have to make your way through challenges, negative thoughts, stress, competition, and many more difficult things to achieve your ultimate target.

This is not everyone’s cup of tea to manage the high pressure given by the exam. You can create your direction by being positive and functioning towards your destination.  Have a look below to know the difficulties coming in the way of the UPSC aspirants.

You should combat all these difficulties and become proficient in every field. This transforms you into a better and sincere person in real life. You will learn to manage the difficulties in the future as well which is required to be a great officer.

Have a Look At the Challenges!

#1. Strategy is a difficulty for the candidates who are preparing without coaching. Strategies are very important for this exam as there are many topics that are essential to prepare for scoring well and others are not so important to be allotted time. The candidates get stressed by too vast a syllabus, various resources, and end up wasting their time in aligning every topic and concept.

#2. Coaching makes a proper timetable for the students to study which lacks self-study. Time management is extremely significant for the exam.

#3. The biggest challenge of this exam is its vast syllabus. The candidates have to learn every bit of information about every sphere. If you prepare without any coaching, the heaviest thing that comes your way is the lack of resources and expert guidance for preparation.

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Some More Difficulties in Preparation Without Coaching!

#1. Guidance is needed for this examination to move in the right direction along with the help on the difficult areas that are impossible for the preparation done without coaching.

#2. The candidates of this esteemed examination find themselves sailing at sea when it comes to relevant book lists or study materials. It is very difficult to find the best books for preparation. Bookshops and internet resources are filled with materials for this test that are never-ending. This is the reason that beginners always get into “too many books and too little time”!

#3. Self-assessments should be carried out by the aspirants but can they evaluate their descriptive answers themselves? The answer is no because no one can check their answers perfectly. But if you want to prepare without coaching, you should meet all these challenges and work positively towards the right direction to achieve your ambitions.

The First Steps to Take Before Starting to Preparation

Preparation for this honourable exam is extremely magnificent and has a particular way to be carried out. Everyone knows that the UPSC is the most prestigious and reputed examination in India in which millions of candidates apply to get designated to the authoritative positions in the country.

Steps matter the most when you enter the zone of preparation for any examination, especially for such an esteemed one. You have to be aware of the patterns and procedures to take for achieving your target.

If you are dreaming to become an IAS officer, you should start doing enormous preparation with perseverance and consistency. Let’s have a look below to know the steps for starting the UPSC preparation.

UPSC Preparation

#1. Put aside other commitments, make time for your studies and make sure that you really want to take on this journey to being a civil servant as it asks for a lot of effort and sacrifices on your part.

#2. Go through the exam pattern, syllabus, eligibility criteria, etc. Make yourself absolutely familiar with the exam process.

Make a list of the standard textbooks that you must have. This can be in hard copy if not even soft copies are available online.

Subscribe to Yojana. If not, try to find a shop where you can find the monthly edition of the same.

#3. Subscribe to a well-recognized newspaper. The safest option right now is The Hindu.

#4. Make separate copies for each subject for note-making.

#5. Make a copy exclusively for current affairs.

#6. Decide on an optional subject. Choose an optional subject you can teach yourself if you don’t want to take coaching. There are specialized courses available only for your Optional Subject as well if you think you need one.

#7. Make a practical and realistic timetable and assign short-term and long-term goals and try your best to stick to them.

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Can I Clear IAS without Coaching?

Yes, if you want to achieve your dreams of becoming an IAS officer to serve the country, you can opt for self-study instead of going to the foundation or other courses. Self-study is the basis of every exam. You have to work on the important aspects of the exam with full concentration and determination.

You can clear this prestigious exam without coaching but you have to make a proper timetable for the same to complete the entire syllabus on time and do maximum revisions.

You must be goal-oriented and consistent while doing the preparation for this incredible examination. Moreover, mock tests are very important to make your preparation level high for beating the competition. It enables you to know your current strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities to grab the highest proud position in the country.

Exam Pattern of UPSC Civil Services Exam

Name of the exam Civil Services Exam- IAS
Conducting authority Union Public Service Commission
Mode of Exam Offline
Number of Stages Prelims exam

Mains exam


Number of papers Prelims: 2

Mains: 9

Prelims marking scheme Paper 1: +2 marks

Paper 2: +2.5 marks

Negative marking One-third of marks allotted to each question
Duration Prelims: 2 hours (Each paper)

Mains: 3 hours (Each paper)

Type of questions Prelims: Objective type

Mains: Subjective type

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Is Coaching Necessary for UPSC Preparation?

Have you thought that coaching is necessary for UPSC? Well, coaching is important because it enables you to know the competition around you. You become more oriented towards your goal by preparing through coaching. Moreover, you get to know your weaknesses and strengths through it along with the guidance for each step by the faculties and professionals.

You can opt for self-study if you want instead of going for coaching. But I’m this case you should have a clear goal of learning every day and be consistent. You should not indulge in any other thing and take regular tests for self-assessment. You must make a timetable to prepare for the exam and should work according to the designed timetable. In this way, you can achieve your target by not enrolling yourself in any coaching services.

When to Start Preparing for UPSC?

After finishing their graduation, most people are in their 21-23 years of age. This is considered the most optimal time for candidates to start studying for the UPSC Exams in the earnest.

Many are unable to clear their exams on the first attempt and success only comes in the IAS exam in the 2nd and 3rd and 4th attempts. That is when most candidates are between the ages of varying ages of 22 to 26 years.

So without any doubt or worry, this is the time that you should most definitely devote yourself to the IAS exam at this time.

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Schedule for UPSC Aspirants Preparing without Coaching

The schedule is very important if you are thinking of preparing without any coaching. You have to do everything on time and should not waste any second. You should make a timetable in a proper way that includes all the activities including breaks, rest, and eating/sleeping as everything is equally significant to be healthy and study continuously. You should take out time for assessments and solving question papers.

Self-study will prove to be beneficial only when you are doing it with a proper plan. This is the way to complete the entire syllabus and check your performance. It will make you realize your mistakes, you can work on those to score higher.

Morning Schedule for UPSC Aspirants!

#. 5:00 AM- You should Wake up at this time as it is evident that early risers stand a lot to profit!

#. 5:00 – 6:00 AM- You should do your daily routine at this time like having tea/green tea or doing yoga/light exercise. This helps you greatly in being concentrated and improves your blood circulation and body functioning.

#. 6:00 – 6:15 AM- At this time, shake your drowsiness by having a relaxing bath.

#. 6:15 – 7:45 AM- This is the perfect time to read a newspaper.    You can prepare notes of current affairs by reading the newspaper.  Devote your time positively to this activity.

#.7:45 – 8:30 AM- Have your breakfast with nutritional elements. If you need to travel, do that otherwise use this time for starting your studies.

#. 8:30 – 11:00 AM- Begin your study. Take up new topics as this time is refreshing and warm. You should revise the previously learned concept to make it perfect.  At this time, you can absorb the most so choose accordingly.

#. 11:00 – 11:30 AM- Take a break at this time to refresh and recharge.

#. 11:30 AM – 1:30 PM- Resume your studies immediately. Start from wherever you left.

#. 1:30 – 2:30 PM- Have a healthy lunch. Try to pack in a light lunch as a heavy meal will make you lazy and you have to study.

Evening Schedule for UPSC Aspirants!

#. 2:30 – 5:00 PM- Get back to your study and do it continuously.

#. 5:00 – 7:30 PM- If you are out, it’s time to reach back home. Have tea/Snacks and get relaxed. You can chat with people, go to the gym, or enjoy yourself at this time. If you have a habit of doing something, do that at this time. Get refreshments.

#. 7:30 – 9:00 PM- Go back to study. This is the last phase of studies for the day. You must take light topics to study at this point as time is a little drowsy and you would be feeling a bit drained.

#. 9:00 – 9:30 PM- Have your supper. It should be healthy and light to Balance your day. It will give you the perfect sleep.  #. 9:30 – 10:00 PM- This is the time to watch news/discussions. Watch important news to benefit your preparation.

#. 10:00 – 10:30 PM- At this time, you should avoid watching TV or getting indulged in mobile phones. Get relaxed and listen to soothing music before sleeping.  Talk to your family members.

#. 10:30 PM- Hit the bed at this time as you have to ensure a nice sleep to continue studying again the next day.

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How to Start UPSC Preparation?

Choose the subject of your choice and start with it. Starting with the subject that interests you is very important as it will give the initial push to the preparation and keep your motivation levels high. Make sure that you make notes in your copy as they help afterwards during revision. Make use of mind maps, flowcharts, and cue cards.

Read the newspaper every day and make notes. Try to go beyond the article and do your full research on the topic. Also, read editorials on it and come up with opinions and suggested reforms and solutions. Be careful to use the information only from authenticated sources such as government websites etc.

Mark a deadline for the completion of the subject according to the syllabus of the subject and own learning or grasping ability. Keep revising old material as you move on to new material.

Make sure to not only focus on the Prelims or Mains but study material from both simultaneously. Give time to your optional subject as well.

Keep taking practise papers and mock exams. If you are wondering how to start writing practice for UPSC? Then start writing practice by answering as many questions as you can. Create a basic structure and frame for your answers.

Tips for the UPSC Exam

The UPSC exam is considered the greatest one in India as it selects the best people to be posted on the most responsible designations of the country. The selected candidates have to manage a large area and population and hold the responsibilities to provide the best services to the people. It is essential to be the best choice for the examiners not only to get selected but also to serve the nation with the required capabilities and skills.

The tips for the examination include various aspects but the most important ones are dedication, consistency, and orientation. If you are preparing without enrolling in any coaching, you should get the best books and study materials from shops or online platforms.

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Have a Glimpse of the Preparation Techniques!

The preparation tips are written below for your recognition and information. Techniques are very important to make you perfect at the preparation level. Go through them and work positively towards your destination.

#1. You should make a robust study plan for your preparation for UPSC if you have a dream to become an IAS officer because a study plan makes you prepare for each topic related to your examination.

#2. You must make your foundation for each subject strong as it builds your intellect in every subject.

#3. Prepare through practising previous years and sample question papers at home at particular intervals.

#4. The most important thing is to make reading a regular habit. It brings information and intellect to you.

#5. Practice as much as you can and take mock tests. It will help you in becoming the best candidate.

#6. Choose the optional subject wisely in which you have interest and you can do your best.

Best Coaching for IAS

Are you looking for: which online coaching is best for UPSC? Do you want to fulfil your desire of becoming an IAS officer to serve the nation? Well, in this era of competition, there is a pool of resources, books, and platforms for the UPSC preparation but you have to choose the best for fulfilling your dreams. If you are still figuring out the best one for you, this article is here to help you because UPSC Pathshala can make your dream cherishing and flamboyant.

You can achieve your target with the online course offered by the website. The experts conduct video lectures for personalized learning and teaching methods. You can raise unending questions before the professionals to clear your doubts and enrich your mind with the best information and knowledge. By choosing the right place, you will attain the best position for yourself.

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IAS is an Indian Administrative Service that has value to its name, power and prestige to its functions, and high regard for its designation. It is a dream of many millennials. You have to be unique and dedicated to achieving this esteemed role. The crux of the matter is that it starts in a simple manner, so as not to overload yourself.

Once you pick up on the rhythm of learning you can then slowly go ahead with tougher timetables. You should focus on being positive and consistent. Don’t lose hope and keep working in the right direction.

Also, as important it is to cover the maximum amount of syllabus, it is equally important to keep revising the previous ones and putting oneself to regular tests, to keep your confidence and not give in to stress or any kind of pressure. You should choose the best platform for carrying out all the required processes for the exam. UPSC Pathshala will prove to be incredible for your journey towards the zenith. Visit the website and elevate your learning. Good luck!

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