An ordinary outlook of career options after 12th medical is to go for MBBS. However, the real picture is way too broad, and we have quite a few options other than opting for the same. So, not to worry if you do not wish to go ahead with it. You have many other high salary career options in medical other than MBBS. So let us explore them going forward.

High Salary Career Options in Medical Other than MBBS

Considering the career options after 12th science, students opt for medical as their area of interest but do not want to become doctors. Medical students’ usual approach to become a doctor in future somewhat deviates them from the other worthy options that can equally hold the benefits like social reputation and high earning.

Alternative Options

  1. Civil Services
  2. Armed Forces (CAPF)

Civil Services

Civil forces are also known as civil servants of India. They are the employees of the Government of the India/ Republic of India.

The applicant’s age should be between 21 years – 32 years (if they belong to the general category) on 1 August of the year of examination. However, age limits vary with respect to different castes. For Other Backward Castes (OBC) the maximum age limit is 35 years.

Types of Civil Services

  1.   IAS:- Indian Administrative Services
  2.   IPS:- Indian Police Services
  3.   IFS:- Indian Forest Services

3 Armed Forces

Indian Armed forces, also known as the military of India are managed by the Ministry of Defense of the Government of India.

Types of Armed Forces

  1.   Indian Army
  2.   Indian Navy
  3.   Indian Air Force

How to Apply for Civil Services and Armed Forces?

You can apply for Civil services and Armed Forces through an exam called UPSC (Union Public Service Commission)

UPSC (Union Public Service Commission)

UPSC is responsible for appointments to and examinations for All India Services, Central Services and Armed Forces and it is also known as India’s premier recruiting agency.

Apart from this, it is also consulted on matters related to the employee’s promotion and transfer and any disciplinary issues involving a civil servant serving in a civil capacity.

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How can Medical Background be Beneficial for UPSC?

Candidates who are from the medical background enjoy ease. They have very high competence, a strong interest in the subject, hence they can easily prepare for the exam. Candidates who have studied Medical Science in their undergraduate degree or who work as doctors, biomedical engineers, nurses or pharmacists can take up this optional subject, i.e. Medical Science in UPSC mains.

Topics that are Common in Undergraduate Medical Stream and UPSC Syllabus

Human Anatomy




Human Physiology

Three stages of UPSC

Stage 1: Civil Services Preliminary Examination (Prelims)

Stage 2: Civil Services Mains Examination

Stage3: Civil Services Personality Test

Civil Services Preliminary Examination

Civil Service Prelims or the Preliminary Examination is the initial level of the examination conducted in June every year. The results are announced in August.

It comprises two papers containing objective questions.

Civil Services Mains Examination

Civil Service Mains Examination is the second level of examination consisting of 9 papers with descriptive type questions.

Two amongst the nine are language papers of qualifying nature. The other 7 are Essay papers, Gs-1,2,3&4, Optional paper 1&2 that further determine whether the candidate will make it to the interview.

Civil Services Personality Test

The Personality Test is the final and last level of examination. After clearing the main stage of the exams with the required cut-off, they appear for the personality test with the Board Members of UPSC. The candidates who qualify to the final stage will be sent an e-summon by the Commission for a face-to-face discussion with the board members. Here, the board examines and analyses the personality traits of the candidates and asks them the questions about their hobbies, general knowledge, current affairs, situational based etc. This is to evaluate if they are fit for a career in the civil services or not.


Opting for other career options after 12th PCB apart from MBBS can be a smart decision. The alternatives mentioned above offer a great level of job satisfaction because it comes under the government sector. Personnel also holds the respect and great social reputation in society and various other perks of working as a civil servant of India. The security that comes with the same is much higher than the one opting for MBBS, whereas the monetary benefits remain the same.

One should consider the alternatives mentioned above if they do not wish to pursue their careers as doctors. Read our blogs for more UPSC related content.

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