CBI Officer Qualification: What are the Qualifications Required to become a CBI Officer?

Are you that person referred to as a witty detective among your group of friends? Do you love mysterious movies and perhaps solve or figure out cases earlier than the protagonist does? Do you possess those CBI officer skills and qualification or are looking forward to training in this field to solve complex cases of thievery, murder, terrorism, and more?

If yes, then following this article would help you understand the required CBI officer qualifications and abilities! So, what is the CBI? CBI refers to the Central Bureau of Investigation which is renowned as one of India’s Supreme Investigation Institute, that investigates peculiar or severe crime cases in diverse sectors.

Before you jump into a formal ensemble with a briefcase, you should know what the qualifications required to become a CBI officer are.

So, What are the Qualifications Required to become a CBI Officer?

To uphold this huge responsibility of an officer you should crack the examination for which you can only fulfil the eligibility if you have graduated with at least 50% from your field from a recognized or registered university.

It doesn’t mean you wake up and apply for this job at the age of 31 or later because even if you checklist the CBI officer education qualification, you still can’t apply if your age range is exceeding 31 years or falling behind the age range of 20-30 years. After all, you need to be a little alert about criteria if you are looking forward to clearing CBI officer job qualification.

Preliminary Qualifications Requirements

Exams are difficult, so is life! To smooth out your and the victims’ lives, you should prepare for the examination. So, to further plan out the selection for the qualification of CBI officer in India, you have to clear the Combined Graduate Level Preliminary Exam which is conducted by the SSC board.

It mainly contains subjects such as general awareness, quantitative aptitude, English comprehension, and some questions from general logical intelligence and reasoning. After clearing out the examination and interview round, you can get into posts such as Assistant Grade & Sub Inspectors in CBI or be an Inspectors of CE/IT & Divisional Accountants/ Auditors/ UDCs or perhaps go into the category of Sub Inspectors in Central Police Forces.

Generally, the CGL-SSC examination takes place in June every year in different tiers where it is mandatory to give papers 1 and 2 while paper 3 is for the post of a Junior Statistical Officer. And even if you aren’t able to crack the examination at one go, then you can always show your hard work in a few more attempts!

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Being Medically Fit is Important!

This field requires vigour and vitality. Don’t expect to get into this physically and mentally draining field if you aren’t medically fit. To get into any occupation and work for others, you need to work on yourself first; otherwise, your health condition will end up being a liability to the institute or the company.

To get into the field of CBI, You need to get a health checkup first and see if you fulfil the checklists and criteria of well-functioning locomotion, visual, cerebral, and hearing ability. You also need to match your height for around 165 cm for men and 150 cm for women. Though, there’s also relaxation on height criteria at about 5 cm for hilly and tribal people. For men candidates, approx. 76 cm is the required chest measurement.

Apart from the physical aspects, internal health stability is also a prerequisite. The candidate should possess no organ deficiency and disease and should be declared fit with the authentication reports of full-body tests and other health-related tests.

Passing any Civil Services Exam will Also Do!

You have been so far acquainted with what the qualifications and eligibility criteria required to become a CBI officer are. But, this is not it. You can also become a CBI officer after clearing out any Civil Services Exam. Yes, you heard it right; many IPS officers get into the occupation of CBI, RAW, or IB through a simple transfer but the only criterion is that you should have cleared your Civil Services Exam with a good rank.

So, options are yours to decide – whether to give a combined Graduate level exam or through UPSC exams. Both exams can be considered competitive and challenging in their own way; only consistency and passion can help you move forward and achieve results.

Final Words

Getting into CBI is no easy dream as you need to be excellent all over whether it’s mentally, physically, medically or academically. Majorly people get into this profession either through Combined Graduate Level exams or UPSC exams.

This profession holds an esteemed position in society. After all, it plays a significant role to serve justice to the victim and provides the long lost hope to the dream of making the system crime-free. Any person who is determined to do justice by looking out for culprits is an asset to society, and they must possess a drive to get into this field.

CBI is exciting and so is our blogs. Stay connected with our regular blogs to get hold with more such civil services positions!

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CBI Officer Qualification: What are the Qualifications Required to become a CBI Officer?
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