Civil Liberties are Fundamental to the Functioning of Model Democracies: UPSC Essay Writing

Civil Liberties are Fundamental to the Functioning of Model Democracies

Do you want to know how to write the best essay for UPSC? Then this article will help you write the best essay for IAS preparations. This article will focus on one of the UPSC essay topics. For this article, the topic is, Civil Liberties are Fundamental to the Functioning of Model Democracies.

So the introductory paragraph will lay emphasis on introducing the subject of the essay.

Introductory Para

Civil liberties are guarantees and freedom ensured by the government of a country to its people. This guarantee is ensured through laws and is managed by the legislature, the executioner and the judiciary. It is the duty of the government in power to ensure that every person is gaining the most from the civil liberties and no one is missing out on the basic civil liberties provided by law. The scope of civil liberties may not be the same worldwide. In India, the basic rights of a citizen include. Right to Equality, Right to freedom of speech, Right to Life, etc. The fundamental rights of an Indian Citizen are embodied in Article III of the Indian Constitution. Violation of any such right can lead to criminalisation under the Indian Penal Code. Each and every citizen of the country irrespective of their caste, creed, gender or status is allowed these rights and in case of any violation can approach authorities.

The Continuation

Look to talk about the need for civil liberties and how they affect the functioning of democracies in the following paragraphs.

Civil liberties act as the cornerstone of every democracy. Democracies are governments of the people. To quote Abraham Lincoln, “Democracy is a government of the people, by the people and for the people.” The intent of these lines is to lay emphasis on the fact that democratic governments are a representation of the people of the nation. These governments need to ensure that each and every citizen is governed equally and given the same platform to grow in. This is where the cornerstone of democracy is civil liberties. Civil liberties offered to every citizen of the country will ensure a smooth running of democracy. When everyone is given their rights equally, there is very little chance for agitation on the basis of a violation of any rights and guarantees offered by the constitution. Democracy is best when a single government stays in power, as it will ensure more stability throughout. For this to occur, the citizens must feel safe and secure within their own country and also should be happy with the government but also if the government is not running properly, is dealing with corruption, the civil liberties provided to the people allow them to change the government.

Ending the Essay

For democracies to prosper, the countrymen should be very well educated on the working of their government. The right to education is one such civil liberty that will promote the well being of the nation through investment in education. Human capital is very vital for every nation and the right to safe and clean drinking water, right to sanitation and many other rights pertaining to the well being of every citizen is helping in improving the human capital capacity of India. A higher and better qualified human capital will ensure better economic growth for the nation.

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Concluding on a High Note

The IAS aspirant should look to end their essay writing paper on a high note. Look to give a brief conclusion about whatever has been written and try to give a stand on the topic.

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The Paragraph

Democracies are built for the people and civil liberties protect them. When civil liberties are taken away, the faith of people on democracy, the soul of democracy too is being taken away. The primary focus of a government should be to ensure the basic civil liberties are being given to each and every citizen. There should be no discrimination based on any aspect prevailing in the country. These basic liberties are there in the Indian Constitution in order to protect Indian citizens from any misuse of power. In India, it is very common for government officials to misuse any power and it is frequently seen that civil liberties are not ensured. These practices can become a huge strain on the soul of democracy in India. The basic working of a government should be focused on eliminating any violations or disruptions on civil liberties.


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Civil Liberties are Fundamental to the Functioning of Model Democracies: UPSC Essay Writing
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